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unit 1

Arduous difficult or hard
preserve change
Metabolism something to do with body weight
incentive motivates or encourage
Trending currently popular
disqualified cut off
predictive reading you reading and thinking same time
advocate fighter
feedback comment
Resilient strong
pre-requisite before taking your course
subservient mean
Accommodation place to stay
solitary lonely or alone
palate roof to eat
Syllabus guide
Transcript a document that show what classes you have taken already
Pittance a tiny amount
clairvoyant having power to see
Advocacy support an idea
Capital important town or city of country
Destitute poor
Diligent careful or hardworking
Default you stop paying
activist campaigns to bring about political or social change
Edible you can eat it
Criteria a category
Depletion decrease
greenhouse gases carbon monoxide
Climate weather
Accolades gift or award
Commencement graduation
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