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allowed let someone do something
cards a piece of hard paper with numbers and pictures used for playing games
museum a place where artifacts, paintings are shown
human being people (man, woman, child)
world earth
danger something to beware of that may harm you
sense one of the five natural abilities of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste
voted chose someone in an election
tummy stomach
cave a hole, or space in a mountain
nest a home for a bird
darkness little or no light
covered something on top of something else
horns two long, hard things on the heads of cows, goats, and some other animals
hatched came out of an egg; born
huge very big; enormous
entrance door or other opening that you use to go in somewhere
roar a loud noise that comes from an animal
ground the surface of the earth
twice two times
claw one of the hooked nails of an animal or bird
scratch to make a slight cut or long, thin mark with a sharp object
licking moving your tongue across something
breathless not able to breathe easily
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