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Review P9,10,11&12

CTE Assessment Review

What is body type? Used for large blocks of text. Enables reader to read easily.
What is a display font? Larger, more decorative type. Used in titles, headlines and headings.
What is a script font? Based upon the varied and often fluid stroke created by handwriting.
What is a serif? Serifs are the finishing strokes at the top and bottom of a letter
What is a sans serif font? Sans means "without". Plain, unadorned letters.
What is used to lighten a color? Tint
What is used to darken a color? Shade
What color mode/gamut is used on a screen? RGB
What color mod/gamut is used for printing? CMYK
What is the most important consideration when developing a color scheme? Target Audience
What are two common color combinations that are said the stimulate hunger? Red and yellow
What color represents calmness? Blue
What color represents anger? Red
Which file type can be scaled up without the loss of resolution? EPS
What are raster files best suited for? Image manipulation
What is another term for raster? Bitmap
What are vectors made up of? Lines and anchors
What is the first step in creating a design? Research
What is not a consideration when targeting a specific audience? Personal taste
What are important questions to ask when researching for a design? Who is your target market? Who are the competitors? What is the industry like as a whole?
What are the parts of a design workflow (creative process)? Research, concept, design and proposal
What are several considerations you would think about when targeting a specific audience? Culture, diversity, moral ethics and demographics
What is a benefit of DSLR cameras? Interchangeable lenses
What accessory controls external flash on a DSLR camera? Hotshoe
What is the best format for a web image? JPG
What file type is uncompressed and unedited? RAW
Which file type is black and white? BMP
What are some features of a TIFF file? High quality, used for printing, higher quality than GIF or JPG
What is the best application for high gloss coated paper? Book cover
What is the biggest benefit of maximizing space on a design? Avoiding waste
What is the biggest benefit of maximizing space on a design? Photoshop
What is the biggest benefit of maximizing space on a design? Illustrator
What software is industry standard for multi-page layouts? InDesign
What does WYSIWYG stand for? What you see is what you get
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