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Vocab 1-50

Unrequited not reciprocated or returned
Bizarre odd
Benign gentle or kind
Spurned refused or rejected
Pined to yern intensely for something unattainable
Divine heavenly
Whimsical subject to unpredictable change
Timbre sound specific to an instrament
Waxing increasing in intensity
Beguiling leading by deception
Sovereign person with supreme authority or political power
fell deadly
Expounded explained clearly
Mellifluous smoothly flowing
Melancholy a sad mood
surfeit more than enough; excess
Aptly appropriately
Sage a very wise person
hyperbole exaggeration
Pulchritudinous beautiful
Superlative better than all others
Beseeched to request urgently
on tenterhooks waiting in suspense
virtuous good morals
woo to gain someones love
Motley diverse
Nubile attractive
Disquieted alarmed
Siblings brothers and sisters
Ethereal heavenly
Mollified to soothe in temper
Animate alive
Lugubriously mournfully
Meritorious deserving praise
Rejoined returned
Demise death
Abjured rejected
Bereft not having something you need or want
Sequestering setting apart; segregating
Ingratiate gain favor
Eunuch a man who is celibate
Mute silent
Belch burp
Quaffing drinking freely
Sot drunkard
Vociferously noisily
Egregious very noticeable
Melodramatic overly dramatic
Created by: jacobstanley01