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8.5 N-E

aanwijzingen directions Follow the d[irections] and you'll find us soon enough.
antwoordapparaat answering machine I heard your message on my a[nswering machine].
balie, toonbank counter The man behind the c[ounter] greeted us politely.
bewerken, verbeteringen aanbrengen in edit We will have to e[dit] your draft text.
bijgesloten enclosed E[nclosed] you'll find a picture.
bovenstaand above Please, send your answers to the address a[bove].
draaien (van een programma) run I only buy software that can r[un] on Windows.
exemplaar copy Please, send me a c[opy] of the new book.
gebrekkig, niet goed werkend faulty It's great fun, working with a f[aulty] computer!
gekocht, aangeschaft purchased You can only use the p[urchased] software after registration.
ontwerpen create It's easy to c[reate] a web page.
oprecht sincerely You will pay me back? I s[incerely] hope so.
opslaan save Click that button to s[ave] a file.
ramp disaster The floods were a d[isaster] to the country.
rechtsbovenaan in the right-hand top corner Write your name i[n the right-hand top corner].
rechtshulp legal support You might seek l[egal support] if you want your money.
rechtstreeks direct There is a d[irect] connection between Schiphol and Orlando.
rechtvaardigen, goedpraten justify Don’t try to j[ustify] your behaviour.
rekening account You could open a second bank a[ccount].
scala aan, grote verscheidenheid aan range of This company offers you a r[ange of] opportunities
scherm screen Scroll down the s[creen] to find the answers.
terugbetaling refund You will receive a r[efund] of expenses.
tevergeefs in vain I have been looking for a candidate i[n vain].
toegang access to Do you have a[ccess] to his website?
toets, knop button Click on the black b[utton] and she will hear you.
uitbuiting exploitation Western companies are often accused of e[xploitation] of the poor.
uitdagend challenging Teaching can be a c[hallenging] job.
versie, ontwerp draft Would you read the first d[raft] of my speech?
vooraf bekijken preview We were invited to p[review] a film.
voorspellen predict Do you think you can p[redict] the future?
vorige previous That's the equation I showed you on the p[revious] screen.
wilskracht willpower Success is often a question of w[illpower].
aanklikken click C[lick] the OK button to start.
Created by: Joanet
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