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PSSA Terminology

Terms for PSSA Assessment ELA 7th Grade

conclusion completion; consequence; the ending; the result
supports reinforces; backs up;
contribute help by adding to; give
development advancement; build up; unfolding; progress
plot the story line; the plan from the problem until the problem is solved
foreshadow a hint or clue of what is going to happen
metaphor figure of speech; comparing two or more unlike things as if one thing is another
to emphasize to stress a certain point; to dwell on a specific point; to make a point
to highlight to focus; to draw attention to
to reveal to bring out into the open; to expose; to make known or plain
point of view opinion or perspective; standpoint
role a part; performance; position
setting environment; time and place; location; surroundings
create build; bring into existence; design or establish
conflict fight or struggle; battle
resolved settled; solved; worked out
resolution the decision; the aim; the purpose
illustrate make clear; explain; make plain; show
theme general subject or topic
analyze to think through; to break down
effect the consequence; the outcome
a prompt statements on a topic or an issue, followed by questions or instructions to inspire a response in the form of an essay
precise language the use of specific nouns and vivid verbs to create strong, mental pictures without using too many words
flashback a memory; a recollection
author’s purpose the reason an author writes; the specific topic an author writes about and the manner: to inform, persuade, entertain or explain
simile a figure of speech, comparing two or more unlike things using words such as "like" or "as"
sensory language words that describe details using the five senses, helping the reader to visualize, smell, hear, taste or feel, experiencing the writing
hyperbole exaggeration; big talk
rhythm in poetry; a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables that give a poem its beat
rhyme like sounds in words, especially the end of words or lines of verse
stanza a group of lines in a poem
verse a poem or a group of lines in a poem
line a group of words arranged into a row in a poem
rhyme scheme the pattern of rhyming sounds in a poem
poet one who writes poetry
speaker the narrator of a poem
contribute to the development helps to build; establishes a meaningful part
contribute to the development of the plot helps to build the plot; establishes a meaningful part of the plot
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