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Raft vocaburly 20-51

Anxiety a feeling of worry,nervousness,or unease
Appplicable relevant or approprite
Barbaric savagely cruel; exceedingly brutal
Critical expressing adverse or disapproving
Gnawed bite at or nibble something
Gritty containing or covered with grit
Heaved lift or haul
Hitch move into a different position with a jerk
Improvised created and performed spontaneously
Incline feeling willing
Lingering lasting for a long time or slow to end
Obsured keeping from being seen
Pathtic arousing pity or sadness
Raspy hoarse or harsh sounding
Rationalizing attempt to explain or justifly
Ravenously extremely hungry
Regurgitation is the expulsion of material from the pharynx,or esophagus
Savoring taste and enjoy it completely.
Trudget walk slowly and with heavy steps.
Winced give a slight involuntary grimace or shrinking movement of the body
Created by: vanbri0747