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8.4 E-N

banal alledaags The ladies were having a [banal] conversation about the weather.
circulation oplage Is there a newspaper with a [circulation] of one million papers a day?
cleric geestelijke A Muslim [cleric] welcomed the guests to his house.
compassionate meelevend In a situation like this, it's nice to have [compassionate] friends.
crucial doorslaggevend His vote was [crucial].
deprived of beroofd van Many people here are [deprived of] their freedom.
dispersal uiteendrijving The [dispersal] of the crowd took some three hours.
dwindle afnemen The newpaper’s circulation has [dwindled].
facilitate vergemakkelijken Do you use computers to [facilitate] language learning?
frantic razend The young mother was [frantic] with worry.
graveyard begraafplaats He's buried in the city’s [graveyard].
groom kammen en schoonhouden It's about time to [groom] your dog; he looks filthy.
hapless ongelukkig The poor people in this village are [hapless] victims of exploitation.
impose opleggen Shouldn't we [impose] extra taxes on tobacco?
inane dom Again an [inane] quiz show!
judgemental veroordelend Try not to be so [judgemental] about his contribution.
patron bezoeker van een café of restaurant [Patron]s are requested not to smoke.
quest zoektocht The journalist is on a [quest] to find out the truth about the murder.
reciprocal wederzijds We'll do it if we have [reciprocal] approval.
recollection herinnering I suddenly had a [recollection] of a childhood scene.
roam ronddwalen door Thousands of homeless people [roam] the streets at night.
subjected to onderworpen aan The prisoners were [subjected to] bad treatment.
totter waggelen I saw him [totter] home after the party.
to be trapped vastzitten We are likely [to be trapped] in traffic if we leave now.
arduous zwaar Doing my garden is [arduous] work.
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