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Test 8 LA Vocab

Complicity Partnership in wrongdoing
Liquidation Disposal of, killing
Accompice An associate of crime
Recant Withdrawal of previous statements
Culpable Deserving blame
Idiom: Woolgathering Absentmindedness or daydreaming
Abrogate Abolish
Alleged Reported, supposed
Access Admittance
Invalidate To deprive of legal force, to nullify
Preclude Prevent
Idiom: To whitewash to conceal defects, to give a falsely virtuous appearance to something
Persevere Persist
Landmark Historic, turning point in history
Extrinsic Foreign, coming from outside
Declaim Speak loudly
Fetter To hamper
Idiom: To break the ice to make a start by overcoming initial difficulties
Paragon Model of excellence
Nomadic Wandering
Asperity Harshness of temper
Epithet Descriptive name
Controversal Debatable
Idiom: The grapvine a secret means of spreading information
Indigenous Native
Gregarious Habitat
Cursory Hasty, not thorough
Interloper An unauthorized person
Idiom: In a bee line taking the straightest, shortest route
Prolific Producing abundantly
Bulwark Protection
Sedentary Largely inactive, accustomed to sitting`
Frugal Thrifty
Antithesis Exact opposite
Idiom: The world, the flesh, and the devil Temptations that cause man to sin
Altrusitic Unselfish
Embellish Adorn, touch up
Cache Secret hiding place
Coterie A small group of people that have something in common
Cupidity Greed
Idiom: To make bricks without straw To attempt to do something without having the necessary materials
Virtuosity Great technical skill
Temerity Foolish boldness
Amorous Full of love
Progeny Desendants
Saturate Soak, fill up completely
Idiom: To have the upper hand To gain control
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