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The Raft Vocabulary

Chapters 1-19

adorning to make more beautiful or attractive
albeit although
anguished experiencing or expressing extreme pain or suffering
beckoned make a gesture with a hand or arm
chaos complete disorder and confusion
dehydration the loss or removal of water
demeanor outward behavior or bearing
famished extremely hungry
flailed waving or swinging violently
hyperthermia condition of having body temperature greatly above average
illuminate light up
immersed dip or submerge in liquid
intermittent occurring in irregular intervals
isolation the process of fact of being isolated
lolled sit, lie, or stand in a lazy way
lurching to make and abrupt, uncontrolled movement
parched extremely thirsty
reassurance the action of removing someone's doubt or fears
redeemed compensate for the bad faults or aspects of something
callously in a way that shows an insensitive and cruel regard
Created by: spicydirt