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Review P1,2,3&4

CTE Assessment Review

On an anchor point, what are the handles used for? Adjusting the line’s curve
What key can a designer hold down in order maintain proportions on an object in Illustrator? Shift
When a design uses a rectangular shape to cut out a smaller image of a larger photograph. Crop
What is the act of spreading letters apart so there is more space in between characters? Kerning
What is the increase of space between horizontal rows of type called? Leading
How many points are in an inch? 72
A company with a long name may choose to abbreviate their name by using this type of mark: Lettermark
What is a lettermark? A logo that relies on the letters of the brand
Which file type is best suited for logo design? Vector
What is the first step in creating a design? Research
What is a good question to ask yourself while researching? Who is the target market? Who are the competitors? What is the industry like as a whole?
Which of these is not a consideration when targeting a specific audience? Personal taste
This type of printing uses a screen to transfer images onto a substrate (tshirt, poster, etc). Screen Printing
What is the best way to develop multiple design ideas? Thumbnails
What is the next step after you have created your thumbnail? Roughs
What is the term for using someone else's artwork without permission? Appropriation
What is the term used for when designer creates a consistent visual identity for a business Branding
In order to ensure consistency of color use, a designer can save sample colors, known as: Swatches
When Nike creates a new product for females, that group of athletes is considered to be the: Target Audience
What is an example of unity? When a shoe and its box use a matching color scheme
Which color mode should be used when creating imagery that is to be used on a webpage? RGB
Which color mode should be used when creating an image for output at a commercial printer? CMYK
In pixels per inch (PPI), what should resolution be set at for use on the internet? 72
In dots per inch (DPI), what should resolution be set at for printing a photograph? 300
What color mode can display only a very limited range of the grey? Grayscale
Product, label and color scheme are all aspects that a designer should consider when creating: Package Design
When a designer of dolls attempts to appeal to young children, they are giving consideration to Target Audience
What is the white space on the outer edges of a design that supports the rest of the design? Margins
What does PPI stand for? Pixels per inch
What does DPI stand for? Dots per inch
This term refers to the line of type that gives the name of the publication Masthead
This term refers to the area found between columns of text in a page layout: Gutter
Area of a page where information such as chapter/section name and page numbers are located: Footer
If you want a photo to go off the edge of a page, this should be set between .125" and .25": Bleed
This term refers to text that goes with a photo/illustration as a title or explanation Caption
What do designers use to kick start the creative process? Thumbnail sketches
What is the most important element of any design? Craftsmanship
What is the importance of maintaining quality documents? Ease of interpretation by others
What is the difference between art and design? Art is self-expression and design is sending information.
What does not apply to design? Self expression
What determines which elements are most important to least important? Hierarchy
This can be manipulated by use of scale, color, contrast, etc. Emphasis
Something which is visually easy to understand has achieved: Simplicity
What describes the way an eye-flows through a design? The sequence of movement
What are the additive colors? RGB
What are the subtractive colors? CMYK
What is the role of a Graphic Designer? To persuade, inform and influence
What contributes to the success of a media business? Business plan, marketing plan and financial plan
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