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incongruous incompatible
malevolence ill will
ambiguous uncertain
felicity great happiness
irrevocable unalterable
articulate express clearly
vex irritate
prostrate lye
abyss bottomless pit
martyr one who suffers
per through
anim mind
tort twist
sanct holy
voc voice
archy government
bio life
auto self
chron time
dec ten
adjacent adjoining
transient existing briefly
latent present but inactive
livid bruised or pale
censure strong crititism
apprehension fear
superfluous extra
tangible touchable
lurid horrible
pervade spread throughout
punct point
trib pay
cap take
pond weight
rect right
geo earth
scope look
anti against
intro between
neo new
epithet a characterizing term
abject miserable
eccentric unconventional
imperious overbearing
solicitude concern
austere bare
furtive sly
genial kind
palpable touchable
stolid unemotional
Created by: jenny snape jr.
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