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Childhood Memory

interconnected with different parts or things connected or related to each other birbirine bağlanmış, birbiriyle ilgili
to be raised to be taken care of a person, or an animal or plant, until they are completely grown büyütülmek, yetiştirilmek
situated on be situated in/on/by, etc belli bir yerde olmak, bulunmak, konuşlanmak
southeastern tip far edge of southeast güneydoğunun ucu
perspire to produce liquid through your skin because you are hot or nervous terlemek
exploration the activity of searching and finding out about something keşfetmek; inceleme/araştırma yapmak
illustrate to give more information or examples to explain or prove something resimlemek, örneklerle anlatmak, resimlerle açıklamak
stalk to follow a person or animal closely and secretly, often to try to catch or attack them peşine düşmek, gizli gizli izlemek; avına sinsice yaklaşmak
grapefruit-size hail small, hard pieces of frozen rain that fall from the sky in a grapefruit form greyfurt ebatında dolu
spectacular extremely good, exciting, or surprising hârikulâde, göz alıcı, muhteşem, şahane, nefes kesici, hayret verici
ominous making you think that something bad is going to happen uğursuz, kötü, hayra alamet olmayan, meşum
tactile experience (the process of getting) knowledge or skill from doing, seeing, or feeling things dokunsal tecrübe
moist wind slightly wet, especially in a good way air moving nemli rüzgar
blow If the wind blows, it moves and makes currents of air. esmek
wheat a plant whose grain is used for making flour, or the grain itself buğday
tumult a loud noise, especially that produced by an excited crowd, or a state of confusion, change, or uncertainty arbede, kargaşa, kaos
swirl to move around and around quickly, or to make something do this anafor yap(tır)mak, fırıl fırıl dön(dür)mek
spin If something spins or you spin something, it turns around and around quickly. dönmek, döndürmek
undulate to have a continuous up and down shape or movement, like waves on the sea kıvrılıp bükülerek gitmek
privilege an advantage that only one person or group has, usually because of their position or because they are rich ayrıcalık, imtiyaz
continued still happening, existing, or done devam eden, aralıksız
Created by: B Yusuf Erdem