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8.6 N-E

beïnvloeden (negatief) affect War will a[ffect] the economy.
betaalbaar affordable Here you can buy a[ffordable] farm produce.
bevorderen promote Our part wants to p[romote] sports participation.
bijhouden keep up I can’t k[eep up] with you.
broodje roll Give me a cheese r[oll], please.
buitengewoon vitally Education is v[itally] important for our country's future
citeren, aanhalen quote The minister could not q[uote] the government figures on unemployment.
consumeren, eten en drinken consume We are supposed to c[onsume] 100 grams of vegetables per day.
consumptiedrang, kooplust consumerism The growth of c[onsumerism] stimulates the economy.
dagelijks daily My d[aily] intake of alcohol amounts to next to nothing.
deelnemer participant A group of obese p[articipant]s wanted hamburgers and fries.
deskundigheid expertise The e[xpertise] of the chief cook is good enough for this restaurant.
dringend urgent This problem does r[equire] urgent attention.
echt truly I feel t[ruly] sorry for you.
eisen demand Jamie Oliver is said to d[emand] healthier school lunches.
ernstig severe Mrs Pound is a s[evere] case of obesity.
kortetermijn- short-term Our s[hort-term] goals are clear to everyone.
kweken grow I have decided to g[row] my own vegetables.
luxe- luxury Young people are often eager to buy l[uxury] items
men beweert / er wordt beweerd dat it is claimed I[t is claimed] that he has died.
ondraaglijk unbearable The pain was u[nbearable].
plaats (in een team) position What's your p[osition] in your team?
saai, vervelend boring French classes can be so b[oring].
schatten, een schatting maken van estimate Can you e[stimate] the costs of restoring this painting?
tegenstander opponent Are you one of the o[pponent]s of the president?
uithoudingsvermogen stamina You should work out more often to increase your s[tamina].
uitrusting equipment The kitchen e[quipment] is rather old-fashioned.
verklaren declare The government is to d[eclare] war on obesity.
verplicht compulsory Maths is a c[ompulsory] subject.
voeding nutrition The dietician can give you advice on proper n[utrition].
voorheen previously He had p[reviously] been a heavy smoker.
voorstander advocate Are you an a[dvocate] of nuclear energy?
vooruitzichten prospects What are the p[rospects] of our next generation?
worstelen struggle with Some people have to s[truggle with] their weight all their lives
zwaarlijvig obese There are too many o[bese] children.
aandacht schenken aan, zich concentreren op focus on Let's f[ocus on] the main problem.
Created by: Joanet