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The verb Mrs Sayarh

la influencia de los idolos

el abrigo de piel(es) fur coat
el asta horn
atroz savage
el caballista horse rider
la carrera race
el cartel poster, sign
controvertido controversial
la corrida de toros bullfight
el/la detractor/a detractor, critic
de un plumazo at a stroke
la entrada ticket
la lanza spear
lidiar to fight (bulls)
el maltrato mistreatment, abuse
el matador bullfighter
la plaza de toros bullring
la polémica controversy
el pulmón lung
remontarse to go back (in time)
superdotado exceptionally gifted
la tauromaquia bullfighting
el/la toreo/a bullfighter
I have Tengo
You have Tienes
He has/she has Tiene
We have Tenemos
They have Tienen
Tuve I had
Tuviste You had
Tuvo He had/ she had
Tuvimos We had
Tuvieron They had
I am going to have Voy a tener
You are going to have Vas a tener
He is going to have Va a tener
Vamos a tener We are going to have
Van a tener They are going to have
Tendré I will have
Tendrás You will have
Tendría He/she will have
Tendremos We will have
Tendrán They will have
I had a good friend
I am going to study maths next year
I will have good grade
My sister is going to have a new bike
Created by: msayarh