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8.3 N-E

best willen not mind I do [not mind] doing this.
bezitten possess He p[ossesses] three houses.
cijfers (officiële informatie) figures Unemployment f[igures] have risen again.
diefstal theft T[heft] and burglary are the main problems in this area.
doel objective Can you explain the o[bjective] of imprisonment?
enorm, breed vast A v[ast] area was covered in chemical waste.
gelden voor apply to Does this also a[pply to] me?
gemiddelde average The a[verage] person will have to pay more taxes.
gerechtigheid justice Amnesty International fights for more j[ustice].
geschat, naar schatting estimated An e[stimated] 125,000 children are still working in factories.
geval case How did he judge in similar c[ase]s?
gevangene inmate There was a fight between two i[nmate]s.
gevangenisstraf imprisonment The burglar was sentenced to two years’ i[mprisonment].
heropvoeden re-educate The authorities may have to r[e-educate] certain young people.
het heeft geen zin it's no use I[t’s no use] telling him
het valt niet te ontkennen there's no denying T[here’s no denying] he’s guilty
in elkaar slaan beat up The gang of young thugs likes to b[eat up] old people.
kwetsbaar vulnerable Ill and v[ulnerable] people need extra care.
lichamelijk physical She did not only suffer from p[hysical] injuries.
middel means A life vest is a m[eans] to survive.
omstandigheden conditions Prison c[onditions] have improved.
onderzoek naar investigation into There is to be an i[nvestigation into] the patient's death.
onthullen, bekendmaken reveal The police will soon r[eveal] details of the murder.
opvoeding upbringing Did you suffer from your strict u[pbringing]?
overhandigen hand Please, h[and] me the keys to your car.
overleven survive Lots of people are just trying to s[urvive] the draught.
schuldig bevonden worden be convicted John Fingers will probably b[e convicted] of theft.
sterker nog indeed I[ndeed], he just ignored me
vernietigend devastating The rain had a d[evastating] effect on the mud huts.
veroordelen (tot een gevangenisstraf) sentence The judge may s[entence] him to five years' imprisonment.
vertrouwen in reliance on People’s r[eliance on] the Internet has grown considerably.
vreselijk slecht appalling Thousands still live in a[ppalling] conditions
vrijlaten release The regime has promised to r[elease] all political prisoners.
waarschijnlijk likely Tickets are l[ikely] to be expensive
zelden seldom She s[eldom] goes out of her house.
als gevolg (daarvan) consequently C[onsequently], he left the party.
Created by: Joanet
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