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Mock feedback GCSE

feedback from the writing mock

qué hiciste? What did you do?
qué hiciste en el centro comercial? What did you do in the shopping centre? NOT 'what do you think of the shopping centre?' as many of you thought
hice muchas cosas I did many things
hice muchas actividades I did many activities
cerca de near
casarse to get married
quiero casarme I want to get married
el casamiento marriage
casado/casada married
soltero single (not married)
la boda wedding ceremony
el matrimonio mariage / matrimony
una pareja a couple/ a married couple
you should write only one task from each category not 2 (one 90 words, one 150 words)
Quiero I want
Film La película
La excursion Excersion/trip
To see Ver
Office Oficina
To spend time Pasar tiempo
La familia and la gente are a singular noun so you say Miles familiar es not mi familia son
Food La comida
Clothes La ropa
A flat Un piso/un apartamento
Room La habitación
My own room Mi propia habitación
The technology is La tecnología es util
Technologies ARE useful Las tecnologías son utilES
I like to eat .. I love to drink .. I hate to work .. Me gusta comer.. Me encanta beber .... Odio trabajar ....
The weather El tiempo/ el clima
Hace calor Hace frío Hace buen tiempo Hace mal tiempo Hace sol Hace viento
Created by: msayarh