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8.2 N-E

aanraken handle Don’t h[andle] the fruit.
afleiding distraction TV can offer you d[istraction].
afval waste Household w[aste] is collected twice a month.
beginnen, op touw zetten launch War Child will l[aunch] a new campaign next week.
brandstof fuel It's clear that the f[uel] consumption of SUVs is too high.
drank(je) beverage We only sell non-alcoholic b[everage]s.
fabrikant manufacturer This is the biggest m[anufacturer] of paper cups in the country.
herbruikbaar reusable I would prefer r[eusable] plastic bottles.
wijzen point out Allow me to p[oint out] the problem to you.
in dienst hebben employ These firms e[mploy] 1,000 people.
kassa cash-desk Please, pay at the c[ash-desk].
keten chain This c[hain] of clothing shops has expanded considerably.
kleinhandelaar, detailhandelaar retailer Wal-Mart is the biggest r[etailer] in the world.
leverancier supplier Staples is a big s[upplier] of notebooks.
maatregelen nemen take steps The school should t[ake steps] against bullying.
mijlpaal milestone The Golden Age was a m[ilestone] in the history of this country.
omstreden controversial Newt Gingrich is a c[ontroversial] politician.
omvallen overturn His movement made his cup of coffee o[verturn].
omzet turnover Our annual t[urnover] has grown by 10%.
schap, legplank shelf The bottles on the s[helf] should be refilled.
streven naar aim to The two parties a[im to] reduce unemployment.
tijdelijk temporary Your idea offers only a t[emporary] solution.
toezicht supervision You have to work under the s[upervision] of a teacher.
topbijeenkomst summit He was elected party leader at the annual s[ummit].
van tevoren in advance I am warning you i[n advance] not to go there.
vaststellen determine Let's d[etermine] whether these are hard facts.
verbruik consumption My car is known for its low fuel c[onsumption].
verlaging, vermindering reduction There has been a r[eduction] in the price of houses.
verslag uitbrengen van cover How would you like to c[over] the football match?
voor het gerecht dagen sue Several politicians will s[ue] the newspaper for damages.
voorlopig preliminary The p[reliminary] results of the election will be made known today.
winkel store My weekend job is in a clothing s[tore] (AE).
zullen waarschijnlijk are likely to Drinks a[re likely to] be free tonight.
aan de gang underway The pilot project is u[nderway].
Created by: Joanet
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