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Stems List 6-10

hyper over
pugn fight
eu good
voc voice
spir breathe
Hyperbole noun- exaggeration
Euphemism noun- a polite term used in the place of an offensive one
Repugnant adj- objectionable or offensive
Vociferous adj- crying out noisily
Aspiration noun- strong desire, longing, or aim; an ambition
Corp body
cise cut
cogn know
com together
demo people
cognizant adj- aware of something
concise adj- brief, to the point with no extra words or information
corpulent adj- fat
commiserate verb- to sympathize with someone or something
demagogue noun- a corrupt leader who tells people what they want to hear; often plays upon people's prejudices
flect bend
ego I
miss send
gastro stomach
hedon pleasure
deflect verb- to turn away from a true or correct course
emissary noun- a messenger
egocentric adj- self centered
gastronome noun- a chef or gourmet cook
hedonism noun- seeking out pleasure as the sole aim of life (usually considered negative)
punct point
viv life
curs run
dol grief
culp blame
compunction noun- feeling of remorse (guilt)
convivial adj- jovial or festive
discursive adj- rambling
dolorous adj- full of grief
exculpate verb- to free from blame
carn flesh
chron time
dyna power
luc light
ped foot
carnage noun- slaughter, butchery, massacre
chronicle verb- to write or record an account of events as they happen
dynamic adj- energetic, enthused, actively effective
elucidate verb- to explain
expedite verb- to speed up a process; to hasten
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