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shelter a place where animals can be adopted
spotted covered in small, round areas of color
joined did something or went somewhere with someone
poodle a type of dog with thick, curly hair
lucky having good things happen to you
moment a very short period of time
covered to put something over something else
finished to end
tail the long, narrow part that sticks out from the back of an animal's body
bars long, narrow metal poles
handle something you hold onto (on a door)
clunk a deep, low sound made when two objects hit each other
sprang jumped
glad happy
agreed to have the same opinion; to accept an idea
shoulder the place where your arms join you body next to your neck
hill a high area of land that is smaller than a mountain
gate a door in a fence
bench a long seat for two or more people
breath the air that comes out of your lungs
turned to move your body so that you are facing a different direction
seaside next to the sea
shore the area of land along the edge of the sea
heard to listen to someone or something
nailed to join two pieces of wood together with nails
load to place something on a truck
worry to think about problems or bad things that may happen
tall being higher than most people or things
high having a long distance from the bottom to the top
watch to look at something for a period of time
noise a sound
hid to be in a place where no one can see you
sailors men who work on a ship
angry to be very mad
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