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8.6 E-N

boot camp strafkamp Isn't it time to send some youngsters to [boot camp]?
convenience food diepvriesmaaltijd Do you often buy [convenience food]?
eliminate uit de weg ruimen How can we [eliminate] this problem?
endorsement goedkeuring I have written a letter of [endorsement].
enlist aannemen They're going to [enlist] volunteers to help prevent wood fires.
expertise deskundigheid Do you have sufficient financial [expertise] for that job?
host presenteren Does your town [host] a pop festival?
kick off aftrap The king himself did the [kick off] of the match.
launch starten They are to [launch] a campaign against muggings.
legislative wetgevend Where is the [legislative] body of the European Community based?
lose count tel kwijtraken Wouldn't you [lose count] of the number of late comers?
make a commitment belofte doen To [make a commitment] to our youngsters
pediatrics kindergeneeskunde I have decided to study [pediatrics].
persist volharden She [persisted] in her search for a new job.
persistent blijvend Your headaches are a [persistent] health problem.
poll opiniepeiling Have they carried out a [poll] yet?
proliferation toename The [proliferation] of computers has been enormous.
prolong verlengen It's not a doctor's task to [prolong] somebody’s suffering.
prowess dapper gedrag The Prussians were feared for their military [prowess].
raise inzamelen I've been trying to [raise] money for several charities.
rigorous streng Sometimes [rigorous] measures are necessary.
secure veiligstellen You'd better [secure] your resources by opening an account with another bank.
sportsmanship sportiviteit The goalkeeper had a reputation for good [sportsmanship].
stock in voorraad hebben The greengrocer was advised to [stock] more fruit.
tailored to op maat gemaakt voor Sir, this is a holiday [tailored to] your needs.
vending machine automaat There is a new [vending machine] at our school.
vigorous energiek Mr Oldham is still a [vigorous] man at the age of 89.
warrant rechtvaardigen Can you [warrant] further investigation?
benchmark standaard This test is a [benchmark] for a child’s learning progress.
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