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Vocab 13 Somma

accommodate 1. To have or to find room for 2. To do a favor for
aggressive 1. Ready to attack or start fights; acting in a hostile way 2. Bold and active
bask 1. To relax where it is pleasantly warm 2. To enjoy a warm or pleasant feeling
carcass The dead body of an animal
Conceal To keep something or someone from being seen or known; to hide
Flail To strike out or swing wildly; to thrash about
gorge 1. A narrow passage between steep cliffs 2. To stuff with food; to eat greedily
Morsel A small amount especially of something good to eat; a tidbit
protrude To stick out; to project
ripple 1. To form small waves 2. A movement like a small wave
slither To move with a sliding, side to side motion of the body
Sluggish 1. Lacking energy; not active 2. slow moving
snout The nose or jaw that sticks out of certain animals heads
taper To lessen gradually a candle to make or become less wide
visible Able to see to easily see
Created by: Sophia awesome