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8.1 N-E

armband bracelet She is wearing a silver b[racelet].
blijven remain It's difficult to r[emain] friends with you.
citeren cite Can you c[ite] a passage from a speech?
(dames)slipje panties She bought herself some p[anties].
decennium, periode van 10 jaar decade She was born in the first d[ecade] of the 21st century.
eeuw century The Romans settled here in the first c[entury] after Christ
financieren fund The government will f[und] this exhibition.
(formeel) voorstel proposal The party may have a p[roposal] for a new law.
gaan halen fetch Can you f[etch] my towel, please?
gesp buckle I don't like the b[uckle] of the belt
gigant, reus giant Advertising g[iant]s like Google earn billions.
gooien (met geweld) fling Did you see her f[ling] a shoe at a cat?
griezelig creepy The British are fond of a c[reepy] ghost stories.
gunstig favourable Would you call this a f[avourable] book review?
halsketting necklace She is showing off with her gold n[ecklace].
(het) bestaan existence Have you ever believed in the e[xistence] of the Yeti?
inhalen overtake Take care when you o[vertake] another cyclist.
kijken naar view Do you often v[iew] commercials?
langzame wandeling stroll I like going out for an evening s[troll].
ontwijken evade Politicians are always trying to e[vade] difficult questions.
opjagen rush Take it easy. Don’t r[ush] me.
oplossen resolve Suggestions, please, to r[esolve] this dilemma!
panty tights (BE) Hasn't she noticed the tear in her t[ights].
registreren record Did you r[ecord] what you did online?
riem belt If we have less money, we may have to tighten the b[elt].
rits zip Excuse me, but the z[ip] of your trousers is undone.
tegen het lijf lopen bump into I happened to b[ump into] an old friend
trainingspak tracksuit Do you always go jogging in a t[racksuit]?
uitdelen distribute Can you d[istribute] these sheets, please?
uitgave edition I have just bought a first e[dition] of Oliver Twist.
verslag accounts The witnesses gave different a[ccounts] of the accident.
verslaggeving coverage Media c[overage] of the royal wedding cost millions.
verwarren confuse Don’t c[onfuse] me with my sister.
verwerpen reject I'm inclined to r[eject] your proposal.
verwijderen delete The company asked me to d[elete] these data from my computer.
aankondiging announcement We were all surprised by the a[nnouncement] of their marriage.
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