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21 Test Taker Terms

Cause/Effect The reason something happened/what happened as a result
Cite provide evidence from the text
Compare/Contrast To find ways things are alike/to find ways things are different
Conclusion A decision made about information you are given
Content Information that makes up a passage
Describe To tell or write about
Evaluate To decide the value or amount of something, to judge
Explain To make clear or understandable
Fact/Opinion A truth/belief or idea that a person has
Illustrate To give examples, to make clear
Infer To draw a conclusion after reading all information given, to predict what will happen
Main Idea The most important thing the passage is about
Mood (or Tone) The feeling that the author expresses in the passage
Outline (Organization) The feeling that the author expresses in the passage
Persuade To try to get another person to think or feel the same way you do
Problem/Solution A question that needs solving/the answer to a problem
Purpose The reason something is done
Sequence The following of one thing after another
Summarize To give the main points of the passage
Support To give examples that help prove an answer
Structure The way that something is organized
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