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Core8 LEAP

Ch 3 Wind & Solar Energy

alternative another option; different way of doing something
corrosive chemical reaction, acidic, burning, stinging
confronting facing a problem or difficult situation or person; tackling or addressing an issue
compressed under pressure, made smaller by squeezing
dissolve when a solid or powder breaks down in a liquid to form a solution
facilities buildings, places, or equipment for a specific purpose
inconsistent variable, changeable, unpredictable, not staying the same; not constant
maintenance keeping something in good working order; preservation
permeability when a material allows liquids or gases to pass through it
radical extreme, far-reaching
range variation between upper and lower limits on a scale; span; mixture
remote distant; far away from the population center
reservoir a supply or source of something saved for when it is needed; where a liquid collects; a large lake used to store water
strategic carefully designed or planned for a certain purpose; tactical
unprecedented never done or known before; unknown, novel; revolutionary; pioneering
Created by: jkirsch