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6-10 Lists

hyper over
eu good
pugn fight
voc voice
spir breathe
hyperbole exaggeration
euphemism polite term
repugnant objectionable
vociferous crying out
aspiration strong desire
corp body
cise cut
cogn know
com together
demo people
cognizant aware of something
concise to the point, no extra words
corpulent fat
commiserate sympathize with someone
demagogue corrupt leader tells people what they wanna hear
flect bend
miss send
ego i
gastro stomach
hedon pleasure
deflect to turn away
emissary a messenger
egocentric self-centered
gastronome a chef
hendonism seeking out pleasure
carn flesh
chron time
dyna power
luc light
ped foot
carnage slaghter
chronicle account of events
dynamic energetic
elucidate explain
expedite speed up
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