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Spanish games #2

places, passtimes, games

lugares places
estadio stadium
parque park
campo de golf golf course
pista de tenis tennis court
lago lake
escuela school
campo de sofbol softball field
gimnasio gym
bolera bowling alley
estación de esquí ski resort
piscina pool
río river
casa house
bote boat
pista de hockey hockey rink
pista de patinaje skating rink
montañas mountains
playa beach
campo de béisbol baseball field
mesa de ping pong ping pong table
barco ship
pasatiempos pastimes
otras actividades other activities
al aire libre outside
ir de pesca to go fishing
ir de camping to go camping
montar to ride
montar en bicicleta to ride a bike
nadar to swim
caminar to walk
hacer ejercicio to do excersize
cazar to hunt
pescar to fish
montar en monopatín to skateboard
hacer caminatas to hike
navegar to sail
adentro inside
armar rompecabezas to put together puzzles
armar to assemble
rompecabezas puzzles
rompe break
cabeza head
juegos de mesa board games
mesa table
juegos games
dibujar to draw
tocar to play (a musical instrument)
tocar la guitarra to play the guitar
tocar el piano to play the piano
escuchar to listen to
escuchar música to listen to music
juegos de cartas card games
cartas cards
pintar to paint
tocar música to play music
levantar to lift
pesas weights
levantar pesas to lift weights
jai alai called the fastest game in the world - played in a closed court with a "cesta" and pelota
Basque pelota a game very similar to jai alai played in N. Spain against a tall wall
pok-a-tok Mayan game (also called pok-ta-pok) - players try to put ball through a stone circle using only hips/thighs
tlachtli Aztec game (also called ullamalitzli) player try to put ball through a stone circle
la corrida de toros the bull fight
Created by: annpeterson