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Chapter 6

Vocabulary Study guide

Unresolved Not settled, solved or brought to a regulation Pg. 301
Regulations Law or rule; to govern; conduct Pg. 301
Controversial Relating to a subject that is against popular belief or debatable; argument Pg. 301
Heinous Horrible or hateful action Pg. 310
Perpetrators Person who commits a crime or illegal action Pg. 309
Accountability Person held responsible Pg. 310
Correspondence Communication between people or exchange of letters Pg. 310
Superficial Caring about surface level than deeper meaning; shallow Pg. 309
Incident Event that happened or occurrence Pg. 314
Suspicious Incite question or distrust Pg. 314
Scenario Outline or plot in a story Pg. 315
Accosted Confrontation Pg. 313
Resist To withstand; strive against or oppose Pg. 314
Oppression Exercise of authority or power in a burden some cruel manner; feeling heavily burdened or enduring adverse conditions Pg. 328
Apartheid System that separates people by race; ethnicity, color, religion, etc. Pg. 327
Exonerated To clear from accusation; free from guilt or blame Pg. 327
Injustice Unjust or inequality; treat unfairly Pg. 329
Culpability Guilt or blame that is deserved; blamed worthiness Pg. 327
Prosecutorial misconduct Wrong-doing by the prosecutor by breaking the code of conduct or ethnics Pg. 330
Incarceration Imprisonment or jailed Pg. 326
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