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Spanish Unit 3


El Abuelo Grandfather
El Apellido Last Name
La Bisabuela Great-Grandmother
El Cunado Brother-in-Law
La Gemela Twin
El Hermanastro Step-Brother
La Hijastro Step-Daughter
El Medio Hermano Half-Brother
La Sobrina Niece
El Tio Uncle
La Madre Mom
Los Parientes Relatives
La Gente People
El Novio Boyfriend
El Periodista Journalist
Morena Brunette
Abrir To Open
Aprender To Learn
Asistir To Attend
Creer To Believe (in)
Deber Should
Venir To Come
Tener To Have
Mehor Youngest
Mayor Oldest
Casados Married
Soy Sothera I'm Single
Mi/Mis My
Tu/Tus Your (fam.)
Su/Sus Their, your, his, her, its, yours (formal)
Nuestro/Nuestros Our
-er Verbs o, es, e, emos, en
-ir Verbs o, es, e, imos, en
Tener Prisa Hurry
Tener Razon To Be Right
Ecuador Means equator in English.
Languages Spoken in Ecuador Spanish and Quichua
Capital of Ecuador Quito; Population 1.622.000
Population of Ecuador 15.439.00
Galapagos Islands Famous for having huge turtles/tortises
Created by: angieskinner