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TOEIC Service List

Words to get a higher score in TOEIC

EnglishKoreanEnglish definition
media 대중 통신 방법 ( 라디오, 신문 그리고 텔레비젼 등), 매개물;매개물; 표현수단; 대화의 통로; 중개자; 생활 환경, 생활 조건; 무당, 영매(심령) channels of mass communication, medium;means by which something is accomplished; means of expression; channel of communication; middle man, intermediary; substance or environment through which something is affected; broker; psychic (Spiritual)
born 애를 낳다;참다;지지하다;산출하다,낳다;고통을 견디다;나르다 give birth;endure; carry; support; suffer; produce
impact 충격, 영향, 효과; 두 몸체의 충돌, 격돌 influence, effect; colliding of two bodies; touch
railway 철도, 철로 railroad, train track, path for a train made of parallel metal tracks
distribution 분배, 분포, 배분; 분류 act of distributing something out; particular group to which something is distributed (e.g. a newspaper or magazine); allotment; systematic division of items into parts; (Statistics) probability or frequency with which items are distributed into various
client 의뢰인, 고객 customer, buyer
rose 장미;장미꽃; 깔대기; 장미꽃 모야의 리본매듭;경사; 상승, 증가; 진급, 승진; 격앙, 반란 any wild or cultivated shrubs from the genus Rosa; flower produced by shrubs from the genus Rosa; funnel; bundle of ribbons formed in the shape of a rose;slope, incline; increase, ascent; degree of ascent; raise in position or status, promotion; angry res
assembly 집회, 모임; 집합; 조립; 입법부 meeting, conference; gathering; act of putting together parts; legislature; set; congregation;low-level programming language that is very close to machine language (Computers)
institute 마련하다, 임명하다 establish, found, set up; begin, initiate, start
cabinet 장식장; 작은 방, 밀실; 내각; 회의실 chest; small room; government cabinet of ministers; office
o'clock 시, 정시 ( 예 2시, 3시...) of the clock
aspect 관점, 면; 양상, 외양, 용모; 방향 point of view, facet; appearance, outlook; direction; action of a verb without relating to its time
countryside 지방, 촌, 시골 area outside of the city, rural area
obtain 얻다; 획득하다, 입수하다; 달성하다 acquire, come by; procure, secure; earn, achieve
criteria N/A N/A
shortly 얼마 안 있어, 곧; 간단히 soon, in a short time; briefly, concisely
recession 불경기, 경기침체; 후퇴, 썰물, 퇴장 slow economy, period characterized by a decline in the gross domestic product during two or more consecutive quarters; ebb, decline; withdrawal, act of receding
candidate 후보자; 검사 받는 사람 applicant, nominee; examinee
administrative 관리의, 행정상의 of or pertaining to administration, managerial, executive
captain 선장; 대장, 우두머리 commander of ship; group leader, head, commander
statistics 통계, 통계학;통계값, 통계량 branch of mathematics that deals with the collection and interpretation of numerical information;numerical fact
consumption 소비, 소모; 폐병 using up, consuming; tuberculosis (infectious disease)
consent 동의하다; 승인하다, 인정하다 agree; approve
bound 묶다, 동여매다;둘러 감다;속박하다; 제본하다, 장정하다; 묶어 놓다, 동이다, 구속력이 있다 jump; leap; function as a border, delimit;tie, fasten; wrap, cover, bandage; restrain; firmly unite; obligate; fasten together the pages of a book and place them in a cover; stick together, cohere; restrict, be tight
birthday 생일 day of birth, day of nativity
strategic 전략상의, 전략의; 매우 중요한 ( 특히 군사적으로); 적군의 잠재력을 파괴하려고 의도된 based on strategy, designed to achieve a goal; extremely important or beneficial (especially in regards to military advantage); intended to destroy the enemy's military potential
outstanding 뛰어난, 우수한; 두드러진, 눈에 띄는, 현저한; 미불의; 해결되지 않은, 미결의 ( 지불 등에 대해); 미해결의 excellent; conspicuous, prominent, notable; owing, due; unsettled (about a payment); unresolved
guidance 안내; 지도; 인도 instruction; direction; management, leadership
enthusiasm 열광, 열, 열중시키는 것, 종교적 열광 excitement, great interest
considerably 상당히, 엄청나게 much, substantially, significantly
residential 주거에 적합한, 살기위한; 주거의; 주거지의 suited for residence, intended for inhabitation; pertaining to residence; occupied with homes
leisure 여가, 여가시간; 휴식; 레크레이션 time free from work or other demands and duties, free time; rest; recreation
unemployed 실직한, 무직의; 현재 사용되지 않는 not employed, out of work, jobless; not currently being used
junior 쥬니어, 보다 나이 어린 사람의(특히 아버지와 아들이 같은 이름을 갖었을 때 아들 이름에 쥬니어약자를 첨가함); 보다 낮은 지위의; 최근에 입학한; 3학년의 ( 대학에서) younger (placed after a name to indicate the younger of two who have the same name, esp. a father and son); having a lower rank or position; more recently admitted; of or belonging the class which is next below the last year (of a student)
replacement 대치, 교체; 대체, 교환 substitution, act of replacing one thing with another; person or thing that takes the place of another, substitute
expertise 전문적 기술, 전문적 지식; 전문적인 견해 proficiency, skill; expert opinion
certificate 증명서 ( 출생증명서, 운전 면허증 등) official document (birth certificate, license, etc.)
circuit 정기 순회, 정규적인 경로; 일주; 궤도, 경로 fixed route, regular route; encircling; orbit, course
evident 분명한, 명백한 clear, obvious, apparent
desperate 자포자기의, 절망적인; 위험한, 폭력적인; 끔찍한, 극단적인 hopeless, despairing; dangerous, violent; terrible, bad
acceptance 받아들임; 승락 ; 어떤것을 받아들이거나 믿는 상태 act of accepting or receiving; approval; state of accepting or believing in something
turnover 전복; 인원의 이동률, 오고 가는 사람의 수; 총매출액; 거래 총액; 전환, 변경; 빵의 일종 act of turning over; number of people coming in and leaving (e.g. employees and customers); gross revenues, total business done; rate of selling or producing; change, reversal; kind of pastry with a sweet filling (apples, cherries etc.)
commonly 일반적으로; 널리 usually; prevalently
tenant 거주자, 차용인; 차가인; 부동산 소유자 lodger, occupant, resident; renter; one who possesses lands or property, landlord
completion 완성, 끝마침 finishing, finalizing
asleep N/A N/A
sharply 날카롭게; 심하게; 갑자기; 확실하게 severely, harshly; aggressively; attentively; suddenly; clearly; with a sharp edge, with a point
bathroom 욕실 room where the toilet and bathtub are located
lane 좁은길, 좁은 통로; 골목 길; 차선, 코스; 규정항로 alley, narrow passageway between buildings (or walls, etc.); narrow road; course or track which has clear boundaries on either side (as on a highway, racetrack, etc.); set route followed by planes or ships
consultation 상담, 조언; 협의, 심의 counseling, advising; conferring
publicity 널리 알려짐; 광고, 선전; 공표, 공개, 공시 state of being public; advertisement, action or item designed to attract public notice; attention of the public, public notice
informal 비공식의, 의례적이지 않은; 약식의, 격식을 차리지 않은 unofficial, unceremonious; relaxed, casual, easy
machinery 기계, 기계류, 기계 장치; 기계부품 machines collectively; parts which make up a machine; system of organization
airport 공항 place used by planes for takeoff and landing
ceiling 천장 overhead wall enclosing a room
logical 논리학의, 논리학상의 based on logic; reasonable; simulated, looks and acts like the real thing but is not genuine (Computers)
generous 관대한, 너그러운, 배타적인; 풍부한, 많은 benevolent, giving, unselfish; abundant, plentiful, ample
accordingly 따라서, 그에 따라서 therefore; correspondingly
valid 근거가 확실한; 유효한, 법적으로 유효한; 논리적인, 강건한 legitimate, legally acceptable, not expired; based; logical, well-founded
reception 수취, 받아들임; 환대, 응접 acceptance, act of receiving; event in which guests are formally welcomed by their host; check-in, reception desk
transaction 처리, 절충, 화해; 거래 interaction between two parties, negotiation, settlement; business deal
occupation 종사, 일; 점유; 점령;직업, 소명; 사업, 일 act of forcefully taking possession of an area, seizure; conquest; possession or settlement of land;profession, vocation; employment; business; work
identification 신분확인, 신분증명, 인정; 신분증 verification of the identity of a person or thing, recognition; document which serves to identify a person
electrical 전기의; 전기에 의해 작동하는; 전기를 발생하는; 극적인 of or pertaining to electricity; operating on electricity; producing electricity; dramatic, full of excitement
formally 정식으로, 의례적으로 in a formal manner, in a conventional manner
resignation 사면, 사직; 사직서; 포기, 양도; 순종, 묵묵히 받아들임 act of quitting a position; letter stating that one quits a position; relinquishment, abdication, act of giving up; submission, quiet acceptance
landlord 임대자, 주인; 여관주인; 지주 one who owns and leases real estate; landowner who leases to others, leaser, renter; one who owns or operates of an inn or rooming house; owner of an estate
satisfactory 만족스러운; 충분한 providing satisfaction, gratifying a need or appetite; adequate, sufficient
urgent 긴급한, 절박한; 신속하게 pressing, compelling; immediate, prompt
automatic 자동의; 자연발생적인 operating by itself; unintentional
fabric 천, 직물; 구조, 틀; 건축물 cloth made of woven threads; textile, weave; structure, framework; construction
removal 제거, 탈피; 이동, 이전; 근절; 해임, 파면, 면직 act of taking off, act of shedding; act of taking away; elimination; ejection, dismissal
thoroughly 완전히, 조목 조목 comprehensively, deeply, with great detail
desirable 바람직한 worthwhile, worth having; sexually attractive, appealing in a sexual manner; who arouses sexual desire
admission 입장; 들어감을 허락함; 자백 entrance; permission to enter; confession
unexpected 예기치 않은, 기대치 않은, 예상치 못한 not expected, unanticipated, unforeseen, surprising
superb 훌륭한, 당당한 excellent, wonderful, splendid, magnificent
departure 출발, 떠남 leaving, going away
hardware 쇠붙이류; 무기; 기계 장치들; 컴퓨터의 하드웨어, 컴퓨터의 기계적 전자적 요소들 tools and other small objects made of metal; weapons; mechanical equipment; mechanical and electronic elements of a computer
traditionally N/A N/A
anniversary 기념일; 생일 yearly date commemorating a special event; birthday
upstairs 이층에 on the upper floors of a building
effectiveness 유효, 유효성, 효력; 인상적임, 눈에 띔 efficiency, productivity; impressiveness, quality of being striking
reluctant 싫어하는, 저항하는, 반항하는, 거부하는 hesitant, unwilling, disinclined, averse
exclusive 배타적인, 배제적인; 유일한; 독점적인; 용납치 않는; 전문적인; 고급의 tending to exclude, shutting out all others; sole, limited to a select few; incompatible; fashionable; expensive
graphics 제도법; 수학적 규칙에 따라 제도하기; 컴퓨터 그래픽, 컴퓨터에 의해 만들어진 영상 art of drawing according to mathematical rules; graphic arts; computer graphics, production of pictorial images by a computer
convenient 편리; 편한; 유용한 serviceable; comfortable; useful
apple 사과 round fruit which grows on trees (usually red, green or yellow)
ward 병동, 층; 행정구획; 피후견인; 보호, 감독, 후견; 열쇠의 홈 division (of a hospital, prison, etc.); administrative section; minor, dependent; guardianship, custody; means of defending; notch in a key
withdrawal 탈퇴, 물러남; 현금인출; 취소, 철회; 은퇴; 철수, 후퇴; 중독성 습관을 관둠 departure, retreat; drawing out funds (as from a bank account); revoking, retraction; resignation, retirement; pulling out; cessation of an addictive habit (e.g. use of narcotics)
bulk 용적, 부피; 대부분, 태반 volume, mass; main part, most
tremendous 무서운, 거대한 very great in numbers, huge, enormous, powerful
butter 버터 solid fat substance derived from milk
specially 특별히, 특히 in a special manner; particularly, especially
strictly 엄격하게; 정확하게 ; 완전하게, 절대적으로 severely, harshly; literally; explicitly, exactly; absolutely, completely
wildlife 야생 생물; 자연에서 사는 동물 wild animals; animals in their natural environment
mechanical 기계의, 기계상의; 자동적인, 기계에 의해 작동되는; 지루한, 단조로운; 기계론적인 of or relating to machinery; automatic, executed by means of machine; boring, monotonous; understanding machines
cloth 천, 직물 ( 모직이나 면직 등으로 짜인); 걸레 fabric, material (woven of wool, cotton, etc.); rag, duster
correctly 바르게, 옳바르게 in a correct manner, properly
lease 임대계약; 임대 기간; 임대지 contract which gives another the right to use or inhabit a property for a period of time in exchange for rent; period of time during which a lease is valid; property which is contracted to another
disposal 처분, 처리; 배치, 배열; 쓰레기 처리기 getting rid of; act of disposing, arranging; device that grinds up garbage
flexibility 유연성, 탄성, 구부리거나 구부려 질 수 있는 성질 elasticity, pliability, ability to bend or be bent
unhappy 불행한, 슬픈, 우울한 sad, morose, depressed
availability 유효성, 성취가능성 obtainability, accessibility, attainability
inspection 검사, 조사; 시찰, 검열, 점검 act of looking over carefully and critically; official examination, review
productivity 생산력, 생산성; 다산성 generativeness, creativeness; fruitfulness, prolificness, state of accomplishing a large amount of work
garage 차고, 격납고; 차를 수리하는 곳ga·rage / gə;'rɑ;ʒ; /'gærɪ;dʒ; ,'gærɑ;ː;ʒ; structure in which a car or cars are parked; place where cars are repaired and servicedga·rage || gə'rɑʒ /'gærɪdʒ ,'gærɑːʒ
midnight 한밤중; 밤 12시 twelve o'clock at night, 12:00 A.M.; middle of the night
hungry 굶주린, 식욕을 일으키는; 갈망하는 needing to eat, feeling a desire to eat; longing, yearning
physics 물리학, 자연의 법칙에 대한 학문;약; 하제 study of the laws of nature, study of the characteristics of matter and energy;medicine, drug; cathartic, diarrhetic, laxative
unnecessary 불필요한, 남아도는, 잉여의 excessive, redundant, superfluous
seller 판매상; 상인; 구입된 것, 팔리는 것 salesman; merchant, vendor, dealer; something which is purchased, something which is sold
realistic 실제적인; 실용적인; 현실주의의 based on reality; practical, pragmatic; pertaining to realism in philosophy or the arts
tunnel 터널, 지하도; 물밑이나 산속을 가로 지르는 보호 수송관 hollow underground passage; protected conveyance conduit through a mountain or under a body of water
influential 영향을 미치는, 힘 있는 having or exerting influence, weighty, powerful, persuasive
lifetime 일생; 수명 span of a person's life, time during which a person is alive; period of time during which something functions or exists
merchant 상인; 소매상인 seller, marketer; trader, retailer
duration 지속, 계속기간, 존속기간 period of time that something continues
elegant 품위 있는, 우아한, 기품 있는; 화려한, 웅장한 refined, tasteful; graceful; luxurious
locally N/A in a particular place, with regard to a certain location
necessity 필수품; 필연; 필요, 요구; 궁핍, 가난, 곤궁 essential; indispensability; obligation; need, requirement; poverty
audit 회계감사 examination of financial accounts
partial 일부의, 파편의; 편파적인, 한쪽에 치우친 fractional, fragmentary, incomplete; biased, prejudiced
officially 공식적으로 formally, ceremoniously
wool 양모; 모직옷; 목직물; (애칭) 곱슬곱슬한 머리 fleece from some animals; clothing made from wool; thread made from wool; (nickname for) frizzy hair
superior 훌륭한, 우수한;우세한, 뛰어난; 보다 나은; 오만한, 거만한su·pe·ri·or / sʊ;'pɪ;rɪ;ə;(r) /suː;'pɪ;ə;rɪ;ə; higher in rank or position; above average, exceptional; better or greater than; supercilious, conceitedsu·pe·ri·or || sʊ'pɪrɪə(r) /suː'pɪərɪə
separately 갈라져, 따로따로, 단독으로 apart, while segregated, while divided; disparately, distinctly; individually, singly
casual 무작위로; 피상적으로; 임시의; 약식의 random, accidental; superficial; temporary; informal
dull 지루한; 무딘, 날카롭지 않은, 둔한; 우울한, 기운없는; 어리석은, 멍청한; 흐릿한 boring; blunt, not sharp; gloomy, somber; stupid, not intelligent; not shiny
appendix 충수; 부록, 증보 small sac attached to the intestines; addendum
downstairs 아래층으로, 아래층에 on a lower floor
delicate 부서지기 쉬운, 가냘픈; 민감한, 세심한, 섬세한 fragile, easily broken; sensitive
excessive 과도의, 지나친 immoderate, exceeding normal bounds, extreme
baker 빵 굽는 사람; 빵집주인 one who bakes; one who owns a bakery
purchaser 구입자, 구매자; 고객 one who buys, buyer; client, customer
exceptional 예외적인, 특별한; 우수한, 뛰어난 out of the ordinary, unusual; superior, excellent
safely 안전하게 securely; guardedly; in a safe manner
closure 폐쇄, 폐점; 종결, 의회의 종결 closing; conclusion of a debate with a vote
neat 균형이 잡힌, 정돈된; 깨끗한; 단순한; 재치있는; 고상한; 솜씨좋은; 훌륭한 (속어) arranged; clean; simple; clever; not adulterated; fundamental; wonderful (Slang)
alternatively 번갈아, 교대로 in rotation, in exchange
tropical 열대의, 열대지방의; 무더운 pertaining to or characteristic of the tropics (regions near the earth's equator between parallels of latitude marking the summer and winter solstices); hot; concerning a trope
cinema 영화; 영화관 movie; movie theater (especially British)
substantially 실제적으로, 견고하게 in a substantial manner, considerably, significantly
ray 광선; 번득임; 어떤 것에 대한 번득임 beam; flicker, gleam; trace or hint of something (i.e. ray of hope)
exclusively 배타적으로, 폐쇄적으로; 유일하게, 독점적으로 in an exclusive manner, in a manner which shuts out all others; solely, in a limited manner
chronic 장기간에 걸친, 만성적인 ( 질병의); 계속적인 lingering, lasting (as of an illness); constant
chemistry 화학 ; 사람간의 화학적 작용, 사람간의 감정적 관계 study of the elements and compounds that can be made from them; emotional connection between people, suitability
remainder 나머지, 남은 것 something which remains, remnant, balance
steadily 근면하게; 확고히; 한결같이 stably; persistently, diligently
bench 벤치;작업대; 판사석 long seat; pulpit of a judge; work table
accuracy 정확, 정확성 preciseness, exactness
payable 지불해야 할; 지불 가능한 can be paid; may be settled
operational 조작상의; 작동하는; 사용준비가 된; 기능적인 of or pertaining to an operation; working; functional; ready for use; operative
fleet 함대; 전함 group of ships; group of warships
consistently 정규적으로, 시종일관되게 regularly
workshop 작업장, 일터, 직장, 공장; 연구 집회 shop in which work is carried out, workroom; seminar, brief intensive educational program, discussion group
accessible 접근하기 쉬운; 얻기 쉬운; 연결되기 쉬운; 영향을 받기 쉬운 approachable; easily obtainable; easy to relate to; persuadable, easy to influence
residence 주소, 거주지, 주재지; 집, 주택; 거주, 주거; 거주기간; 사업의 본소재지 dwelling place, abode; home, domicile; act of living, act of residing; period of time that one lives in a particular place; headquarters of a business
bye 친 공이 타자, 상대가 없어 남는 사람, 상대가 없어 남는 편, 지엽적인 것, 부수적인 것, 시합이 끝나고 남은 홀 unplayed hole in a match that is won before the 18th hole (Golf); automatic passage to the next round (Sports);before long; secondary issue; draw;before long; secondary issue; draw
commerce 상업, 거래, 사고 팔기 trade, buying and selling
loyalty 충성, 헌신 faithfulness, devotion, constancy
premium 할증금, 추가요금; 보험료; 상여금, 상금, 상품; 수업료 supplementary charge, additional charge; amount paid for insurance; prize, reward; tuition
definite 명확한, 결정적인; 한정된; 일정한 clear, decisive; limited; specific
fortunately 다행히, 다행히도, 운이 좋게도 luckily; in a successful manner
prominent 중요한, 현저한; 눈에 띄는; 돌출한; 유명한 important, distinguished, eminent; conspicuous, noticeable; protruding, projecting; famous, renowned
artistic 예술적인, 예술의, 미술의 aesthetic, meeting the standards of art
sue 고소하다, 소송을 제기하다; 간청하다, 탄원하다; 구애하다 take court action against, institute court proceedings against; earnestly request, plead, petition, entreat; woo, court
satellite 달, 커다란 별주위를 도는 작은 천공체; 인공위성; 위성국가; 다른 사람에 의해 지배 되는 사람, 위성인 moon, small celestial body revolving around a larger one; man-made object put into orbit around a planet or celestial body; country that is controlled by another country; one who is controlled by another person
orchestra 오케스트라, 악단, 서로 다른 종류의 악기의 연주가들로 이루어진 관현악단; 연주가들을 위한 무대 앞의 공간(극단) band composed of musicians of many different instruments (usually including string and wind instruments); space reserved in front of a stage for musicians (Theatre)
ambitious 대망을 품은, 야심을 품은; 대단한 노력을 요구하는 aspiring, desirous of success ; requiring great effort
continental 대륙의 of or pertaining to a continent
directory 주소성명록, 예배 규칙서, 지도자의 직, 집정부 guidebook; library, subdivision of a disk in which files are stored (Computers)
disappointment 실망 state of not having expectations fulfilled
absent 부재의, 출타중인, 결석의, 결근의, 없는, 결여된; 방심한, 멍한 not present; preoccupied, lost in thought
dynamic 활력있는, 정력적인, 강력한, 활발한 forceful, energetic, vigorous, spirited
advisory 조언하는, 충고의 having the power to advise; containing advice
indirect 간접적인, 멀리 도는, 넌지시 암시하는; 부정한, 바르지 못한 not direct, circuitous, roundabout; devious, deceitful
clerk 사무원; 서기; 판매원; 목사 bureaucrat, minor office worker; recorder, book-keeper; salesperson; member of the clergy
seldom 드물게, 좀처럼 ...않다 not often, infrequently, rarely
actively 활발히,능동적이게 in an active manner, energetically, vigorously, busily
circulation 순환; 유통; 혈액순환 moving around; distribution; movement of blood within the body
whoever N/A N/A
clinic 진료소, 의학적 치료를 받을 수 있는 곳 place where people receive medical treatment
architect 건축가, 설계자 one who designs buildings and other structures
assurance 보증, 약속; 보험, 확신 promise, pledge; confidence, security
recruitment 신병 모집 act of enlisting or drafting new members (esp. into the armed forces)
translation 번역, 해석; 번역판 act of rendering something into another language; version published in a language other than the original language (i.e. book, film, etc.)
transmission 전송; 방송; 운송, 전달 sending; broadcast; transmittal, conveyance
workforce N/A N/A
stimulus 자극제; 흥분제 something which incites to action; something which quickens a physical or mental process
dose 분량, 일회분의 투약량, 일회분의 복용량 (의약품의) portion, prescribed amount (as in medicine)
mild 온화한 성격의; 온건한; 포근한 of a gentle or temperate manner; moderate, not extreme; not strong or harsh in degree or intensity; pleasant
fitness 능력; 신체적 건강, 신체적 능력; 적합성, 알맞음 ability; physical ability; suitability, competence
tray 쟁반 flat receptacle used to hold other items, platter
eager N/A N/A
deck 갑판, 배의 갑판; 카드게임의 한세트; 집이나 건물에 붙어있는 나무로 된 발코니 floor of a ship; full set of playing cards; open porch-like area attached to a house or building that is often made from wooden slats
correspondence 서신 왕래, 편지 주고 받기; 일치, 적합; 유사 exchange of letters; agreement; similarity
accurately 정확히 precisely, exactly
enthusiastic 열광적인, 광신적인 excited, zealous, intensely interested
applicable 적절한, 적용할 수 있는; 응용할 수 있는 suitable, appropriate; feasible
meantime N/A time in between, intervening time
accent 사람이나 지역의 독특한 발음양식; 단어에서의 액센트; 강조 mode of pronunciation characteristic of a group of people or region; emphasis placed on a certain syllable in a word; mark on a letter or word showing stress or pitch; emphasis; contrasting element
uncomfortable 기분이 언짢은, 거북한, 불편한; 불쾌한, 불편하게 하는 feeling discomfort, ill-at-ease, uneasy; causing discomfort, unpleasant
productive 풍부한, 다산의; 생산적인; 이익을 낳는 prolific, fruitful; generative, creative; worthwhile, profitable, advantageous
vendor 자동판매기 salesman; supplier, equipment salesman (for example in the field of computers, etc.); automatic machine for selling goods
portfolio 서류가방; 주식과 채권의 목록; 정부장관의 지위 briefcase, attache case; list of securities and stocks; position of a government minister; set of pieces of artistic work that display the ability of someone to a potential employer; photo portfolio, set of photos (pictures or drawings) bound in book form
suite 한조, 한벌; 잇달아 붙은 방; 한 조의 가구; 일행 group of things that together form a set; group of connected rooms meant to be used together (as in a hotel, etc.); set of furniture; retinue, group of attendants
suspicious 의심 많은, 의혹을 일으키는; 의심스러운, 수상쩍은 suspect, shady, dubious; distrustful, doubting, skeptical; expressing suspicion
shortage 부족, 부족액, 결점 lack, scarcity, deficit, deficiency
beneficial 유익한, 이익이 나는; 기뻐할 만한 advantageous; pleasurable, enjoyable
honestly 정직하게 really, truly, actually, in truth
merger 합병; 혼합 result of the collaboration of two or more corporations into a single corporation, integration; fusion, agglomeration
irrelevant 관계없는 not relevant, beside the point, unconnected, impertinent, immaterial
profitable 이익이 되는; 유익한, 도움이 되는; 수입을 생산하는 lucrative, paying; rewarding, beneficial; producing income
soup 국, 야채와 다른 여러가지 양념 등을 넣어 만든 국물이 있는 음식 ( 생선국, 야채수프 등); 짙은 안개 (속어); 니트로 글리세린 (속어); 골치거리 liquid food made by simmering various ingredients (i.e. fish, chicken, etc.) with vegetables and spices, broth; thick fog (Slang); nitroglycerine (Slang); trouble, misfortune, chaotic situation
inspiration 자극,격려, 고무, 동기; 영감, 착상, 멋진생가; 성령의 인도; 흡입, 숨들이 쉬기 something which stimulates or animates, stimulus, motivation; something inspired, revelation, insight, idea; divine influence upon the human mind (Theology); breathing in, inhaling
oven 오븐, 요리를 할 수 있는 가마; 화로 heated compartment for cooking; furnace
popularity 인기, 평판; 일반성; 대중성 state of being admired by the public; being accepted, being approved; commonness, state of being widespread; state of belonging to the general public
eligible 적격의, 자격이 있는, 적절한 suitable, worthy of, qualified
inspector 검사관; 감독하고 검사하는 직업을 가진 사람; 경찰관 one who inspects; one whose job it is to supervise and examine; police officer ranking below a superintendent
polish 광택을 내다; 솔질하다, 문질러 닦다 shine, make glossy; brush, buff
bonus 보너스, 장려금 dividend, perk, monetary gift
dividend 보너스, 포상금; 이익배당금; 배당이익; 피제수, 나뉨수 (수학) bonus, reward; portion of profits; share of anything divided; number to be divided (Mathematics)
insufficient 불충분한 inadequate, deficient, lacking
forum 광장이나 시장, 집회광장, 공공의 업무를 행하는 곳 (고대 로마) ; 법정; 공개 토론회; 특정한 주제에 관해 인터넷에 오르는 메세지 판 (컴퓨터) city square or market, place of assembly, place for conducting official business (in ancient Rome); court; place where discussions are held; message board on the Internet focused on a particular subject (Computers)
managerial 지배인의, 경영의man·a·ge·ri·al / 'mænə;'dʒ;ɪ;rɪ;ə;l/-'dʒ;ɪ;ə;rɪ;ə;l of or pertaining to a manager or managementman·a·ge·ri·al || 'mænə'dʒɪrɪəl/-'dʒɪərɪəl
collaboration 협동 ; 공동작업 working together, cooperation; act of collaborating
accommodate 손님에게 친절히 하다; 잠자리를 제공하다; 적응시키다; 주다, 수여하다 host guests; provide lodging; adapt oneself; give, bestow
loyal 충성스러운 faithful, true to one's obligations
appreciation 존중, 인정; 가치상승 esteem, high regard; increase in value
ladder 사닥다리; 스타킹의 나간줄 structure used for climbing which consists of two parallel bars connected by a series of rungs; means by which one moves to a higher level; tear in a stocking (British)
prospective 예상되는, 기대되는; 장래의, 미래의; 가망이 있는, 유망한 expected, anticipated; likely; coming in the future; possible, potential
specification 상술; 명세서; 특허 설명서 act of specifying; item or detail included in a description of requirements or plans; detailed written description of an invention submitted in a patent request
desktop N/A N/A
kit 연장 상자; 도구; 장비, 복장; 그룹, 조 (속어); 세면대; 어린 고양이 set; equipment; furnishings; outfit, clothing; group (Slang); wash basin; young cat
installation 설치; 장치 (기계); 군대 야영기지(군대) process of installing, putting in place; something which has been put in place, something installed (i.e. machinery); military camp or base (Military)
partially N/A N/A
unpleasant 불쾌한, 불유쾌한; 동의할 수없는 not genial, not pleasant; disagreeable, nasty
battery 때림, 다른 사람을 치는 행위; 전지, 배터리; 한벌의 기구, 장치; 포병중대; 구타(법률) act of beating another person; electric storage cell; system; group of 4-6 soldiers carrying similar or identical weapons; series, set, group of related items; intentional use of force against another person without his consent (Law)
repeatedly 되풀이해서, 자꾸 repetitively, again and again, recurrently
fiscal 국고의, 재정상의 of public funds; of or pertaining to money matters
temporarily 일시적으로 briefly, impermanently, passingly
protective 방어하는; 보호하는 defensive; guarding, preserving; designed to defend; of protection, pertaining to defense
cab 택시; 마차; 기관사실 taxi; carriage; driver's compartment
behalf 대신함; 편들기 representing; support
solar 태양의; 태양에너지에 의한; 태양에 의해 결정되는 of or pertaining to the sun; powered by the energy of the sun; determined by the sun
jet 분사, 분출; 제트기; 흑옥; 흑옥색, 칠흑색 stream of liquid or gas forced out of an opening; spout; jet plane, aircraft powered by jet propulsion; black coal which can be polished (used for jewelry, etc.); deep black color
faculty 능력; 태도; 감각; 기술, 재능 ;기능; 학부, 과; 교사진; 대학의 교수와 행정업무를 맞고 있는 전교직원 ability; aptitude; sense; skill, talent; capability; department; teaching staff; teaching and administrative force of a university
bacteria 박테리아, 균, 아주 미세한 생물체;박테리아의 단수 small microscopic organisms;singular form of bacteria
auction 경매, 가장 높은 가격을 주는 입찰자에게 물건을 파는 공개 판매 public sale where items are sold to the highest bidder
diagram 도표, 설명이 있는 그림; 계획표, 일람표 drawing which accompanies an explanation; chart, plan
inappropriate 부적당한; 부적절한; 어울리지 않는 unsuitable, incongruous; unseemly; improper, incorrect
dependence 의뢰, 의존; 신뢰 reliance; trust
feedback (전기 회로나 증폭기 등의)출력된 것이 입력되는 것(전자공학); 반응; 어떤 과정의 결과에 대한 정보 return of part of the output (of a circuit, amplifier, etc.) to the input (Electronics); information about the results of a certain procedure; response; critique, critical analysis
comply 응하다, 순종하다, 동의 하다 submit, consent, obey
sculpture 조각술; 조각작품 art of forming three-dimensional works using any of several techniques (such as welding, modeling, carving, etc.); three-dimensional work of art
juice 쥬스, 과일 등의 것에서 추출 해낸 즙; 몸속에 있는 천연적인 유동성 액체; 식물이나 동물의 유동물질; 정수; 연료, 전기, 술(속어) fluid extracted (as from fruit); natural fluids within a body; liquid part of a plant or animal; essence; vitality; fuel, electricity; alcohol, liquor (Slang)
carrier 운반인, 운반 설비, 전염병 매개체, 전서구, 항공모함, 반송파, 배수구, 담체, 쇼핑 백 one who ships; one who carries; messanger; thing that carries; aircraft carrier; shipping company; truck; steamship or vessel for carrying goods or transporting passengers; post-office worker who carries mail; person who delivers newspapers on a specific
caution 알림; 경고; 주의 premonition, notice; warning; carefulness
permanently 영속하게; 지속적으로; 영원히 regularly; constantly; perpetually
optimistic 낙천주의의, 낙관적인 seeing the good, hoping for good
jeans 진, 무게가 나가는 면직물; 청진, 진으로 만든 바지 jean, heavyweight cotton fabric; blue jeans, pants made of jean;sturdy cotton fabric, denim
petition 청원, 소원; 탄원 request, demand; plea, appeal
compliance 응낙, 순종 submission, obedience, acquiescence; conformance
probable 있음직한; 그럴듯한 reasonable, plausible; almost certain, very likely; expected, anticipated
recipe 처방, 수법, 비결; 조리법; 처방 any set of written instructions; written instructions for preparing food; prescription, written instructions for the use of a medication
theft 절도, 도둑질, 강도질 robbery, burglary
silently 조용히, 고요히; 침묵하는 noiselessly, quietly, without a sound; reticently, in an uncommunicative manner
founder 창설자, 설립자, 주조자, 제엽염, 원조, 초대, 개조 establisher; originator; person who founds (institution, settlement, etc.); one who casts, one who molds; one who establishes a channel, one who gives authorization to operate a channel (Computers)
engagement 계약, 서약; 약혼, 결혼 약속; 고용기간; 교전 commitment, obligation; betrothal, promise to marry; period of employment; battle, fight; (Obstetrics) entrance of the fetal head or lowermost part of the fetus drops and descends into the pelvic canal
pan N/A N/A
worthwhile 할 보람 있는, 애쓸 가치가 있는 rewarding, beneficial, profitable
willingness 쾌히 하기, 자진하여 하기 readiness; agreeableness; state or condition of being willing
documentation 증거서류사용; 증거서류 수집, 서류수집 use of documents as evidence; collection of documents
polite 공손한, 세련된; 고상한 courteous, having good manners; gentle, genial, kind
pole 구의 축점; 막대기; 깃발이 펄럭이는 장대; 양극 axis point of a sphere; one item from a pair of oppositions; rod, staff; long staff on which a flag is raised, flag pole
soap 비누; 뇌물(속어); 낮시간에 가정주부를 상대로 방영되는 멜로 드라마(속어) cleaning substance manufactured in a variety of forms (bars, powders, liquids, etc.); bribe money (Slang); soap opera (Slang)
basket 바구니 type of container used for carrying goods (usually made from interwoven straw, cane, wood, etc.)
seminar 세미나, 특정한 주제에 관한 교육적 모임; 많은 양의 독립적인 연구를 요구하는 학과과정; 많은 양의 독립적인 연구를 요구한 학과 과정의 모임 educational meeting devoted to a particular topic; advanced academic course requiring a large amount of independent research; meeting of an advanced academic course which requires a large amount of independent research
packet 다발, 우편선, 한 묶음, 상당한 금액, 패킷 bundle; package; large amount of money (Slang); block of information that is transferred via a network and contains the sender's address and error correction information (Computers)
ideally 관념적으로; 이론적으로 in an ideal manner, perfectly; in theory, in accordance with the ideal
compatible 양립할 수 있는; 적당한, 적합한, 조화로운; 바꾸지 않고 다른 기계를 사용할 수 있는, 양립식의; 변화 없이 다른 컴퓨터와 함께 사용될 수 있는 ( 컴퓨터) capable of existing together in harmony; congruous; able to be used with other machines without alteration; able to be used on or with other computers without being changed (Computers)
lengthy 긴; 시간이 긴, 지루하도록 시간이 긴 having great length; overly long, tediously long
jazz 재즈, 1900년대 초 뉴올리언즈에서 유래된 복합적이고 운율있는 형태의 음악; 1920년대 유행한 일종의 댄스 음악; 허튼소리(속어) complex and rhythmic style of music which originated in New Orleans in the early 1900's; kind of dance music popular in the 1920's; idle talk, insincere words (Slang)
pie 파이, 일종의 케익 type of dessert, cake; baked dish consisting of a crust and filling
receipt 영수증 bill of sale, written statement of purchases
questionnaire 질문 사항, 질문서, 대답해야 할 질문들이 있는 서류 document containing a list of questions to be answered
timetable 시간표, 예정표 schedule
takeover 인수인계 act of taking control of something (as in a government or business)
confirmation 시인, 인정, 공식적인 인정; 증명; 확인, 확증; 견진 성사, 어떤 나이에 이르면 행하는 의식 ( 기독교와 유대교) formal approval; proof; verification; coming of age ceremony (Christianity, Judaism)
cautious 조심성 있는 careful, wary
sincerely 미음으로부터, 진정으로, 진실되게; 진심으로 honestly, genuinely, earnestly; faithfully, sincerely yours (used at the end of a letter)
sunshine 햇빛, 일광; 쾌활 light of the sun, sun's rays, sunlight; happiness, cheerfulness
costly 값비싼, 고가를 치르는 expensive, highly priced, pricey
assignment 임무, 일; 권리나 소유권의 양도 task, mission; transfer of ownership or rights
preliminary 일찍, 앞서; 서두의; 준비적인, 예비의 early, advance; introductory; opening, initial
contrary 반대의; 고집센, 완고한 contradictory, opposed; stubborn, obstinate
relaxation 휴식, 활동의 중단; 기분전환, 레크레이션 rest, repose, cessation of work or activity; recreation, amusement, entertainment
destination 목적, 목적지 place where one is going, place where something is sent
thorough 철저한, 완전한 comprehensive; complete, finished
calendar 달력, 일년의 달을 나타내는 표 ( 날과 주를 포함한); 계획표, 시간표 chart showing the months of a year (including days and weeks); schedule, timetable
patience 인내, 참기, 견디기 tolerance, forbearance
lamp 램프, 등잔; 등; 정신이나 지혜의 원천이 되는 사람 또는 사물 device which is a source of artificial light; device which emits heat; someone or something which is a source of inspiration
clue 실마리, 문제를 해결할 수 있도록 도와주는 것 ( 일종의 정보 또는 물건 등) something which helps to solve a problem (piece of information, object, etc.)
lounge 빈둥빈둥 거닐다, 기대다, 빈들빈들 지내다, 빈들빈들 살아가다 lie down, recline; move in a relaxed manner, walk lazily; idle away the time
venue 재판지, 행위의 현장, 사건의 현장, 회합장소 scene or setting of an event; scene of the crime; place of trial; statement declaring that a trial is being held in the proper court
efficiently 능률적으로, 효과적으로, 낭비없이, 효율적으로 in an efficient manner, without waste (of time, resources, etc.)
individually 따로따로, 각각으로, 유일하게; 개성적으로, 독자적으로; 독특하게 in individual form; separately, singly; personally; uniquely
alike 한결같이,똑같이 in the same manner; in a similar way
annually 매년 once a year
signature 서명; 서명하기; 음표 ( 음악); 표상, 부호; 접지, 페이지를 인쇄한 전지를 페이지 순으로 접은 것 ( 인쇄) person's name or mark used when signing a document; signing of one's name; sign used to indicate key and tempo (Music); distinguishing feature; printed and folded sheet that comprises one section of a book (Printing)
delicious 맛있는, 맛과 향기가 좋은 tasty, having a pleasant taste or smell
submission 항복, 복종; 순종, 온순; 제기된것, 제안, 제출; 중재, 중재자의 결정을 지킴으로 갈등을 해결하는 것( 법률) act of submitting, surrender; humility, meekness, submissiveness; something that has been submitted, application, offer; agreement of conflicting parties to abide by an arbitrator's decision (Law)
confidential 비밀스런, 은밀한, 내연의 secret, classified, strictly private
calculation 계산; 측정; 계획 computation (adding, subtracting, etc.); estimation; planning
occurrence 발생, 사건, 생긴 일 happening, event, incident
lawn 잔디, 잔디밭; 숲 사이의 빈터(고어); 아주 얇은 고운 면, 린넨 stretch of grass-covered land (usually around a house or estate); glade, forest clearing (Archaic); fine cotton fabric, sheer linen
likewise 마찬가지로, 그리고 또한 in addition, also, too, as well; in the same manner, similarly
cabin 오두막집; 선실, 객실 cottage, lodge; compartment, cubicle
adjacent 근처의; 이웃의; 인접한 near; next; adjoining
photographer 사진사, 사진 찍는 사람 cameraman, one who takes pictures
worldwide 세계적인 extending throughout the world, global, universal, extensive
courtesy 예의, 정중, 호의 politeness, good manners, cordiality, civility
supermarket 슈퍼마켓, 일상 잡화용품을 파는 커다란 가게 large self-serve retail store which sells food and other household goods
salad 샐러드, 여러가지 음식을 섞어만든 음식 (특히 야채들을 섞어서); 샐러드에 사용되는 향기있는 풀과 야채; 녹색야채, 먹을 수 있는 녹색채소의 잎사귀( 미국의 남부에서) dish made from several foods mixed together (esp. vegetables); herbs and vegetables used in a salad; greens, edible leaves of green vegetables (in the southern USA)
lifestyle N/A N/A
diamond 다이아몬드; 다이아몬드 모양 precious stone; rhombus, shape having four equal sides
outdoor 집 밖의, 자연의; 야외에서 행해진는 활동의 of outside, of nature; appreciating activities that are done outside
loudly 고성으로, 큰소리로, 화려하게 with a great noise, in a very audible tone, clamorously, noisily; in poor taste, garishly; offensively
homeless 집이 없는, 거리에서 생활하는 without a home, having no place to live, living in the street
exotic 외래의; 이국적인, 특별한 foreign; unusual, out of the ordinary
utility 유용함; 공익사업; 유용한 것 usefulness; public service; something useful
modification 변화, 조정, 일치; 제한; 적응;변형(문법); 수정 change, adjustment, agreement; adaptation; restriction; qualification (Grammar); moderation; process of being modified
immigration 이주, 이민자 act of coming to a country in order to take up permanent residence, act of settling in a new country
orientation 동향으로 짓기, 교회당을 동향으로 짓기, 동쪽을 찾아내기, 건물 따위의 동쪽을 찾아내기, 방침 결정, 태도 결정, 외교 따위의 방침 결정, 외교 따위의 태도 결정, 지도, 정위, 본능 adjustment to surroundings; direction, tendency; direction of printing, direction in which one can read text or see a picture (Computers); turning toward the east
flour 가루; 밀가루 finely ground meal made from grain; any fine powder
invention 발명; 발명품; 창조력; 날조, 허구; 짧은 즉흥곡 ( 음악) act of inventing; something invented; creativity, resourcefulness; fabrication, falsehood; short composition (Music)
outlook 조망, 광경; 예측; 시야, 견해; 감시; 가능성 viewpoint, perspective; prospect, possibility for the future; view, vista; lookout; probability
publish 인쇄물을 발행하다, 출판하다; 널리 알리다, 광고하다, 공표하다 produce and distribute printed material; make publicly known, advertise
photography 사진술 art of producing images on film that is sensitive to light or radiation, art of taking pictures
noisy 시끄러운; 화려한, 야한 loud; bustling; clamorous
graph 그래프, 두개 또는 그 이상의 것에 대한 관계를 점 또는 선의 연속으로 나타내는 표; 한 선에 점 또는 점들로 나타내는 수 또는 수들(수학) diagram which uses a series of points or lines to demonstrate a connection between two or more things; number or group of numbers represented by a point or points on a line (Mathematics)
sofa 소파 couch, long upholstered seat having a back and arms
innovative 혁신적인, 새로운 new, inventive, pertaining to innovation
soccer 축구, 11명의 선수로 이루어진 두팀이 상대팀의 골문에 공을 차넣어 득점하는 운동 경기 form of football in which two teams of 11 players attempt to kick the ball into an opposing goal
referee 중재자, 조정자, 논쟁을 완화시키고 결정하도록 하는 한쪽으로도 치우치지 않은 사람; 심판 arbitrator, unbiased person who makes decisions and settles disputes; umpire, official who enforces game rules during sports competitions
revision 개정, 교정; 예전에 배운 것을 재고하는 것 ( 영국) act of changing, alteration; act of reviewing a subject that was previously learned (British); act of editing, act of making corrections
renewal 일신, 갱신; 회복, 부흥 act of renewing; state of being renewed
economically 경제적으로; 실리적으로; 절약적으로 from the point of view of economics; thriftily; profitably
unusually 특별히, 평범하지 않게 uncommonly, irregularly; extraordinarily, exceptionally
meaningful 의미있는, 뜻있는; 가치있는, 특별한; 정의내릴 수 있는( 논리학) significant, full of meaning; of value, special; able to be defined (Logic)
reminder N/A N/A
sunny 해가 비추는; 명랑한 illuminated by the sun, filled with sunlight; cheerful, pleasant, merry
overnight 밤새도록; 전날 밤에 during the night; on the previous evening
blanket 담요 bed covering, quilt
biology 생물학 study of life
painter 화가; 페인트 칠하는 사람; 배매는 밧줄 (항해) artist who paints; one who covers surfaces with paint (especially professionally); mooring rope (Nautical)
layout 배치, 계획, 설계; 펼치기; 그리기, 초안 그리기; 배치된 것 arrangement, plan; act of laying or spreading out; sketch, plan, drawing; something which has been arranged or laid out
booklet 작은 책자, 소책자 little book, pamphlet
usage 쓰임; 취급; 관습, 관용법, 용법 use, employment; handling; custom, practice, convention
lobby 현관 홀, 건물입구에 있는 커다란 홀 (특히 호텔이나 영화관의); 의원실 옆에 있는 공용 입구 홀; 정치활동에 관여하는 단체 large hall or near the entrance to a building (especially in a hotel, theater, etc.); public entrance-hall alongside a legislative chamber; political action group
smoothly 부드럽게, 완만하게; 조용하게 in a smooth manner, gently; without roughness or projections, evenly; without obstructions, without problems or difficulty; calmly; suavely
trainer 훈련시키는 사람; 조종사들을 훈련시키는 비행기 guide; plane used for training pilots
ambassador 대사 diplomatic official sent to a state as a representative of another state
mandatory 명령의; 강제의 compulsory, obligatory; of or pertaining to a command or mandate
keyboard 건반, 기계를 작동시키는 자판( 컴퓨터 또는 타자기 등); 악기 건반 ( 피아노 또는 아코디언 등) panel of keys by which a machine is operated (as in a computer, typewriter, etc.); row of keys of a musical instrument (as in a piano, accordion, etc.)
optional 선택에 달린, 선택적인, 의무사항이 아닌 left to one's choice, not compulsory, voluntary, discretionary
sleeve 소매; 책이나 레코드를 보호하기 위한 커버나 케이스; 슬리브관, 실린더 ( 기계학) part of a shirt which covers the arm; protective cover or case (as for a book or record); cylinder, tubular piece (Machinery); flexible tunnel that takes passengers directly from the terminal to the airplane and vice-versa
drawer 서랍; 끌어당기는사람, 매력적인 사람; 제도사; 데생을 하는 사람 sliding receptacle in a dresser or desk; one that attracts; sketcher; draftsman, designer
accountant 회계원, 회계관 one who maintains financial records, one who does financial audits
mask 복면, 탈, 가면; 위장; 얼굴 가리기; 변명 masque, facial disguise; disguise; total or partial facial covering for protection; excuse
bankruptcy 파산 state of losing property to one's creditors due to unpaid debts
comfortably 편안하게; 여유롭게 in a relaxed manner, at ease; spaciously
stadium 경기장, 스타디움 large structure with tiered seating surrounding an open area in which sporting events are held
convey 나르다, 운송하다; 양도하다, 전달하다; 알리다 carry, transport; bear, transmit; impart, disclose
balcony 발코니, 전망대 porch, elevated platform projecting from the side of a building and surrounded by a railing
pepper 후추 type of vegetable
exemption 의무의 면제, 제외 freedom from a debt or obligation to which others are subject, release, exception, immunity
poorly 가난하게, 불쌍하게 awfully, horribly, miserably
businessman 실업가, 사업가 man who engages in commerce or trade
organizational 단체의, 조직의,or·gan·i'za·tion·al / ‚ɔ;rgə;naɪ;'zeɪ;ʃ;ə;nl /‚ɔ;ː;gə;nə;- belonging to an organization,or·gan·i'za·tion·al || ‚ɔrgənaɪ'zeɪʃənl /‚ɔːgənə-
morale 감정상태; 분위기 emotional state; spirit, mood
bargain 매매; 매매 계약; 싼 물건 deal; agreement; something bought at a cheap price
decoration 장식; 치장; 아름답게 하기; 훈장수여, 영예수여 ornament; adornment; beautification; medal or honor which is bestowed upon someone (e.g. in the armed forces)
enjoyable 재미있는, 즐거운 pleasing, delightful, gratifying, giving pleasure
underground 지하의, 지하에 숨은; 비밀의 subterranean, below the surface of the ground; to be used below the surface of the ground; clandestine, conspiratorial
portable 가지고 다닐 수 있는, 움직일 수 있는 mobile, moveable, can be transported from one place to another
vacuum 진공, 빈곳; 물건의 빈 공간; 진공청소기 void, emptiness, vacuity; space that is empty of matter; electrical device which cleans surfaces by creating air suction
interfere 간섭하다, 참견하다; 끼어들다; 충돌하다, 상충하다; 상대편을 막다 ( 운동); 광파나 전파 등을 간섭하다(물리, 전자학) impede, obstruct, hinder; meddle, intrude in the affairs of others; collide; block an opposing player (Sports); create interference (Physics, Electronics)
seasonal 계절의; 시기적인, 한때에만 있는 pertaining to the seasons of the year; periodical, occurring only during particular times or seasons
lunchtime 점심시간 time at which the afternoon meal is eaten (generally around noon)
handy 유용한; 편리한; 가까운; 능숙한 useful; convenient; close; skilled
fog 안개; 혼란; 흐림 haze, mist, mass of small droplets of water in the air which reduce visibility; confusion; blurring; hazy appearance, cloudiness (on photographic film); aftergrass, grass that grows after the initial crop has been mown (Agriculture)
lecturer 강사, 가르치는사람; 교수 one who lectures; professor at an academic institution
exit 출구, 나가는 통로 passage that leads out, point of exit
appraisal 가치 평가 estimation of value, assessment
pottery 도기류; 도자기; 도예공방 art of working with clay; vessels made of ceramic; potter's workshop
indoor 옥내의 occurring within a building, meant to be used inside
convenience 편의, 편리한 것; 편안함; 유용한 것 serviceableness; comfort; something useful
rider 타는 사람, 타는 것; 추가조항 person or thing which who rides; addition or appendix to a document
repetition 되풀이, 반복 act of repeating, reiteration, act of redoing something
recreation 여가 활동, 오락 relaxing activity, amusement, leisure
departmental 부문의; 부의, 국의; 과의 arranged in divisions; divisional; concerning an office
freight 화물, 상품; 화물운송료; 화물 운송 cargo or goods that are shipped for a fee; shipping cost; transportation, conveyance, shipment
copyright 저작권, 예술적 또는 문학적 창작물을 복사 할 수 있는 유일한 법적 권리 patent, sole legal right to reproduce an artistic or literary creation
disruption 붕괴; 혼란; 파열, 분열 upset; interruption, disturbance; division
towel 타월, 수건 piece of fabric used to dry things
drum 북, 타악기; 타악기 연주시 나는 소리 percussion instrument; sound produced by the playing such an instrument
elephant 코끼리 type of large land mammal with a long trunk and ivory tusks, pachyderm
collector 수집가, 수집하는 것; 전기 에너지를 모으는 장치 person or thing that collects; device that collects electric energy
embassy 대사관(외구에 주재하는) headquarters containing the office of an ambassador (in a foreign country)
scholarship 장학금; 학식, 학력, 배움을 통해 얻어지는 지식 financial grant given to a student to subsidize the cost of education; learning acquired through education, schooling, erudition
interactive N/A acting reciprocally, acting mutually; communicating (Computers)
urgently N/A N/A
facilitate 용이하게 하다, 촉진하다, 조장하다, 돕다 make easy, assist forward, promote, expedite
promptly 신속하게, 즉각적으로, 재빨리 immediately, without delay; swiftly, quickly; punctually
ethics 윤리학, 도덕 원리 set of moral principles or values, principles of conduct governing an institution, or an individual
integral 완전한; 핵심의, 중요한, 필수의 pertaining to or part of a whole; intrinsic, essential, constituent; made up of parts which together form a whole; whole, complete, undivided
cage 새장; 감옥; 엘레베이터 barred enclosure; prison; elevator
lately 요즈음, 최근 recently, in recent times
warehouse 창고; 저장소; 도매점 storehouse, depot; storehouse for goods; wholesale store, large retail store
memorandum 비망록, 메모 reminder, note, memo
manual 손의; 손으로 조작되는; 육체적인 of or pertaining to the hands; hand-operated; physical, done using human skill or force (rather than mechanical)
overview 개관, 개요; 일반적 조사 synopsis; general survey
verbal 말의, 말로 표현된; 말해진, 구두의; 동사의 expressed in words (as opposed to actions or pictures); spoken, oral; pertaining to verbs of words derived from verbs
retreat 물러가다, 퇴각하다, 후퇴하다 draw back, withdraw, pull back, depart
dock 선창; 짧게 자른 꼬리; 법정의 피고석 wharf, pier; tail, stub; prisoner's seat in a courtroom
actress 여배우, 여우;배우, 연기자( 연극이나 영화 등에서) female performer (in plays, films, etc.);one who acts, performer (in plays, films, etc.)
bicycle 자전거 two-wheeled vehicle operated by pedaling
vacant 빈, 비어있는; 공석의; 사용되지 않고 있는; 표현하지 않는; 상속인이 없는 empty, unfilled; unoccupied; not in use; lacking expression; not claimed (e.g. an inheritance)
unfamiliar 생소한, 익숙지 못한, 잘 알지 못하는; 특이한 not familiar, not well-known; different, unusual
statue 초상, 조각, 상 three-dimensional work of art that has been created from any of a variety of materials (such as clay, metal, stone, etc.)
parade 열병; 행렬; 전시, 과시 lineup; procession; display, exhibit
indicator 지시자, 지시물; 척도, 지침; 표, 증후 person or thing that indicates or points out; pointer; instrument which shows the performance of a machine; sign, signal, symptom
ample 충분한, 많은; 넓은; 공간이 넓은 much, plenty; large; spacious
ferry 나룻배, 도선, 훼리, 여객선 ferryboat, boat for crossing a body of water, shuttle
basement 최하부, 지계 cellar, story of a building which is underground
invaluable 매우 귀중한, 측정할 수 없는, 가격을 가늠할 수 없는 inestimable, priceless, very valuable
harmful 해로운 injurious, causing damage
plausible 그럴듯한, 그럴 싸한; 표면적으로 일단 그럴 듯한 conceivable, imaginable; believable, credible; superficially pleasing, making a good impression (about a person)
brochure 팜플릿, 소책자 pamphlet, leaflet
umbrella 우산, 양산; 해파리의 몸체; 보호막 parasol, portable cover to protect from rain or sun which is held up by a supporting frame; parasol-like body of a jellyfish; something that protects from above
container 그릇, 다른 물질을 담을 수 있는 것 receptacle, anything that can contain another substance; mobile compartment in which cargo or furniture is placed to move conveniently
similarity 유사, 닮음 similitude, likeness, resemblance
cargo 화물, 물건; 짐 freight, baggage; load, burden
hospitality 친절히 대접하기; 관대, 환대 warm reception of guests and strangers into one's home welcome; act of being hospitable
clarify 깨끗하게 하다, 뚜렷하게 하다, 명백하게 하다, 명백하게 설명하다 make clear, explain
homework 숙제, 가정에서 하는 일 schoolwork assigned to be completed at home
deadline 사선, 마감시간, 어떤 것을 수행해야 될 최종시간 time when something must be completed or turned in
hazard 위험; 도박 danger, risk; game of chance
compensate 보상하다; 환불하다; 변상하다 reward; reimburse, pay back; make up for
merit 장점; 공적; 우수함; 칭찬할 만함 value; character or accomplishment that commends praise; excellence; state of being worthy of appreciation
librarian 사서; 도서관을 관리하는 사람 person who is trained to work in a library; person who manages a library
contradiction 부정; 반대; 모순 denial; opposition; inconsistency
disagreement 불일치; 부조화 difference of opinion; unsuitability, disparity
sandwich 샌드위치 dish made by placing food between two slices of bread
lighter 불을 켜는 사람, 불을 켜는 것; 라이터, 담배불을 붙이는 기구; 바닥이 평평한 배의 유형;전기불, 빛; 태양빛, 일광; 조명; 전등; 밝게 명확하게 하는 것; 견해, 시점; 광명; 예 person or thing that lights; device for lighting cigarettes (or cigars, etc.); type of flat-bottomed barge;electromagnetic radiation which makes vision possible; sunlight, daylight; illumination; source of illumination, lamp; something which clarifies; vi
foster 증진하다, 조장하다, 촉진하다; 기르다, 양육하다; 돌보다 encourage, nurture, promote; raise, act as an adoptive family; care for
creativity 창조력; 독창력; 창작력 innovativeness, inventiveness; artistry; ability to create
headache 두통 pain in the head
authentic 믿을 만한; 진정한, 인증된, 진짜의 reliable; genuine
factual 사실의, 진짜의 real, actual, based on facts
reliability 신뢰할 수 있음, 믿을 수 있슴 credibility, dependability, trustworthiness
cart 짐마차; 이륜 경마차 car, wagon; coach, carriage
scenery 풍경, 조망, 장관; 배경, 장면 view, vista, panorama; set, backdrop used onstage to portray a particular setting or locale
gardener 원예사, 정원사 one who works in a garden, one who cultivates a garden
biography 전기, 전기문학 life story, written account of a person's life
tidy 단정한, 말쑥한 in good order, organized
applicant 응모자, 신청자 ( 일자리나 직책 등의) person who applies (for a position, job, etc.)
defective 결점이 있는; 결함이 있는, 결함 있는, 모자라는 점이 있는 imperfect; deficient, lacking
prediction 예측; 예언; 예보 prognostication, divination; prophecy, soothsaying; forecasting, act of foretelling
prestigious 명성이 있는, 신망이 있는 respected, highly esteemed, favorably regarded, having a good reputation
irregular 불규칙한, 고르지 않은; 일정하지 않은; 비정상적인; 정돈되지 않은, 규칙적이지 않은; 흠이 있는 not symmetrical, uneven; inconsistent, erratic; deviating from the norm, abnormal; not organized; defective
waiter 시중드는 사람, 웨이터; 대기자 one who serves tables at a restaurant or pub; someone who waits
amateur 아마추어, 초보자 novice, nonprofessional
vitamin 비타민 natural or manmade organic substances necessary for physical development and functioning
consecutive 연속적인 sequential, following one after another
placement 놓기; 임명 putting, act of laying; appointment, nomination
subscription 신청, 예약 구독; 서명 payment given for regularly scheduled performances or publications (i.e. magazine, concert series, etc.); endorsement, signing of one's name
developer 개발자, 개발하는 사람 또는 사물; 인화제, 사진현상에 사용되는 화학 물질 person or thing that develops; chemical substance used in photography
evenly 고르게; 평등하게; 동등하게, 균등하게; 공평히 smoothly; impartially, fairly; equally; calmly
patron 후원자; 단골 손님; 법률 조언자, 조언자 supporter; regular customer; sponsor; guardian, legal guardian
outfit 장구, 장비; 의복, 의상의 일습; 용품, 도구 한 벌; 군단, 부대; 단체 equipment, gear; costume, matching clothes, ensemble; kit, set; military unit; group
highway 고속도로; 주요 도로; 길 public road; main road, interstate, expressway; route, passage (over land or water)
noon 정오 midday; 12:00 P.M., twelve o'clock in the daytime
gossip 소문을 퍼뜨리는 사람; 소문 one who gossips, one who spreads rumors; rumors, idle talk about the private affairs of others
unlimited 끝없는, 제한 없는, 한없는 infinite, limitless, boundless, unrestricted
incomplete 불완전한; 완성되지 않은; 일부가 모자라는, 결함이 있는 not whole; unfinished; imperfect; lacking some part, deficient
rubber 고무; 고무성질을 지닌 합성섬유; 지우개; 가는 또는 닦는 기구; 콘돔(속어) caoutchouc, elastic material derived from of some tropical plants; synthetic material resembling caoutchouc; eraser; instrument for rubbing or scraping; series of card games; decisive game in a series of card games; condom (Slang)
postal 우편의 of mail, pertaining to mail services; very antagonistic (term invented following an incident of postal workers going crazy and killing co-workers)
hazardous 모험적인, 위험한 dangerous, risky, perilous
poster 알림, 포스터 ; 광고를 목적으로 하는 커다란 사진 announcement, notice; banner; large picture; one who posts announcements
cumulative 누적하는, 점증적인, 눈덩이 처럼 불어나는 increasing, accruing, snowballing
excellence 우수, 장점; 탁월성, 우수성 brilliance, distinction, superiority; high quality, excellent quality
fare 운임; 승객, 교통비를 내야하는 사람; 식사, 식사제공; 제공되는 것 cost for traveling (on a bus, train, etc.); one who pays to travel in such a vehicle; meals, provisions; something offered or supplied
cleaner 깨끗하게 하는 사람 또는 기구; 세탁기;씻기,청소 washer, one who removes dirt; one who cleans; thing that cleans, cleansing agent; laundromat;washing, removing dirt
internationally 국제적으로 from an international standpoint, in an international manner
tomato 토마토 type of red edible fruit that is eaten as a vegetable; plant that bears tomatoes; (Canadian and American slang) woman, girl
administrator 행정관, 관리자, 행정 능력이 있는 사람, 관리 능력이 있는 사람 manager, director; one who is in charge of managing a computer system (Computers); program which regulates system management in Windows environment (Computers)
relieve 안심시키다, 고통을 덜다; 구제하다, 구조하다; 해방하다 ease, alleviate; offer assistance; release, liberate
contractor 계약자; 청부인, 어떤 일을 수행할 것을 계약한 사람 ( 건물 짓는 일 등에) person who makes a contract; person who contracts to do a job (as in building project)
cord 끈; 줄; 골지게 짠 직물의 이랑 rope; string, wire; thread
charitable 자비로운, 관대한, 자선의 generous, benevolent
diagnostic 진단상의 relating to or used in diagnosis, relating to or used in the identification of a disease from its symptoms
helmet 철모, 헬멧 protective head covering (worn by cyclists, soldiers, etc.)
transit 통과, 통행; 운송, 수송 passage, crossing, transition, transportation, conveyance
descriptive 기술적인, 서술적인, 묘사적인 serving to describe, representational, illustrative
alert 방심 않는, 준비된; 주의를 기울이는; 기민한 ready; attentive; quick, agile
spray 스프레이, 작은 물방울; 잔가지 liquid which falls in small droplets; small flowering branch
passport 여권 official document issued by a given country that identifies one's citizenship and personal details and allows passage into foreign countries
icy 얼어붙은, 쌀쌀한, 얼음처럼 찬; 얼음으로 덮힌; 얼음같은; 빙판처럼 미끄러운 frozen, cool, cold as ice; covered in ice; resembling ice; slippery
apology 사과; 변명, expression of regret or sorrow; defense, justification
jam 메우다, 꽉 채우다, 옴짝 못하게 꽉채우다; 밀어 넣다, 쑤셔넣다; 꽉차다; 옴짝 못하게 끼다; 움직이지 못하게 되다; 막히다,방해하다(라디오 주파수로); 음악을 즉흥적으로 자유롭게 연주하다 crowd, cram together; pack in; become crowded together; become stuck; cause to be stuck; disrupt, block, interfere (as in radio signals); play music in a free and improvisational manner
hesitation 주저, 머뭇거림; 더듬거림, 망설임 hesitating, pausing; stammering, faltering
garment 의복 한 점; 겉옷 piece of clothing; outer covering
fountain 분수, 샘; 수원; 분수탑; 음용 분수전 spring, source of water; source; decorative spray of water; drinking fountain
supervisor 감독자, 담당자 overseer, superintendent, director, manager
induction 유도, 귀납, 귀납법, 서막, 취임식, 모병, 연수, 유발 causing, bringing about; introduction, initiation; formal installation in an office; act or process of deriving a general proposition from certain facts; production of an electric or magnetic state without direct contact (Electricity)
rug 깔개, 양탄자 ; 담요나 겉옷 대용으로 쓰는 두꺼운 천 carpet, piece of thick fabric used as a floor covering; thick warm fabric used as robe or blanket
reinforce 보강하다, 증강하다, 강화하다; 늘이다, 증가 시키다; 특정한 반응을 강화 또는 약화 시키기 위해 상벌을 주다 ( 심리학) strengthen, fortify, support; increase; provide a reward or punishment in order to encourage or discourage a particular response (Psychology)
pillow 베개 soft cushion
graphic 도표의; 그림의, 생생하게 묘사된; 기록의 diagrammatic, of diagrams; illustrative, pictorial, described vividly, explicit; pertaining to writing
microphone 마이크, 녹음이나 확성 또는 방송을 위해 소리파를 전기파로 바꾸도록 하는 기구 device which converts sound waves into electronic signals for recording and amplification or broadcast.
toll 울리다, 종을 치다 ring
conform 맞게 하다, 합치하다; 어울리다, 조화를 이루다; 순응하다, 널리 퍼진 규범이나 기준에 따라 행동하다 become similar, fit, match; be in harmony, comply, act in accordance with prevailing norms or standards
spacious 드넓은, 공간이 넓은; 광활한, 넓은; 포괄적인 having a large amount of space, roomy; large, broad, enormous; extensive, comprehensive
terminal 끝의; 말기의, 종말의 end, extremity, closing, concluding, final; mortal, incurable
franchise 특권; 참정권, 선거권; 독점 판매권; 면제 special privilege granted by a government; license to market a company's goods or services; business which has been granted such a license; suffrage, right to vote; immunity, exemption
fax N/A N/A
balloon 기구, 구슬 장식, 풍선꼴 윤곽 light bag-shaped construction filled with a gas which is lighter than air; airship; inflated rubber ball (used in games); explanation box which appears when the cursor points at a button (Computers)
runner 달리는 사람; 후보자 (달리기 경주나 선거에서); 정보 전달자, 심부름꾼; 밀매업자; 기계의 회전석 또는 롤러; 길고 좁은 양탄자; 베이스로 진출한 주자 (야구) one who runs; candidate, competitor (in a race or election); messenger; smuggler; climbing plant; device on which a mechanism glides or moves; long narrow carpet; player on base (Baseball)
overtime 규정외 노동시간; 여분의 시간, 추가시간 ( 스포츠 경기에서 동점을 깨기위한) work beyond regular working hours, pay for such work; extra time, additional time (as in a sports game in order to break a tie score)
drought 가뭄, 건조 lack of rain, abnormally dry weather
parcel 소포, 꾸러미; 조직, 단; 한 구획의 토지 (British) package, bundle; group, gang; field, plot of land, yard
fork 포크; 갈고리; 갈림길; 갈래; 분기점 eating utensil with two or more prongs; pitchfork or other agricultural tool with prongs; road junction; branching out; spoke, cog; tuning fork
monument 기념비, 기념탑; 기념; 기념상; 비석 something that serves to commemorate (statue, building, etc.), memorial; statue; tombstone
reservation 공원, 보류지, 특별한 쓰임을 위해 보류한 땅; 예약; 인디언 보류지; 속셈, 은폐, 감추기 park, land set aside for a specific use; doubt, misgiving; act of ordering in advance (hotel room, airline ticket, etc.); tract of land set aside for Native Americans
workplace N/A N/A
drill 송곳, 드릴, 구멍내는 도구; 엄격한 훈련; 고랑; 씨뿌리는 기계, 조파기; 고랑에 뿌린 씨앗의 줄 tool for drilling holes; practice, training; furrow; seeding machine; row of seeds in a furrow
conveniently 편리하게; 유용하게 comfortably; handily
terrific 무서운; 굉장한; 훌륭한; 어마어마한 terrifying; extreme, intense; excellent; tremendous
farewell 작별, 이별; 작별의 인사; 작별파티, 송별회 parting, leave-taking; expression of good wishes at parting; party for one about to leave or retire
prescription 처방; 규정, 명령 written order for a medication; instruction, directive; order, command
energetic 정력적인, 원기왕성한 vigorous, full of energy
arc 아크, 궁형 curve, part of a circle
attorney 변호사 lawyer
purse 지갑, 돈주머니; 부, 돈; 금전 handbag, pocketbook; wallet, billfold; wealth, money; treasury, fund
ink 잉크 colored fluid contained in pens and other printing devices
dedication 일생을 바침, 봉납, 봉헌, 헌납; 헌정 ( 책이나 시 등을) setting apart; devotion; inscription (in a book, poem, etc.)
unsure 불확실한 uncertain
picnic 소풍, 야유회 meal eaten outdoors
campus 대학교정, 대학이 있는 토지 college grounds, property on which a college is located
bulletin 고지, 알림 notice, leaflet, pamphlet
slot 홈, 길쭉한 홈; 지위(조직 안에서의); (컴퓨터) 확장카드의 연결점; 동물의 발자국; 동물의 흔적(특히 사슴의) notch, narrow opening, slit; place, position (within a system, etc.); (Computers) connection point for an expansion card; animal foot prints; animal track, trail of an animal (especially a deer)
absorb 흡수하다; 흡수 동화하다, 열중시키다 suck up; take up, take in
resume 다시시작하다; 다시 차지 하다; 계속하다 recommence, begin again; retake, take back; continue, go on
defect 결점; 결함, 결손 imperfection; deficiency
hobby 취미, 여가활동 activity or occupation which is done for pleasure or amusement (i.e. stamp collecting, sewing)
generic 속의, 일반적인; 종류의 ( 생물학); 상표 등록이 되어 있지 않은 general, of or pertaining to a class or kind; of a genus (Biology); of goods or medication sold without a brand name
explanatory 설명적인, 묘사적인 explicative, elucidative, illustrative, descriptive
conductor 지휘자, 지휘하는 사람 ( 관현악단 등을); 차장 ( 버스나 기차 등에서); 관리자; 전도체 ( 열 또는 전기의) person who conducts (an orchestra or other musical ensemble); ticket collector (on a bus, train, etc.); manager; substance that transmits (heat, etc.)
architectural 건출술의, 건출술학의 of architecture, of the design of buildings and other structures
environmentally 환경적으로 from an environmental standpoint
compact 꽉 들어찬; 작은 공간에 적합한; 빽빽한, 고밀도의; 밀집된; 간결한; 압축된 pressed tightly together; fitted into a small space; dense; condensed; consolidated; concise
donation 기부, 증여 gift, contribution
microwave 전자레인지; 전자파를 이용하여 음식을 조리하는 조리기구 electromagnetic wave of extremely high frequency; cooking device that uses electromagnetic waves to cook food, type of oven
impatient 성마른, 기다리지 못하는; 참을성이 없는; 안절부절하는, 안달복달하는 unable to wait, lacking patience; intolerant; restless
genre 유형 type, style, kind, category
sweater 스웨터; 땀흘리는 사람; 땀흘리게 하는 것, 발한제; 저임금으로 노동을 착취하는 사람 pullover, warm long-sleeve knit shirt; one that sweats; something that induces sweating; employer who underpays his employees
wallet 지갑, 서류가방; 둘로 접는 식의 지갑; 핸드백, 손가방; 인터넷 상에서 쇼핑하고 지불할 수 있는 프로그램 (컴퓨터) small purse used to carry money and personal documents; billfold; handbag; program for on-line shopping that enables one to buy products and pay for them over the Internet (Computers)
patent 특허, 특허권; 특허권에 의해 보호되는 창작물 또는 디자인 exclusive right to an invention or design; invention or design that is protected by a patent
journalism 저널리즘, 대중매체를 통해 뉴스를 제공하는 것; 뉴스를 쓰는 것 occupation of a journalist, presentation of news through the media; writing which is written for publication in a journal
projection 돌출, 융기; 투영하기; 투사하기, 던지기; 발사하기; 계획하기 protrusion, bulge; act of showing on a screen; act of casting or throwing; act of firing or launching; act of planning or programming
hygiene 위생학; 위생 branch of science which promotes the preservation of health and the prevention of illness; practices which promote health and cleanliness
comprehension 이해, 이해력 understanding, intelligibility
underway N/A N/A
dental 이빨의, 치과학의 pertaining to teeth, pertaining to dentistry
pad 쿠션에 넣는 부드러운 재료; 종이의 한철; 침대, 잠자리(속어); 생리대; 동물의 발바닥의 부드러운 부분; 발걸음 소리 piece of soft material which cushions; block of pages stacked together and connected on one side; one's lodging (Slang); sanitary napkin; soft padded sections on the bottom of an animal's paw; sound of footsteps
nomination 지명; 추천 appointment; proposal of a candidate (for an office or an honor)
ingredient 성분, 요소; 혼합물의 한 요소 component, element; one of the substances which comprises a mixture
compartment 칸막이 실, 막혀 있는 공간 ; 구획, 구분 enclosed area (cell, cabin, etc.); division, section
outlet 출구, 배출구; 감정의 배출구; 전기 콘센트; 소매점; 하구, 강어귀 way out, exit; means of relief (emotional, physical, etc.); electrical source for connecting appliances; store that sells products directly from the manufacturer (often at a discount); stream flowing out of a lake or pond
economist 경제학자, 경제가 specialist in economics, expert in the study of the management of goods and services
salon 큰 홀, 응접실; 응접실에서의 학자들이나 지도자들의 모임; 초대회, 미술 전시회장; 미용실 drawing room, reception room; gathering of intellectuals or leaders in a drawing room; art gallery, exhibition hall for works of art; beauty parlor, business offering services related to fashion or beauty
inefficient 무능한, 효과적이지 않은, 비능률적인 not producing the intended effect, wasteful of time or energy
correction 정정, 보정, 교정, 수정; 징벌 amendment, making right; punishment, discipline
suitcase 네모난 여행 여행가방 rectangular traveling bag, valise
pet 애완동물; 집안에 살도록 길들여진 동물 animal kept for amusement; domesticated animal that lives inside a home
luggage 여행가방 suitcases, cases and bags carried by travellers, baggage
rack 선반; 물건을 거는 걸이; 동물의 먹이통 shelf; frame or pole on which items are hung; trough for animal feed
flu 유행성 감기, 독감(의학) influenza, contagious viral disease characterized by fever and inflammation of the respiratory tract (Medicine)
additionally 게다가,부가적으로 moreover, in addition, supplementally
careless 부주의한, 경솔한; 무관심한 not cautious, reckless; apathetic, indifferent
coupon 쿠폰, 인화권, 상품권, 소유자에게 어떤 일정한 권리를 주는 인쇄권 ( 할인 혜택 등의) printed form that entitles the bearer to certain rights (as in a discount)
banker 은행에서 일하는 사람; 캐셔, 은행가 person who works in a bank; cashier, teller; dealer who keeps the bank in a casino; person who keeps the bank during a card game; sturdy wooden or stone workbench used by sculptors to support their work while carving or used by masons to cut their work; (
trainee 훈련받는 사람; 훈련받는 동물 one undergoing military training, cadet; one undergoing vocational training, apprentice; one who is training for any endeavor
aboard 배로, 배에, 베이스에 나가서, 뱃전에 on, in, into (ship, train, plane, etc.)
microscope 현미경 optical instrument that magnifies images of objects invisible to the naked eye by means of a lens or a lens system (Optics)
spouse 배우자, 남편, 아내 husband, wife, mate
housekeeper 가정부, 주부 one who is in charge of running a house or other establishment
cruise 순항하다, 이곳 저곳 항해하다; 느긋하게 돌아다니다, 느긋하게 여행하다; 연안을 미끄러지다 sail, sail from place to place; move at a moderate speed, travel; coast
dentist 치과의사 doctor who takes care of teeth
introductory N/A preliminary, beginning; serving as an introduction
wheelchair 바퀴 달린 의자, 휠체어 chair with wheels used by the handicapped for transportation
chef 요리사, 직업 요리사 professional cook, head cook
broker 브로커, 중개업자; 주식 중개인; 다른 사람을 위해 재산매매를 대행해주는 사무소 middleman, intermediary; stockbroker; agent who buys and sells property for others
seaside 해안 seashore, seacoast, area of land at the edge of the sea
postcard 우편 엽서 small card sent by mail (often with a photograph on one side)
informative 지식을 주는, 정보를 주는, 교육적인 instructive, educational, serving to impart knowledge
pasta 파스타, 일종의 국수 type of noodle, food made from strips of unleavened dough
reassure 다시 확신시키다, 재보증하다, 확신을 회복시키다; 안심시키다 restore confidence; comfort, pacify
costume 복장; 옷차림; 특별한 양식의 옷, 특별한 시대의 옷, 의상양식; 여성의 옷차림 clothing; outfit; dress of a distinctive style or period, style of dress; woman's outfit
mineral 광물 natural substance belonging to a group of inorganic (often crystalline) compounds which are found in the earth, that which is not animal or vegetable
sketch 스케치, 소묘, 대강 그리기; 대강의 윤곽; 짧은 코믹 공연; 짧은 이야기 또는 구어체 스타일로 쓰인 에세이 preliminary drawing, rough draft of a drawing; brief description; rough draft or outline; short performance, short comic act; short story or essay written in an informal style
newsletter 시사해설, 회람 신문, 시사통신, 특별 구독자용의 시사통신, 특별 구독자용의 시사해설 short informational periodical that is usually distributed to the members of an interest group
advisable 바람직한; 타당한; 권할 만한 desirable; worthwhile; recommended
logo 심벌 마크, 회사나 단체를 대표하는 상표 graphic symbol which represents a company or organization
beforehand 이전에, 미리, 사전에 in advance
inventory 재고; 자산목록; 재고조사 stock; list of assets; act of checking stock
daytime 낮, 주간, 해가 뜨고 지는 동안의 시간 hours of the day, time between sunrise and sunset
cancellation 말소, 해제, 취소 revocation, nullification
sometime 언젠가, 미래의 불특정한 어느 때 one day, at some indefinite time in the future; at some unspecified point in time
disgust 혐오스럽게 하다, 역겹게 하다 repulse, cause loathing
termination 종료, 결말, 종점, 종결 end, conclusion, completion
stack 낟가리, 퇴적, 많음, 한 가리, 걸어 총, 서가, 한 곳에 모여 솟은 일군의 굴뚝, 기차의 굴뚝, 스택, 외따로 선 높은 바위 heap; tall bookshelf; chimney; (Computers) area in memory where information can be stored and then retrieved in the reverse order; (Internet) layers of the open system interconnection used to transfer information
serial 연속물 work which is published or broadcast in regular several episodes(such as a television program or magazine)
inspect 시찰하다, 검열하다; 검사하다, 점검하다 check, look over carefully and critically; officially examine, review
faulty 결점이 있는, 흠이 있는; 손상된 defective, flawed; damaged
instructor 교수, 교육자, 선생, 가르치는 사람 teacher, educator, one who instructs
stereo 입체음향의; 입체 사진의 of or pertaining to stereophonic sound; of or pertaining to stereoscopic photography
recreational 휴양의, 오락의, 여가활동의 pertaining to leisure, pertaining to relaxing activities
heater 난로, 난방기 heating agent, device which produces heat
contraction 수축; 경련, 발작; 줄이기, 생략하기 act of contracting; spasm; shortening, shrinking; shortened form of a word or phrase that contains an apostrophe in place of missing letters (i.e. she's)
familiarity 능숙함; 친함, 가까움; 편안함, 편안한 행동; 지나치게 허물없이 대함 skill; friendship, intimacy; freedom, relaxed behavior; excessive friendliness
rehearsal 예행연습, 연극 따위의 예행 연습 practice session for a performance
professionally 직업적으로; 전문직으로 from a professional standpoint; in a professional manner, in a highly skilled manner
promotional 선전하는, 장려하는; 기업의, 시작하는 of publicizing, of advancement; of encouragement, of fostering; of an enterprise, of an initiative
hurricane 폭풍, 강한 열대성 폭풍우 strong tropical storm
buffet 타격, 간이 식당, 찬장 sideboard for displaying and storing china and other objects; meal where the guests serve themselves; counter for food and refreshments; blow; concussion
laundry 세탁물; 세탁소 garments and linen that have been or are to be laundered; place in a home where clothes are washed; commercial establishment which launders garments and linens
fatigue 피로, 지침; 군대 잡역, 군인에게 주어지는 여분의 일 ( 군대) weariness, tiredness; extra work assigned to a soldier (Military)
antique 골동품, 옛날 물건; 고풍스런 양식 (예술에서) antique object, old object; antique style (in art)
spreadsheet N/A N/A
advancement 진보, 전진; 승급, 승진 forward movement, progress; promotion
paperwork 서류를 다루는 일; 사무실 일, 행정업무 work done on paper; office work, administrative work
dispose 처리하다, 관리하다, 처분하다; 배치하다, 배열하다 control; arrange, put in order
unused 새로운, 사용되지 않은 new, not second-hand
opt 고르다; 선호하다 choose; prefer
economical 경제적인, 실리적인, 절약적인 thrifty, saving, frugal, careful not to waste money
nail 못; 손톱; 옛날 피륙의 길이를 재던 단위(2 1/4 인치) pin of steel, specially shaped little metal peg used in construction and carpentry; hard growth on the top surface of the ends of fingers and toes; ancient unit of measurement for cloth equal to 2 1/4 inches
physician 내과 의사 doctor
circus 유랑 공연단, 동물이나 곡예 공연을 보여주는 유랑단; 원형 광장 traveling show of animals and performers; square, intersection
inference 추론, 추리; 결론을 이끌어 냄 act of deriving, act of inferring; speculation; drawing of a conclusion
unreliable 신뢰할 수 없는, 의지할 수 없는 undependable, irresponsible
pharmaceutical 조제의, 제약의, 약물의; 약제사의 pertaining to pharmacists; related to pharmacy
pedestrian 보행자, 도보자, 보행인 someone who travels on foot
pastry 페이스츄리빵, 겹겹이 구워진 빵; 달콤한 구운 재품 cake; sweet baked goods
editorial 편집자의; 편집의, 사설의 of or pertaining to an editor; pertaining to editing
warranty 보증, 보증서; 정당한 이유 guarantee, certificate indicating responsibility; authority; justification
dislike 싫어하다 have a negative opinion of -, have an aversion for -
medication 약물 치료; 약물 medicine, medicament, drug; medicinal treatment
fry 기름으로 튀기다; 기름에 튀겨 지다; 전기의자로 사형 집행하다 ( 속어); 전기 의자에서 죽다 (속어) cook in oil; be cooked in oil; execute by electric chair (Slang); die by the electric chair (Slang)
violin 바이올린 stringed musical instrument which has four strings and is played with a bow while held under the chin
plug 마개, 코르크; 전기 플러그, 전기 연결기구; 방해물; 소화전; 선전 cork, stopper, stopple; rubber stopper for a sink; electrical connector; dongle (Computers); obstruction, block; lumpy mass that obstructs an opening (Medicine); fire hydrant; advertisement; tampon (Slang); occurrence of sexual intercourse (Slang)
bankrupt 파산자 one who was unable to repay debts and whose property has been divided among his creditors
auditor 회계감사원; 듣는 사람, 청강생, 감사 person authorized to examine accounts; person who hears or listens
violation N/A N/A
distributor 도매업자, 도매상인; 배분하는 사람, 배포하는 사람 one that markets a commodity, wholesaler; one that allots or dispenses, one that hands out
performer 실행자, 이행자, 수행자; 배우; 음악가 one who performs; actor; musician
quit 그만두다, 중단하다; 떠나다; 아파트를 비우다; 포기하다; 일을 관두다; 면하게 하다 stop, cease; leave (a place or person); evacuate an apartment; relinquish, give up; leave a job; release
anyhow 어떻게 해서든지, 아무리 해도;여하튼, 아무렇게나 somehow, in some way; in any event, in any case
ton 톤, 1000킬로그램에 달하는 무게의 단위 unit of measurement, one thousand kilograms
rental 임대료; 임대수입; 임대한 땅; 대여, 임대 money paid as rent; income earned from rent payments; property that is leased or rented; act of leasing, act of renting
tag 늘어진 끝, 늘어진 장식, 꼬리, 꼬리의 끝, 꼬리표, 상투적 인용구, 털의 엉킨 뭉치, 표시 문자, 하층민, 술래잡기, 터치아웃, 그행방을 추적하는 전자 장치, 패 label; something which hangs loosely; phrase or nickname which characterizes something; (Computers) label which instructs the computer to display the text following it in a certain way (in the programming language HTML)
scarf 스카프; 머플러, 숄 strip of fabric worn around the neck; muffler, shawl, strip of fur or thick fabric worn around the shoulders
aisle 복도, 통로( 좌석이 있는 줄 사의의) passage, walkway (between rows of seats)
zoo 동물원 park or facility where animals are kept and raised for visitors to see and observe, zoological park; (Slang) disorderly and chaotic place; (Computers) group of viruses and worms that exist only in virus and anti-virus laboratories; working area for many c
presenter N/A N/A
reproduce 생식시키다, 번식시키다; 복사하다; 재생시키다 procreate, multiply, produce offspring; duplicate, copy; re-create, remake
whale 고래 very large sea mammal with an air spout on the top of the head
apprentice 도제, 초심자 trainee, pupil
junk 고물, 쓰레기, 몹쓸 것, 쓸데 없는 것; 마약 중독자 ( 속어) material which has been thrown out or discarded, trash, refuse, something which is useless or worthless; heroin or other narcotic (Slang);flat-bottomed Chinese sailing ship with square sails
enthusiastically 정열적으로 in an enthusiastic manner, excitedly, zealously
bulb 전구; 구근 light bulb, lamp; tuber, glomus
documentary 문서의; 사실을 기록한, 사실에 근거한; 문학이나 예술에서 다큐멘타리 형식을 이용한 pertaining to or consisting of documents; relating to or using documentation in literature or art; based on actual events or factual information
hallway 현관 corridor in a building, entrance hall
bean 콩;콩과의 식물;콩비슷한 열매;자바 인터넷 프로그램 언어와 같은 정해진 업무를 완수하기 위한 사용설명서 leguminous plant; small edible seed of the bean plant; beanlike seeds (i.e. coffee beans); small application program intended to perform a defined task (in the Java Internet programming language)
recipient 수납자, 수령자 receiver, one who accepts, one who takes in
nutrition 영양물; 음식; 음시과 인체의 영양에 대한 학문 nourishment; food; study of food and the nourishment of the body
congestion 밀집, 혼잡; 울혈 overcrowding; abnormal accumulation (of blood, fluid, etc.)
archive N/A repository, place for document storage; file containing several separate compressed files (Computers); storage medium on which back-up files are stored (Computers)
windy 바람이 거센; 바람이 불어치는; 바람이 불어오는 쪽으로; 바람과 같은; 공허한; 실속없는; 수다스러운; 헛배부른 stormy; exposed to the wind; turned into the wind; resembling wind; hollow; pompous; chattering; flatulent, having intestinal gas
sleepy 졸리는, 피곤한, 잠자고 싶은; 조용한; 천천히, 느릿느릿 drowsy, tired, needing to sleep; quiet; slow, sluggish
relocation N/A act of changing locations; transferral to a different place, act of moving to a new place
handbook 편람, 안내서 manual, guide, reference book on a particular subject
salesman 외판원, 판매원 man salesperson, male vendor, male who sells merchandise or services
cater 공급하다, 제공하다 ( 음식 등을); 다루다, 돌보다 provide, supply (food, etc.); care for
brake 브레이크, 제동기; 덤불, 잡목 숲; 대형 사륜 마차 device which is used to slow or stop a vehicle; thicket; type of fern; carriage
messenger 심부름꾼, 전령 one who carries a message or goes on an errand, person employed to deliver official dispatches or go on special errands
puzzle 당황하게 하다; 혼란스럽게 하다; 갈피를 못잡게 하다, 곤혹스럽게 하다 mystify, baffle; confound, confuse; perplex, bewilder
administer 감독하다, 관리하다; 시행하다; 주다, 부여하다 manage, supervise; implement, execute; supply, dispense, give (i.e. drugs, medication, etc.)
inconvenience 불편, 불편한 것, 귀찮은 것 bother, disturbance, discomfort, nuisance
mini 짧은, 작은 ( 치마나 드레스등의 ) miniature, minor, short (of a skirt or a dress)
pill 알약, 환약 tablet, small piece of medication that is intended to be swallowed; oral contraceptive; (Slang) dull person
nationwide 전국적인 extending throughout the nation, throughout the country
intently 의도적으로, 의식적으로; 골똘하게; 진지하게 consciously, purposefully; attentively, with concentration; earnestly, seriously
yen 엔, 일본의 화폐단위 unit of currency in Japan;yearning, longing; desire
spectator 구경꾼; 관중( 연극이나 스포츠경기에서) observer, one who watches; member of an audience (at a play, sporting event, etc.)
renew 회복시키다; 재개하다; 갱신시키다; 기간을 늘이다; 회복하다; 기간을 갱신하다 restore to good condition; restart, resume; refresh, revive; extend for an additional period of time; be restored to good condition; be extended for an additional period of time
interpreter 통역자; 해석자; 설명자 one who orally translates from one language to another; clarifier, explainer; commentator
generator 발생기, 발생시키는 사람, 발생시키는 물건; 발전기 one that generates, creator, one who produces; machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
badge 어떤 단체에 소속됨을 알리는 표식; 기장; 표시 tag; ensign; sign
query 질문, 묻건대, 의문구 앞에 쓰여 묻건대 question; doubt, reservation; question mark; request to retrieve information from a database (Computers)
fixture 정착물, 고정물; 늘붙어 있는 사람, 같은 장소에 지위에 오랫동안 있는 사람; 스포츠 경기릉 위한 날짜 확정; 규칙적으로 짜여진 운동 경기 something which is permanently or securely attached; one who has been in the same place or position for a long time; set date for a sporting event; regularly scheduled sporting event
tuition 교수; 수업료 fee for instruction; instruction, teaching
intonation 영송; 음의고저; 음악적 음조을 나타냄 act of intoning or chanting; rise and fall of the voice in speech; production of musical tones
compliment 경의, 칭찬 expression of admiration, word of praise for someone
tactic 목적을 달성하는 방법; 전술학; 술책 method to attain a goal; method of employing forces in combat; planning of small-scale military actions serving a larger strategy
ma'am 마담, 여성을 부르는 경칭; 여와이나 공주를 부를 때 쓰는 경칭 (영국) madam, respectful title used when addressing a woman; respectful title used when addressing a queen or a royal princess (British)
drastically 혹독하게, 철저하게 intensely, in an extreme manner, severely
suburb 근교 residential area lying on the outskirts of a city or town
earthquake 지진( 대개 화산 활동이나 다른 지각의 힘에 의해 생김) trembling of the earth (usually produced by volcanic action or other forces under the earth's crust)
paperback 종이표지 책; 부드러운 표지책 paper binding; soft binding, soft cover; book with a soft cover
overhead 모든 비용을 포함한; 일반적인; 머리위에 있는 of general expenses; general; positioned or directed over the head
diploma 졸업 증서, 학업과정을 맞쳤을 때 주어지는 증명서 ( 고등학교나 대학 등에서) certificate given upon completion of a course of study (i.e. high school, university, etc.)
thrill 스릴, 전율, 떨림 excitement, sensation, stimulation
supervise 감독하다, 지시하다, 지휘하다, 관리하다 oversee, administer, direct, manage, watch over
receptionist 접수인, 방문자나 고객을 맞이 하거나 전화를 받는 사람 one who works at a reception desk, one who greets visitors or clients on the telephone and upon their arrival
deduction 공제, 빼기, 삭감; 결론; 추론, 연역법, 일반적인 사실을 이용하여 개별적인 요소들을 결정하는 추론 방법 subtraction, reduction, discount; conclusion; method of logical reasoning in which one uses a general rule to determine individual elements
provider 공급자; 가족을 부양하는 사람 one who financially supports a person or family; supplier, one who furnishes or equips
wireless 전선이 없는 것; 무선전화 something without wires; radio
vase 꽃병 container used for holding cut flowers or for decoration
pamphlet 팸플릿, 소책자 brochure, small informational leaflet
timely 때에 알맞은, 적시의 opportune, well-timed, convenient
voucher 보증인; 영수증; 인환권 certificate that bears monetary value, coupon; receipt; authorizer, endorser
periodically 정기적으로; 반복적으로; 계절별로'pɪ;rɪ;'ɑ;dɪ;klɪ; /'pɪ;ə;rɪ;'ɒ;d- from time to time; in a repeating manner; in a seasonal manner'pɪrɪ'ɑdɪklɪ /'pɪərɪ'ɒd-
cushion 쿠션, 배개, 폭신폭신한 것을 집어 넣은 물건 pillow, soft padded object
visa 사증, 나라에 들어갈 수 있는 허가 permit for entering into a country
textbook 교과서 learning book, educational book
affordable 재정적으로 여유있는 financially manageable
unavailable 손에 넣을 수 없는, 이용할 수 없는, 도움이 되지 않는 not available
foreman 주장, 단체나 계획의 진행의 책임을 맡은 사람; 배심원장 man who is in charge (of a project, group of people, etc.); man who is the leader of a jury
wisely N/A N/A
escort 호위자, 안내나 보호하는 사람들의 단체 또는 개인; 호위대(배나 비행기의); 여자와 동행해주는 남자 person or group of persons who protect or guide; armed guard (of ships, planes, etc.); man who accompanies a woman (on a date, to a dance, etc.)
password 암호, 암호말( 컴퓨터 체계 등에 ) keyword, code word, special code that is used to gain entry (to a computer system, etc.)
discrepancy 모순, 차이; 불일치 difference, inconsistency; disagreement, lack of accord
celebrity 유명한 사람; 명성 famous person; fame
attain 달성하다, 도달하다 ( 목표나 소망 등을) reach, achieve, fulfill (goal, desire, etc.)
distraction 정신이 흩어지게 하는 것, 주의를 딴데로 돌리는 것; 혼란, 혼란스럽게 하는 것 something that distracts, something that entertains, diversion; disturbance, something that causes agitation or worry
baseball 야구 type of game played with a bat and a ball and four stations that players must reach in order to score
briefcase 서류 가방, 휴대용의 큰 스테레오 라디오 attache case, small suitcase for documents; tool for synchronizing files between two computers running the Windows operating system (Computers)
steak 스태이크, 두껍게 썬 고기; 완자를 만들다 thick slice of beef or other meat; ground beef formed into a patty and cooked
reunion 재결합; 동창회, 친목회 act of uniting again, act of joining again; state of being reunited; meeting of friends or colleagues after an extended separation;island in the Indian Ocean, overseas department of France (formerly known as Isle de Bourbon)
gum 수지; 고무; 껌; 풀로 이용되는 끈적끈적한 물질; 잇몸 resin; rubber; chewing gum; sticky substance used as a glue; fleshy tissue which covers the bones of the jaw and the lower portions of the teeth
baggage 수하물;군사장비; 바람난 여자 cargo, parcels; military equipment; naughty girl
steer 운전하다, 조종하다; 안내하다 cause a vehicle to move in a particular direction (by means of a wheel, rudder, etc.); guide, direct, advise
lab 실험실, 과학적 실험을 위한 장비가 갖추어진 방 또는 건물;실험실, 과학적 실험을 위한 장비가 갖추어진 방 또는 건물 laboratory, room or building fitted with equipment for scientific experimentationlab (laboratory);room or building fitted with equipment for scientific experimentationlab (labor);worklab (laborer);worker, one who labors
excursion 소풍, 여행 outing, trip
massage 마사지, 안마 act of treating the body by rubbing or kneading the muscles or joints to stimulate circulation or relaxation
candy 캔디, 사탕 sugary sweet, confection
allocate 할당하다 ration; allot, set aside; designate a portion of system resources for a particular task or operation (Computers)
gym 체육관; 체육 large hall for sports activities, gymnasium; physical education
tasty 맛좋은; 멋있는 delicious; interesting
leak 새는 곳; 새는 구멍; 어떤 것이 도망갈 수 있는 구멍;비밀정보의 누설 hole caused by damage or wear through which liquid seeps; drip, seepage; any opening through which something can escape; revealing of secret or confidential information
glove 장갑;권투및 스포츠에서 손을 보호하기 위해 끼는 장갑 protective covering for the hand (against cold, dirt, etc.); padded covering for the hand (worn in boxing and other sports)
fluent 유창한, 달변의, 쉽게 쓰고 말하는; 우아한; 유동적인 articulate, eloquent, able to read and write with ease; graceful; fluid, flowing
durable 영속성 있는, 견고한, 질긴 sturdy, long lasting
cheer 환성을 지르다; 기운을 북돋우다 shout, cry with joy; encourage
gallon 갤런, 액체용량의 단위( 3.78 리터에 해당하는) unit of liquid capacity (equal to 3.78 liters)
merge 융합하다; 융합시키다; 동화되다; 하나로 합해지다 blend; be blended; be assimilated; combine or unite into a single body
complication 복잡성; 복잡한 것, 부가적인 문제들을 만들어 내는 것 complicated state; something which complicates, something which creates additional problems
chilly 냉랭한, 오싹한 cold, frosty
reconsider 재고하다, 재숙고하다 rethink, contemplate again, consider again
banquet 향연, 정찬, 연회; 축연 drinking; celebration; feast, dinner
tuna 참치; 참치고기 any of several kinds of large edible fish of the family Scombridae which are native to mild and tropical waters; meat of the tuna; various kinds of prickly pears
technician 기술자, 어떤 분야의 기술적 사항에 대해 능통한 사람 specialist in technical details, one versed in the technicalities of a field, specialist in repairs of machinery and appliances
pizza 피자, 반죽위에 토마토 소스와 치즈를 얹은 이탈리아 음식 Italian dish made from baked dough covered in tomato sauce and cheese
alternate 교대시키다, 교체하다, 대체시키다 interchange, take turns, rotate, substitute
certification 증명, 증명서, 증명서 교부, 정신이상의 증명, 인증 endorsement, accreditation
coordinator 순서있게 정돈하는 사람, 조화롭게 하는 사람 person that coordinates, person that arranges
interrupt 가로막다, 중단시키다, 단절시키다; 방해하다; 대화를 방해하다, 훼방놓다 stop, discontinue; disturb, interfere; interrupt the conversation or action of another (especially with a remark)
folder 접는 사람, 접는 기구, 접을 수 있는 안경, 접는 광고지, 서류철로 쓰는 접지 dossier for storing papers; pamphlet; subdirectory of a disk or in which files are stored (Computers); person or thing that folds
calculator 계산기, 계산하는 조그마한 도구; 계산기계 small machine that makes computations; calculating machine
luncheon 점심, 가벼운 식사, 도시락, 오전의 도시락, 노동자의 오전의 도시락, 주식 lunch; formal lunch; afternoon party where a light meal is served
tile 기와, 타일, 토관 slab of fired clay for covering roofs or lining walls or floors
freelance 프리랜스, 자유 계약자 one who works for himself and is not employed on a salary basis for a single employer
retailer 소매상인 person or business that sells goods to final consumers, person or company that sells merchandise to end users
memo 메모 memorandum, reminder
respondent 피고; 응답자 defendant; one who responds, one who answers
referral 다른 사람이나 정보의 출처를 안내하기, 소개하기; 다른 사람이나 정보의 출처에 안내받은 사람 direction to another person or source of information; one who is directed to another person or source of information
retrieve 되찾다, 회수하다, 만회하다; 불러오다, 가져오다; 찾아서 가져오다; 구해내다; 정보를 찾아서 화면으로 나타내 보이다 (컴퓨터) recover, regain; bring back, fetch; find and bring back; rescue, save; find information and display it as output (Computers)
overdue 늦은, 지체된; 지불기한이 지난 late, tardy; payable, due; past due
invoice 송장, 송장에 의한 송부, 청구서, 청구서에 의한 송부 list of purchased goods or services provided which includes the individual costs and the total charge
tablet 알약, 종이 한 묶음; 필기를 위한 얇은 돌판 또는 그와 같은 것 pill, capsule; pad of paper bound together at one end; flat piece of stone or other material bearing an inscription
knowledgeable 지력이 있는, 인식하는; 이해하는 informed, aware; understanding; shrewd, intelligent
rainfall 강우량; 비 quantity of rain that has fallen; shower, rain, instance of water droplets falling from the clouds during stormy weather
click 딸깍 하는 소리, 찰깍 하는 소리, 흡기음, 제동자 short snapping sound; act of quickly pressing and releasing the mouse button (Computers)
vacancy 공허; 빈자리, 틈; 가능한 자리, 비어있는 자리 emptiness; available space, empty room at a hotel; available position, job opening
caller 방문객 visitor; one who calls on the telephone; party who initiates communication (Computers)
dive 물속으로 뛰어들다, 다이빙 하다; 잠수하다; 급강하 하다; 급히 뛰어들다 jump into water (especially headfirst); go underwater, submerge; descend rapidly to earth; enter into quickly, plunge
inexpensive 비용이 들지 않는, 값이 싼, 경제적인 low-priced, cheap, economical
oval 달걀 모양의; 타원형의 oval-shaped; egg-shaped; elliptical
complimentary 칭찬하는, 무료의 expressing praise or admiration
shuttle 북, 날실과 들실을 얽어 짜는 기계 (직조); 재봉틀의 북실통; 두지역을 연결하는 정기 운행선; 짧은 거리를 운행하는 교통수단 device that holds the horizontal thread and passes it through the vertical threads (Weaving); lower bobbin in a sewing machine; transportation route connecting two locations; vehicle that transports people over a short route (boat, bus, etc.); birdie, bal
mister N/A N/A
terminate 끝내다, 마치다, 종결시키다 end, conclude, stop, discontinue, abort
cosmetic N/A agent used to beautify the face and body (as in creams, lipstick, etc.)
unpaid 지불하지 않은; 급료를 받지 않는 not paid; not in exchange for pay
lightweight 경량의(권투 또는 레슬링 등); 무게가 많이 나가지 않는; 보잘것 없는, 쓸모없는 light in weight, not very heavy; in the low weight category (Boxing, Wrestling); trivial, not serious
crane 기중기; 학 machine for hoisting heavy materials; large wading bird
upgrade 승진시키다, 개선하다, 품질을 개량하다 improve, raise the quality of, exchange something for another of better quality
stationery 필기 도구; 편지지 writing implements; paper used for writing letters
beginner 초심자, 초보자 novice, amateur
postpone 연기하다, 미루다; 지체하다post·pone / ‚pə;ʊ;st'pə;ʊ;n /‚pə;ʊ;'spə;ʊ;n ,ə;- put off to a later time, delay; defer, put off until later, staypost·pone || ‚pəʊst'pəʊn /‚pəʊ'spəʊn ,ə-
shipment 선적, 뱃짐; 적출, 탁송 sending of cargo or freight, shipping of goods; cargo or goods that are shipped
postage 우편 요금, 우세 money paid for postal services, fee for sending letters or packages by mail
delegate 대리자, 대표, 대표 위원 representative, deputy, agent
disrupt 혼란시키다; 붕괴시키다, 혼란시키다; 분쇄하다, 분열시키다 upset; disturb, interrupt; divide
dessert 디저트, 후식, 주식 이후에 제공되는 마지막 정찬 코스 final course which is served after the main meal (pudding, pie, etc.)
assemble 모으다; 조립하다; 집합하다 gather together; put together; get together
oversee 감독하다, 감시하다, 검사하다 supervise, manage, inspect
mechanic 직공 skilled repairman of cars or machines
apprehensive 우려하는 worried, concerned
cartridge 탄약통 shell of a bullet; removable unit containing a data storage medium (Computers); spool of film for a camera
await 기다리다 wait, remain in one place until a certain event
unspecified 구체화 되지 않은 not detailed, not specified
unreal 사실이 아닌; 실재하지 않는; 인공적인; 상상의 not real; not actual; artificial; imaginary; (Slang) great; incredibly wonderful
vacation 휴가, 공휴일, 정기휴가; 잠시 일을 중단 하고 휴식을 취하는 기간; 휴가 보내기 holiday, fixed time in which public establishments (government offices, schools, etc.) and regular businesses cease their regular activities; period of time away from work devoted to rest and relaxation; act of vacating
payroll 회사 따위의 급료 지불명세서 financial sheet listing salaries; list of workers who receive wages and salaries
refrigerator 냉장고 any appliance or room used store items at low temperatures
mileage 총마일수 number of miles covered in a certain amount of time, distance in miles
bake 굽다; 그을리다 cook in an oven; tan, sunbathe
approximate 대략의, 근접한 near, approaching
tech 기술, 기술적인 방법;기술적인; 전문화된; 실제적인 지식이 있는 industrial arts, practical sciences, technical methods and procedurestech (technical);of or pertaining to technique; relating to technology; specialized; mechanical; having practical knowledge; applied
grill 석쇠에 굽다, 석쇠에서 구워지다; 힐문하다, 끊임없이 질문하다 barbecue, roast on a grill; interrogate, cross-examine, question persistently
tailor 재단사, 재봉사 one who makes or alters garments
drawback 약점; 어려움, 장애; 공제, 환불금 disadvantage; difficulty; restitution; refund of tax on merchandise that is exported later on
ballroom 사교 댄스장, 무도장 large room for dancing
carpenter 목수, 목공일을 하는 사람 woodworker, one who makes things out of wood
thirsty 목마른 feeling the need to drink
habitual 습관적인, 일상적인 customary, usual, routine, commonly done
barbecue 그릴, 구이; 그릴에서 요리된 고기, 불고기; 불고기용 양념; 불고기를 먹는 야외 파티 broiler, grill; meat which is cooked on a grill; sauce for grilled meat; outdoor party where grilled food is eaten
cooler 냉각기, 음식이나 음료수를 차갑게 유지하는 통; 통제할 수 없이 폭력적인 죄수를 위한 독방(속어); 청량음료;냉정함; 안정, 평정 container for keeping food or beverages cool; prison cell for an uncontrollably violent inmate (Slang); cold alcoholic drink with a fruity flavor (often wine-based);coldness; poise, composure
athletic 운동선수의; 운동의; 운동에 소질이 있는 participating in sports; pertaining to sports; gifted in sports
instruct 교수하다, 가르치다, 교육시키다; 안내하다, 지도하다; 명령하다 teach, educate, inform; direct, guide; command, order
cleanliness 청결, 깨끗한 상태 state of being free of dirt
waitress 웨이트리스, 여급;시중드는 사람, 웨이터; 대기자 woman who serves tables in a restaurant or pub;one who serves tables at a restaurant or pub; someone who waits
blueprint 청사진 draft, plan
ongoing 계속하는; 지속하는; 전진하는 continuous; existing; in progress
hesitant 주저하는, 멈칫거리는, 머뭇거리는, 주춤거리는 indecisive, vacillating, irresolute, faltering
modem N/A device which allows the transfer of data through a telephone line from one computer to another (Computers)
humidity 습기 dampness, moistness, mugginess
entrepreneur 기업가; 계약자 one who undertakes and assumes the risk of a business enterprise; contractor
notify 통보하다, 통지하다, 알리다, 경고하다( 특히 공식적으로) inform, advise, tell, warn (especially officially)
attendant 하인; 안내원, 시중드는 사람; 동반하여 시중드는 사람 servant; usher, steward; one who accompanies and serves
enthusiast 열성적인 사람, 열성가 one who is filled with enthusiasm for a principle or idea, admirer, fan, buff
broom 비, 빗자루; 식물의 일종 sweep with a broom;tool used for sweeping; type of plant
minimize 최소로 하다, 줄이다; 가능한 최소로 줄이다; 가볍게 보다 make small, reduce; reduce as much as possible; make less important; play down; (Computers) make a window smaller to the point that only an icon remains in its place (also minimise)
classify 분류하다, 체계적으로 정돈하다; 비밀로 하다 group, sort, arrange systematically; make confidential
staple 스테이풀, 종이를 한데 묶는 철사 클립; 기본양식, 주식; 주요소; 주요 생산물; 지속적으로 요구되는 무역품 metal clip for binding papers; basic food item; essential element; main crop or product of a region; trade item that is constantly in demand; fiber (of wool, cotton, etc.)
motorcycle 모터사이클, 오토바이 two-wheeled motor vehicle, motorbike
euro N/A N/A
cloudy 구름으로 덮힌, 구름 낀; 불분명한, 흐릿한 overcast, covered with clouds; unclear, indistinct
simplify 간단하게 하다 make simple, make less complex, make easier
yearly 매해의; 일 년간의 occurring every year; continuing for a year
refreshment 원기 회복; 원기를 회복시키는 것 something that refreshes, something that invigorates (esp. food or drink); invigoration, act of energizing
infer 추론하다; 추측하다; 의미하다, 암시하다 derive, conclude; guess, surmise; hint
spa 광천, 온천; 광천수가 있는 휴양지; 신체를 단련시키위한 시설을 제공하는 건강 휴양지 mineral spring; resort area with mineral springs; luxurious resort; health spa, establishment that provides facilities for improving one's physical fitness
sauna 사우나, 핀란드식 증기 목욕; 증기 목욕탕이 있는 방 또는 건물 Finnish hot steam bath; room or building containing a steam bath
broaden 넓히다 make wider; be made wider
abide 머물다; 살다, 거주하다; 지속하다; 참다; 기다리다; 복종하다, 순종하다 stay; live, dwell; continue; tolerate, put up with; wait; comply, submit, obey, conform
generalization 일반화; 일반적인 진술 또는 결론 act of generalizing; general statement or conclusion; (Psychology) act of reacting to a new stimulus as to a similar stimulus (also generalisation)
enclose 에워싸다, 동봉하다, 넣다, 둘러막다 surround, confine, close in; place an additional document or letter within another
accumulate 모으다; 모이다 amass, gather, collect; be gathered, be collected
programmer 프로그램 제작자 one who writes computer programs, one who creates sets of instructions for a computer or other device
depart 출발하다, 떠나다; 다른 방향으로 가다; 죽다 leave, go away; go in a different direction; die
bug 곤충, 빈대, 결점, 잘난 체하는 사람, 미생물, 도청 마이크, 흥미 insect; bacteria, virus; programming error which causes a malfunction (Computers); secret listening device
tow 잡아 당기다, 끌다, 끌고 가다 pull, drag
hereby 이것에 의하여 by this, by means of this
overlook 내려다 보다; 멀리 바라보다; 조사하다, 감독하다, 훑어보다; 간과하다, 무시하다; 너그럽게 봐주다 look over; affording a view over; inspect, supervise; miss, omit, ignore; excuse
amenity 기분에 맞음, 생활을 즐겁게 해주는 가지가지의 일, 예의 pleasantness; agreeability; affability
signify 나타내다, 뜻하다; 표현하다, 전달하다, 알리다; 의미를 갖다, 중요하다 represent, indicate; communicate, express, convey; have importance, have significance
consignment 위탁, 교부, 탁송, 위탁 화물 dispatch, conveyance, delivery
tempt 유혹하다, 꾀다 allure, entice, tantalize, seduce
insert 끼워 넣다, 삽입하다, 지르다, 끼우다 place in, put in; add to; (Computers) place an object between two other objects (as in text, images, characters, etc.)
bakery 빵집 company which bakes food for selling
raincoat 비옷, 우의 waterproof jacket worn in rainy weather
distract 혼란시키다, 혼동시키다, 걱정시키다; 기분전환 시키다, 위안을 주다, 즐겁게 하다; 주위를 딴데로 돌리다, 주위를 흩어지게 하다 disturb, confuse, worry; divert, amuse; draw one's attention away
resemble 닮다, 유사하다; 비슷한 외관을 같다 be similar to, be akin to; look like, have a similar appearance to
occupancy 점유; 점유한 상태; 거주기간; 선점, 점거 (법률); 소유권 act of occupying; state of being an occupant; period of residence; act of taking possession (Law); right of possession
congratulate 축하하다 ( 생일이나 졸업 등을) express good wishes to someone (on a birthday, graduation, etc.)
clip 자르다, 깎아내다; 오려내다, 삭감하다; 후려 치다; 단어에서 문자를 생략하다 trim off, cut off (with shears or scissors); curtail, cut short; hit; leave out (a letter or letters) from a word
downturn 하강 downtrend, downward tendency (especially in economy or business)
culinary 부엌의, 부엌용의 concerning the kitchen or cookery
vegetarian 채식자, 채식주의자 one who only eats vegetables, one who does not eat meat, herbivore
flaw 흠, 결점; 틈; 돌풍, 강한 바람 defect, imperfection; crack; strong gust of wind
needy 아주 가난한; 궁색한 poor; indigent; in a state of need
delete 삭제하다, 지우다 totally remove, erase
spokesperson N/A N/A
snack 가벼운 식사, 정규식사 사이에 먹는 간식 small amount of food or drink eaten between regular meals; food suitable for light informal eating
planner N/A N/A
commuter 정기권 통근자, 회수권 통근자, 통근자, 정류기, 전환기 one who commutes, one who travels back and forth between home and work
rainy 비의, 비내리는 characterized by rain falling from the clouds
incur 입다 meet with, bring upon oneself, acquire, become liable for (generally pertaining to something unpleasant or undesirable)
electronically N/A via electronics; in an electronic manner
subscribe 예약하다, 구독하다; 서명하다; 기부하다; 약속하다, 보증하다; 찬성하다 purchase a subscription (to a magazine, concert hall, etc.); endorse, sign; donate, contribute; promise, pledge; support, approve;(Computers) sign up, inform a newsgroup program that a user wants to regularly read a certain newsgroup; inform a mailing lis
mentor 정신적 지도자, 조언자, 충고자, 현명한 사람; 지도하거나 가르치는 사람 spiritual instructor, adviser, counselor, wise man; one who guides and teaches
boardroom 경영단들의 회의실, 감독단들의 회의실 meeting room for a board of directors, conference room where an executive board meets
showroom 상품이 진열된 방, 견본 상품이 진열된 방 room in which merchandise is exhibited for sale, room where sample products are displayed
adhere 들러붙다, 집착하다; 충실하다 stick to, cling to; be devoted to (an idea, group, etc.)
locker 잠글수 있는 보관함 lockable storage compartment
comb 빗; 닭의 볏; 벌집; 협곡 toothed object used to arrange hair; fowl's fleshy crest; honeycomb; narrow valley
transmit 전달하다, 전도하다; 보내다, 발송하다; 옮기다; 송신하다 transfer from a source to a destination, transport, send, convey; pass to another; broadcast
imperative 의무적인, 필수의; 명령적인; 명령법의(문법); 명령형의 동사의(문법) necessary, obligatory; commanding; of the imperative mood, of the form used when making an order or request (Grammar); of a verb in the imperative mood (Grammar)
oblige 억지로 시키다, 강요하다; 은혜를 베풀다 obligate, compel; do something as a favor, accommodate
occupant 점유자; 정착자 tenant; settler
necklace 목걸이 string of beads worn around the neck, jewelry that is worn around the neck
cooperate 협동하다, 서로 돕다 work together
refund 돈을 상환하다, 반제하다, 돈을 갚다; 다시 적립하다 return money, reimburse, repay; provide new funds, finance again
renovation 혁신, 일신 act of repairing, renewal, act of restoring to good condition
booth 상점, 구멍가게, 키오스크; 전화 박스 stall, kiosk; telephone booth, telephone compartment
verify 증명하다, 입증하다; 실증하다, 검증하다; 사실임을 선서하다 (법률) confirm the truth of something; ascertain the truth of something (as by investigation); witness or swear to the truth of something (Law)
intersection 교차지점; 가로지르기 point where two roads cross, junction; crossing, convergence
garbage 찌꺼기, 쓰레기, 버려진 것; 보잘것없는 것 something that is discarded, rubbish, trash, junk, waste, refuse; anything thought to be worthless or substandard
sender 보내는 사람, 발송인; 송신기 person or thing that sends; transmitter
underline 아래에 선을 긋다; 강조하다 mark with a line underneath, underscore; emphasize
advisor 고문 N/A
activate 활동적으로 하다, 활성화하다; 반응을 빨리 일으키게 하다(화학); 방사능을 부여하다, 방사성으로 하다(물리) set in motion, make active, start; speed up a reaction (Chemistry); make radioactive (Physics)
gram 그램, 무게를 재는 단위, 1/1000킬로그램에 달하는 무게의 단위 unit of weight equal to 1/1000 of a kilogram
nominate 추천하다, 후보자로 추천하다; 지명하다, 선택하다 appoint someone (for a position, office, or honor); designate, select
illogical 비논리적인, 비합리적인 not logical, not reasonable
spite 악의, 적의, 앙심, 원한; 분노, 적개심 malice, malevolence, ill-will; resentment, animosity, grudge
salesperson 판매원 person employed to sell goods or services, salesclerk
circulate 여기저기 돌아다니다, 이곳저곳 다니다; 유포하다, 퍼뜨리다 move around, move from place to place; distribute, pass around, hand out
translator 역자, 번역자 one who translates
decorate 장식하다; 치장하다; 아름답게 하다; 메달이나 영예를 수여하다, 훈장을 수여하다 ( 군대에서) ornament; adorn; make beautiful; bestow a medal or honor on someone (e.g. in the armed forces)
automobile 자동차 car, auto
prescribe 약을 처방하다; 치료를 명령하다, 치료를 지시하다 ( 의사가); 추천하다, 조언하다 write an order form for medication; order remedies or treatment (about a doctor); recommend, advise
considerate 사려깊은, 신중한 thoughtful, respectful
acclaim 갈채하다, 환호하다; 환호하며 소리지르다 cheer for; praise, hail, extol; shout praise
plumber 배관공 one who works with pipe and water systems
allergy 알레르기, 어떤 물질에 대한 과민 반응 ( 동물의 털 등) 으로 호흡기 문제나 다른 증상의 발전을 야기시킴 excessive sensitivity to certain substances (i.e. animal hair or pollen) which often causes the development of respiratory problems or other symptoms
dispatch 급파하다; 해고하다; 없애다, 제거하다; 죽이다; 재빨리 효과적으로 결론 내다 send off quickly; dismiss; eliminate; kill; conclude with speed and efficiency
reviewer N/A N/A
contradict 부정하다; 논박하다; 반대하다 deny; refute; oppose
sewer 하수도, 하수구; 재단사, 바느질 하는 사람 drainage pipe, pipe that carries away waste water; tailor, one who sews
preview 시사, 시연 early show, early display, early exhibition
explorer 탐구하는 사람, 탐침, 인공위성 researcher, investigator; one who travels to unknown regions; program for file management in the Windows operating system (Computers)
forbid 금하다; 금지하다; 거부하다; 방해하다, 허락하지 않다 ban; prohibit; deny; prevent
equip 채비를 갖추다, 장비를 갖추다 provide with the required equipment, supply with necessary materials
dial 다이얼, 전화의 다이얼; 시계의 문자판, 계량기의 눈금판 rotatable disk on a telephone; face upon which measurements are registered through the use of a pointer (as on a watch, meter, etc.)
audition 오디션, 연주자나 배우 등에게 주어지는 그들의 능력 정도를 결정하기 위한 시험 test given to a performer (musician, actor, etc.) to determine the level of his abilities
compile 수집하다, 한 곳에 모으다; 편찬하다 ( 수필 또는 책 등을 ) collect, gather together in one place; compose (an essay, book, etc.) from many parts; (Computers) translate a program that is written in a high level programming language from a source code into object code (machine language)
donate 기부하다, 기증하다 give, contribute
maximize 최대 한도로 하다, 극한까지 증대하다 increase to the greatest amount or degree, magnify as much as possible; make the most of; make best use of something; (Computers) enlarge a window to the maximum size in a graphical user interface (also maximise)
elevator 엘레베이터, 사람들 또는 물건을 건물안의 층에서 층으로 이동시키는 기계장치 mechanical apparatus for moving people or items from floor to floor within a building
auditorium 강당 ( 강의나 공연 등을 위한) large room (used for lectures, performances, etc.)
annoy 성가시게 굴다, 괴롭히다 bother, harass, irritate
debit 차변, 부채 liability, debt, obligation
quarterly 3달 마다, 일년에 4번씩 occurring every three months, taking place four times a year
deteriorate 망치다; 저하시키다; 나빠지게 하다 spoil; decline; become worse
organizer 조직자, 기획자 planner, one who organizes; person who enlists workers to join a union; schedule-planner book; container with compartments for storing articles; (Embryology) part of an embryo that stimulates the evolvement and differentiation of another part (also organi
snowy 눈이 많은; 눈으로 뒤덮힌; 눈처럼 깨끗한, 순백의 characterized by snow; covered in snow; pure as snow; white as snow
closet 장롱; 작은 창고 cabinet; small storage room, pantry
surf 밀려오는 파도; 파도에 의해 형성된 거품 waves; foam formed by waves
sock 양말; 때리기, 강타(속어) woven or knitted foot covering which reaches a point between the ankle and the knee; hit, blow (Slang)
stockbroker 주식중매인 one who buys and sells stocks for customers in return for a commission
anew 다시 한번 again, once more
merchandise 상품 goods, ware, stock
spill 엎지르다; 흩뿌리다; 피를 흘리다; 넘어지다; 누설하다 (구어) cause or allow something to fall out of a container (especially unintentionally); scatter; shed blood; cause to fall, tumble; reveal, divulge (Informal)
projector 투영기, 영사기; 발사기; 스포트 라이트 machine for displaying films or pictures onto large screens; launcher, device used to fire weapons; floodlight, spotlight
mosquito 모기 any of numerous small winged insects whose females suck the blood of animals and humans
amuse 즐겁게 하다, 기쁘게 하다; 남을 위로하다, 웃기게 하다 entertain; cause to laugh
weekday 주일, 토요일과 일요일을 뺀 주일, 주중 any day of the week except Saturday and Sunday
timer 시간 기록기, 시간을 기록하는 사람; 시간을 재는 시계, 스탑와치 one who measures or records time; stopwatch
grocery 식료 잡화점 grocery store, store which sells food and other household goods; goods sold at a grocery
dishwasher 접시 닦는 사람; 접시 닦는 기계 machine for washing dishes; one employed to wash dishes
dine 정찬을 먹다; 정찬을 대접하다 eat dinner; give a dinner for
sticker 상표; 고집센 사람 tag, label with a coating of adhesive on its back side; one who is persistent
coordinate 순서있게 정리하다 arrange in proper order
auto 자동차 automobile, car
hourly 한 시간마다의 of or pertaining to an hour; occurring every hour; continual
furnish 가구를 설비하다; 공급하다;설치하다 fill a house with furniture and appliances; supply, provide; equip
demolish 파괴하다, 부수다, 폐허화 시키다 destroy, ruin, tear down; eat or drink covetously (Slang)
tablecloth 식탁보, 책상보 cloth used to cover a table (especially before a meal)
courier 안내원, 급사 messenger
reopen 다시 열다, 재개하다 open again, move again to an open position
prohibit 금하다, 법으로 금지 하다; 막다, 못하게 하다 outlaw, forbid by law; interdict, enjoin, ban; prevent, hinder
graduation 학업을 맞침, 졸업; 졸업식, 학위수여식; 등급, 등급매기기 completion of a course of study (in a school, etc.); commencement, ceremony in which diplomas or degrees are awarded; mark showing a degree of measurement.
rebate 할인 return of part of a sum of money, partial refund
conditioner 머릿결을 부드럽고 빛나게하는 머리린스 cream rinse for hair (reduces tangles, makes shiny, etc.)
proficiency 전문지식, 전문 기술; 능숙함; 숙련됨 expertise, state of having expert skills; skillfulness, adeptness; masterfulness
seafood 해산물, 먹을 수 있는 해산물 edible marine animals, fish and shellfish which can be used for food
electrician 전기학자, 전기공 person who installs or maintains electrical equipment
inquire 문의하다, 질문하다; 조사하다 ask, question, interrogate; investigate, look into; conduct an inquiry
footwear 신발류 anything worn on the feet, covering for the feet (i.e. shoes, socks, etc.)
appliance 기구; 장치 tool, gadget; device, apparatus
expire 만기가 되다, 끝나다; 숨을 거두다, 죽다 come to an end, finish, terminate; die
refinery 제련소, 정제소 industrial site where materials are processed and made suitable for use
unattended 참가하지 않은; 동반되지 않은, 수반되지 않은; 참가자가 없는; 돌봐지지 않은 not attended; not accompanied; with no participants; not cared for
inexperience 무경험 lack of experience, state of being unfamiliar with something; lack of knowledge or ability due to little experience
basketball 농구 ball game in which two opposing teams must try and score points by throwing the ball into their opponent's basket;large inflated ball used in the game of basketball
itinerary N/A route, travel route, travel plans; travel journal, record of a journey; travel guidebook
incoming 들어오는, 도착하는, 접근하는 entering, arriving, approaching
gymnasium 체육관 building for indoor sports and exercise
flyer 하늘을 나는 것, 플라이어, 쾌속선, 쾌속정, 쾌속차, 쾌속마, 회전 조정 바퀴, 한 단, 높이뛰기, 투기, 전단, 야심적인 사람 person or thing which flies; pilot, aviator; small printed notice or advertisement
stripe 줄무늬, 끈; 수장, 지위나 길이를 나타내기 위한 가느다란 끈; 종류; 채찍 자국 narrow band differing in color or texture from that which surrounds it; ribbon or strip of cloth indicating rank or length of service; sort, kind; stroke, blow (such as one made with a whip)
bookcase 책장, 서가 shelves used to store books
firework 불꽃 explosive device which produces a bright display of light and sound
authorization 권한 부여; 허가, 공인 official permission; permit; empowerment; mandate; consent (also authorisation)
cashier 출납원, 가계에서 손님들이 구입한 돈을 다루는 사람; 금전 출납을 다루는 은행 직원 person who handles purchases in a store; bank employee who handles monetary transactions
walkway 보도 esplanade; walking path, passage
trash 폐물, 쓰레기, 잡동사니; 허튼소리, 어리석은 생각 something discarded, something of no value, rubbish, garbage, refuse; nonsense
inclusive 포함한, 모든 것을 포함한; 포괄적인 including, containing, taking in; comprehensive, all-embracing, extensive
cordless 코드가 없는, 전기 선이 없는 without a cord, without an electric cable
reimbursement N/A N/A
vanilla 바닐라; 바닐라 식물의 씨; 바닐라 식물에서 추출해낸 향신료 type of vine cultivated for its seed pods from which a popular flavor is extracted; seed pod of the vanilla plant; flavor extracted from the vanilla plant, any synthetically produced flavor resembling the vanilla flavoring
carton 판지 상자 box, container, package
diagnose 증세로 병을 진단하다, 증세로 결과를 도출해내다 examine and identify a disease from its symptoms, draw conclusions from a diagnostic exam
trademark 등록 상표; 특징 distinguishing symbol used by a manufacturer or company that no other manufacturer can use it; distinguishing feature or characteristic associated with a person or thing
shorten 짧게 하다, 줄이다, 짧게 삭제하다; 버터나 다른 지방을 첨가하다 make shorter, abbreviate, cut, truncate; become shorter; add shortening, add butter or other fat
designate 나타내다, 가리키다, 지명하다 show, indicate
nap 졸다, 깜빡 잠들다 ( 낮에); 멍하니 지내다; 방심하다 doze, sleep lightly (during the day); act recklessly; be unprepared;create a soft surface on fabric or leather by rubbing and scraping; raise up the nap of a fabric by rubbing against the weave of the fabric
mislead 그릇되게 인도하다, 잘못 지도하다, 속이다 lead astray, misguide, misdirect, misinform, deceive, delude
subscriber 구독자 one who signs up to receive a service or publication (i.e. magazine, newspaper, etc.)
healthcare N/A N/A
unload 짐을 내리다, 짐을 부리다, 짐을 덜다; 부담을 덜다, 마음의 짐을 덜다 disburden, empty, unpack; give outlet to (feelings, etc.)
dependable 의존할 수 있는, 믿을 수 있는, 신뢰할 수 있는 can be depended upon, reliable, trustworthy
subway 지하철; 지하도 underground railway system (usually run by electricity); underground passage for a railroad; underground passage (for pedestrians, traffic, etc.)
specialty 전문, 특별한 성질; 독특한 능력; 전문 분야; 특별한 가치가 있는 것 distinguishing mark, special quality; unique ability; field in which one specializes, area of expertise; something having special qualities or worth
accomplishment 성취, 성과, 달성, 성사; 예능, 특징; 교양 fulfillment, realization; performance; characteristic; virtue, merit; achievement, attainment
yoga 요가, 호흡법과 명상을 통해 인체와 정신을 훈련하는 인도의 방식 Indian system for training the body and soul using breathing exercises and meditation
recycle 재순환시키다, 재활용하다 reprocess waste to recover reusable material
photocopier 복사기, 사진복사기 machine used to photographically duplicate documents, copy machine
mower 잔디깍는 기계 또는 사람 someone or something that mows; machine used to cut grass, lawnmower
automotive 자동 추진의; 자동차의 concerning automobiles, concerning self-propelled vehicles; motorized
photocopy 사진복사 duplicate of a document, copied document
cafeteria 구내식당 restaurant, small diner, public dining room
rewrite 다시 쓰다; 편집하다, 개정하다, 텍스트를 고치다 write again; edit, revise, make changes to a text
rehearse 예행연습하다, 익히게 하다, 숙달하게 하다 drill, practice an action repeatedly in order to perfect it
discard 버리다, 없애다 throw away, get rid of
violate 위배하다, 위반하다 ( 법률을); 신성을 모독하다; 교란하다; 강간하다, 폭행하다 transgress, break (a law); desecrate; attack or disturb violently; rape
pharmacy 약국 location where prescription medication is sold
omit 생략하다; 빠뜨리다; 등한시 하다 delete; skip over; neglect
mall 커다란 쇼핑센터; 산책길; 펠맬, 일종의 게임 shopping center, variety of stores and businesses housed within a series of connected buildings or within a single building; pedestrian walkway, promenade; pall-mall (game played with mallets and wooden balls)
teller 돈을 받는 사람, 돈을 세는 사람; 득표수를 세는 사람 cashier; vote counter
precede 앞서다, 앞서 가다; 앞에 두다, 우선하다; 미리 일어나다 go before, come before; be in front, be ahead of; predate, happen before
waive 포기하다, 철회하다, 보류하다 refrain from enforcing something; give up (a right, honor, legal claim, etc.)
relocate 다른 아파트로 이사하다; 새로운 장소로 옮겨 놓다; 장소를 고쳐 놓다re·lo·cate / ‚rɪ;ː;'lə;ʊ;keɪ;t /‚rɪ;ː;lə;ʊ;'keɪ;t move to a different apartment; move to a different place; change the location of somethingre·lo·cate || ‚rɪː'ləʊkeɪt /‚rɪːləʊ'keɪt
teen N/A N/A
soar 높이 치솟다; 솟구치다, 상승하다, 높이 솟다; 올라가다 fly at a great height, glide; fly upward, ascend; increase, rise
recur 회상되다, 마음에 다시 떠오르다; 재현되다 happen again, repeat; come to mind again; reappear, resurface
unauthorized 권한이 없는, 금지된, 인가를 받지 않은 without authorization, not authorized, unlicensed, forbidden, unlawful (also unauthorised)
getaway 도주, 도망 escape, flight, fleeing
anytime 아무때나 at any time, whenever
evacuate 주민을 옮기다, 피난 시키다(위험한 지역 또는 전쟁지역 등에서) ; 떠나다, 철수하다, 비우다; 배설하다, 내용물을 버리다 clear people out, remove people (from a dangerous area, war zone, etc.); leave, vacate; withdraw; discharge the contents of
erase 문질러 지우다, 완전히 없애다 rub off, totally remove
caterer 요리 조달자, 음식과 사교행사를 제공하는 사람 one who provides food for social events
pharmacist 제약사 druggist, apothecary, pharmaceutist
chairperson N/A N/A
frustrate 좌절시키다, 실망 시키다; 좌절하게 하다; 패배시키다; 혼동시키다 foil, thwart; disappoint; make frustrated; defeat; baffle, confound
validate 유효하게 하다; 확언하다; 법적으로 유효하게 하다 make valid; confirm; sanction; legalize
outdated 구식의 old, no longer widely used
detach 떼다, 떼어내다, 분리하다; 의무수행을 위해 군대를 파견하다 remove, separate, disconnect; send away on a mission (Military)
attire ...에게 ...을 차려 입히다 dress, put on clothes
affirmative 찬성의; 긍정적인 favorable; positive
sew 바느질하다, 꿰매다, 깁다 join or fasten with stitches, repair with stitches; close with stitches
paraphrase 의역하기, 알기 쉽게 바꾸어 말하기 different wording, phrasing that differs from the original
irritate 짜증나게 하다, 귀찮게 하다, 화를 내다; 과민반응을 일으키다(의학) annoy, bother, aggravate, anger; cause inflammation or extreme sensitivity (Medicine)
browse 연한 잎을 먹다, 새싹을 먹다; 아무데나 내키는 대로 책을 읽다; 한가하게 돌아다니다 graze, pasture; leaf through a book, peruse a book; wander and look at one's leisure; (Computers) look over and explore searching for particular files or information on the World Wide Web, view data, surf the Internet
periodical 정기 간행물pe·ri·od·i·cal / ‚pɪ;rɪ;'ɑ;dɪ;kl /‚pɪ;ə;rɪ;'ɒ;- magazine, journalpe·ri·od·i·cal || ‚pɪrɪ'ɑdɪkl /‚pɪərɪ'ɒ-
deduct 빼다, 공제하다 subtract from a total
hamburger 햄버거 beefburger, patty of ground beef served on a roll
hike 터벅터벅 걷다, 끌어올리다 make a long journey by foot, walk or march over long distances, trek, backpack; make higher, increase (i.e. prices)
duplicate 중복의, 똑같은, 쌍을 이루는 double, identical, matching
certify 사실임을 증명하다, 인증하다; 정신이상을 인정하다 confirm to be true; authorize; declare insane
accessory 부속물; 장식품; 공범자 (법률) supplementary part; something which complements an outfit (i.e. purse, scarf, etc.); partner in crime, one who helps another commit a crime (Law)
refresh 새롭게하다; 원기를 회복하다 renew, invigorate; replenish one's energy by eating drinking and resting
fasten 묶다, 죄다, 고정하다; 단단히 고정시키다; 버튼을 채우다, 지퍼를 채우다; 묶어매다, 꽉붙들다, 달라붙다, 붙이다; 가두다, 우리에 넣다 secure, bind; be secured or made fast; button, zip; bind, attach; close
advertiser 광고자, 광고주 (일반적으로 상품이나 서비스를 팔기 위해); 공공연히 선전하는 사람 promoter, one who publicizes (generally in order to sell goods or services); person whose business is advertising; adman; one who publicly announces (also advertizer)
homemade 집에서 만든 made at home
rearrange 다시 정리하다, 다시 정렬하다 arrange anew, reorganize, put in order again
hotline N/A N/A
shopper 물건 사는 사람, 구매자 one who visits stores and buys merchandise, customer of a retail store
toner N/A ink used by laser printers and copying machines (Computers, Electronics)
doorman 현관 안내인 one who tends or guards an entrance and assists people
discontinue 그만두다, 중지하다, 중단하다 stop, cease, terminate
escalator 에스컬레이터, 자동계단 mechanical moving stairway
elevate 기분을 북돋우다, 의기 양양하게 하다; 올리다, 승진시키다, 높이다 glorify, exalt; lift, raise high, move up to a higher position
upcoming N/A N/A
diner 식사하는 사람; 식당차 one that eats; railroad dining car; small and very casual restaurant
authorize 정식으로 허가 하다; 인정하다; 권위를 부여하다, 권한을 부여하다 permit; approve; empower (also authorise)
malfunction 기능부전, 제대로 작동하지 않음 function in a defective manner, fail to function properly
freighter 화물비행기; 화물선; 화물운송을 하는 사람 freight plane; cargo ship; shipper, cargo hauler
telecommunication 전기통신, 장거리 통신; 장거리 통신에 사용되는 장비 long-distance communication, communication by electronic devices; devices used for communications
expiration 만료, 끝, 종료, 만기; 숨을 내쉬기 termination, end; exhalation
thunderstorm 뇌우, 천둥번개를 동반한 폭풍우 electrical storm, storm of thunder and lightning
storeroom 저장실, 광 room in which goods and materials are stored
pollute 더럽히다, 불결하게 하다; 신성을 모독하다; 망치다, 타락시키다 contaminate; defile, profane; spoil, ruin
streamline 유선 path along which a fluid flows; direction in which a particle flows (i.e. in a fluid); aerodynamic shape
downtown 상가, 도심 commercial center of a city, business district
sidewalk 인도, 보도 path on the side of a road intended for pedestrians
seeker 수색하는 사람, 탐색하는 사람; 구도자 one who goes in search of, one who looks for; one who tries to discover; requester, one who tries to obtain
reimburse 상환하다, 되갚다; 보상하다 repay, refund; compensate for a loss, repay for an expense
fluctuate 파동치다, 변동하다, 동요시키다, 변동시키다 vacillate, waver, vary, change
someday 어느날, 특정하지 않은 미래의 어느날 one day, at some unspecified or unknown time in the future
restatement 재진술, 재성명 act of stating again, act of saying again, reiteration
jog 천천히 달리다, 조깅하다, 터벅터벅 걸어가다; 가볍게 밀다, 살짝 찌르다, 홱 움직이다; 기억을 일깨우다; 말을 타고 터벅터벅 가다; 구부리다 run at a slow and steady pace, trot, run for exercise; push lightly, nudge, jolt, jar; prompt, stir the memory; ride a horse at a trot; bend, curve
clap 박수를 치다, 찬사를 보내다; 시끄러운 소리를 내다; 신속하게 보내다, 재빨리 행하다 clap hands, applaud; make a loud noise; send quickly, do quickly
wristwatch 팔목시계 small clock worn around the wrist
punctual 정확하게 하는, 꼼꼼한; 시간을 잘 지키는, 늦지 않는, 시간을 엄수 하는 exacting, fastidious; prompt, on time
kilogram 킬로그램, 무게 단위 unit of weight equalling one thousand grams
announcer 아나운서, 진행자; 고지자 emcee, master of ceremonies; one who notifies
airplane 비행기 aeroplane, jet plane
checkout N/A N/A
renown 명성 repute, fame, notoriety
gasoline 가솔린, 석유에서 뽐아낸 화염성액체 ( 자동차 원료로 사용됨) flammable liquid mixture derived from petroleum (used as fuel, etc.), (also gasolene)
volleyball 배구, 배구공 game in which two teams position themselves on either side of a high net on a rectangular court and hit a ball back and forth over the net
publicize 공표하다, 광고하다, 선전하다 advertise, make public, bring to the attention of the public (also publicise)
cookie 과자, 얇은 팬에 구워내는 달콤한 작은 케익; (컴퓨터) 인터넷 사이트를 통해 사용자의 하드 디스크에 이식된 파일 ( 사용자에 대한 개인 정보를 포함하고 인터넷 광고를 보는 사람을 늘이기 위한) small sweet cake which is baked on flat pans (also cooky, cookey); (Computers) file planted on a user's hard disk by an Internet site (contains personal information about the user and is used to develop target audiences for Internet advertising); cook on
contestant 경쟁자; 이의 신청자 competitor; appellant, one who appeals, one who contests
spam N/A N/A
redesign N/A plan again, devise again; draft again, make a new preliminary sketch
commute 감형하다; 바꾸다, 전환하다, 대치하다; 통근하다 change or reduce (a jail sentence or other punishment); exchange, replace, convert; travel back and forth regularly (i.e. to work)
salespeople 판매원 people employed to sell goods or services, salesclerks
lifeguard 수영장이나 해변의 구조원 expert swimmer employed to watch over other swimmers and rescue anyone in danger of drowning (i.e. at a beach or pool)
taker 잡는 사람 one who takes
subsidize 보조금을 지급하다, 장려금을 지급하다 provide financial assistance (also subsidise)
popcorn 팝콘 snack made from heated corn kernels that have burst into a fluffy white form
reflexive (대명사) 재귀의, 재귀용법의 (문법); (동사에서)재귀동사의(문법); 반사하는; 비자발적인 신체적 반응을 하는 (about a pronoun) referring to the subject (Grammar); (about a verb) having a subject and object with the same referent (Grammar); reflective; pertaining to an involuntary physiological response
adapter 개작자, 어댑터 person or thing that adapts; device used to join unmatching parts; expansion card, circuit board that connects to the motherboard and enables a computer to work with a particular piece of hardware or software (Computers)
skate 빙판 스케이트, 얼음위에서 스케이트를 탈수 있도록 만든 날이 달린 신발; 롤러 스케이트, 딱딱한 지면을 미끄러지며 달릴 수 있는 바퀴가 달린 신발; 홍어과 물고기 ice skate, shoe with a blade on the bottom for gliding on ice; roller skate, shoe with wheels on the bottom for gliding on hard surfaces; any of a number of large flat fish that are related to rays
workbook 연구록, 시공 지정서, 시공 기준서, 예정표, 학습장 directions pamphlet; book of scholastic exercises (for students); work log
skateboard 스케이트 보드 flat board attached to four small wheels and used for skating on hard surfaces
congratulation 축하하기; 축하 표현 act of congratulating; expression of good wishes
beverage 마실 것, 음료 drink
subtract 감하다, 공제하다; 뺄셈을 하다(수학) take away part of a whole, remove, deduct; deduct one number from another (Mathematics)
hacker N/A (Computers) one who loves computers, one who knows a lot about computers, computer freak; one who illegally breaks into computer systems
expedite 진척시키다 speed up, accelerate, facilitate (a process, action, etc.); dispatch, execute quickly and efficiently
vacate 비우다, 떠나다 ( 아파트나 자리를); 관직을 비우다; 취소하다 give up, leave (an apartment, a seat, etc.); relinquish an office; annul
internet N/A N/A
dealership 판매권, 판매업, 판매 지역 authorized sales agency
automate 기계화하다; 자동화하다 mechanize; operate with automation
reschedule 일정을 재조정하다, 일과 계획을 다시짜다re·sched·ule / rɪ;ː;'skedʒ;ʊ;l /rɪ;ː;'ʃ;edjuː;l set a new time and date, replan for a specific time and date; make a new timetable or agenda; rerecord in a timetable or itineraryre·sched·ule || rɪː'skedʒʊl /rɪː'ʃedjuːl
inflate 부풀게 하다, 팽창하다; 가스나 공기를 채우다; 부풀다; 증가하다; 인플레이션을 야기하다 expand; widen; fill with air or gas; swell; increase; cause inflation, raise price
deluxe 아주 우아한 또는 고급스러운 especially elegant or luxurious
laptop N/A N/A
copier 복사하는 사람 또는 기계; 복사기 someone or something which copies; photocopy machine
renovate 새롭게 하다, 일신하다, 수리하다, 혁신하다 repair, renew, restore to good condition, recondition
letterhead 편지지 머리 부분의 인쇄 문자 heading printed at the top of a piece of stationary (usually containing a name, address, etc.); stationary printed with a heading
disable 무능하게 하다, 무력하게 하다, 손상하다, 무능력으로 만들다, 고장나게 하다, 기능을 억제하다 make unable; disqualify; mutilate; deactivate a hardware or software operation (Computers)
backpack 배낭 bag carried on the back, knapsack; camping pack
memorize 기억하다, 암기하다 remember, learn by heart, commit to memory (also memorise)
cookbook 요리책, 다양한 요리법이 씌여진 책 book containing instructions for preparing different foods
extinguisher 끄는 사람, 끄는 기구 fire extinguisher, hand-held device for putting out fires (usually a small tank filled with chemicals and equipped with a hose); device used to extinguish candle flames
sedan 세단형 자동차, 한 칸에 넷 또는 그이상의 사람을 실어날으는 폐쇄형 자동차; 가마 closed passenger car carrying four or more passengers in a single compartment; portable covered chair carried by two people, sedan chair
refundable N/A reimbursable, can be repaid; can be financed again, can be provided with funds again
disconnect 연락을 끊다 cut off, sever, terminate a connection
devastate 황폐시키다, 파괴하다 destroy, ruin
embed 깊숙이 박다, 끼워 넣다 insert, inlay, drive in, implant
skim 액체을 표면을 떠다니는 것을 걷어내다; 표면위를 미끄러지다; 급히 대충 훑어보다; 수면위를 튕기게 하다, 수면위를 스치게 하다 remove matter floating on the surface of a liquid; glide on or just above a surface; glance through quickly; cause an object to skip across the surface of a liquid
concierge 수위, 안내인; 안내를 목적으로 고용된 호텔 직원; 관리인 doorkeeper; hotel employee in charge of performing special services for guests; janitor
wrinkle 주름; 구김살; 좋은 생각, 묘안(속어) crease; fold; trick, maneuver (Slang)
redecorate 새롭게 장식하다, 다시 장식하다 decorate anew, readorn, ornament again
semester 반년간, 한학기 one of the two periods of an academic year (usually 15-18 weeks)
recruiter 신병, 신참, 신입회원 one who drafts or enlists new members (esp. into the armed forces); one who obtains, procurer
familiarize 친하게 하다 cause to be acquainted, accustom; make familiar; make something well known, publicize (also familiarise)
afterward 그후 subsequently
accustom 익히다, 익숙해지다 familiarize, make used to
hardworking N/A N/A
finalize 완성하다 end, sum up; complete
login N/A N/A
revolutionize 혁명을 일으키다, 개혁을 일으키다 cause a revolution, overthrow an established government; cause a major change (also revolutionise)
bookstore 책방, 서점 store which sells books, store which sells literary publications
economize 절약하다; 삭감하다, 검소하다 save; cut back, be thrifty (also economise)
downsize N/A N/A
brainstorm 반짝이는 아이디어, 갑작스럽게 떠오르는 영감; 정신 착란 bright idea, sudden inspiration; attack of nerves
headphone 헤드폰, 머리에 쓸 수 있는 띠로 연결된 수화기 earphone held over the ear by a band, headset
classmate 동급생( 학교나 대학 등에서) fellow member of a class (in a school, university, etc.)
pant 헐떡거리다; 갈망하다, 열망하다 breathe heavily; crave, long, yearn
remodel 모형을 다시 바꾸다, 모양을 새롭게 하다; 재건축하다, 다시 만들다 reshape, recast, remold; rebuild, reconstruct, remake, redo
purser 퍼서 officer on a ship who is in charge of accounts documents and safeguarding passengers' valuables
penalize 유죄를 선고하다, 어떤 행위에 유죄를 선고하다, 벌칙을 적용하다, 경기의 반칙자에게 벌칙을 적용하다, 불리하게 하다 punish, give a penalty; (Law) declare something or an action punishable by regulation or by a law (also penalise)
sunscreen N/A N/A
hiker 도보 여행자 one who makes a long journey by foot
proofread 교정하다; 옳게 고치다, 편집하다 read and mark mistakes; correct, edit, check for errors
cellphone N/A N/A
firefighter N/A N/A
unplug 마개를 뽑다; 플러그를 뽑다; 막힌 것을 제거하다 remove an electrical plug from a socket; disconnect from an electrical current; remove an obstruction (drain, etc.)
intern 구금하다, 억류하다, 인턴으로 근무하다 be an intern, work as an intern (especially in the medical profession); limit movement; confine, restrict, detain
healthful 건강에 좋은 healthy, wholesome; conducive to good health
download N/A N/A
distractor N/A N/A
stapler 호치키스 mechanical device which fastens papers and other material together by means of staples
obligate 강요하다; 행하다 commit; oblige, compel
cheeseburger 치즈버거 hamburger with a slice of cheese (usually served in a roll)
jewelry 보석류, 귀금속 ornaments for personal adornment made of precious metals or set with gemstones
condominium 대지 공동 소유; 개인 분양 아파트가 있는 아파트 건물; 분양 아파트 joint dominion over a territory; apartment building in which the apartments are individually owned; apartment in such a building
wellness N/A being in good condition; healthiness, strength
outage 감량 brief suspension of operation; temporary failure in the supply of power; quantity of something lost in storage or during shipping
favorable 호의를 보이는, 긍정적인, 승낙의, 찬성적인; 도움을 주는; 유망한; 바람직한 positive, approving; likable; helpful, encouraging; promising; desirable (also favourable)
toiletry N/A grooming articles
checkup 종합 건강 진단 ( 의학); 포괄적인검사 general physical examination (Medicine); comprehensive examination
newsstand 신문 판매대 newspaper vending stand
kilometer 킬로미터, 거리단위kil·o·me·ter / 'kɪ;lə;ʊ;‚mɪ;ː;tə;(r) /'kɪ;lɒ;- (Km) unit of distance equalling one thousand meters (also kilometre)kil·o·me·ter || 'kɪləʊ‚mɪːtə(r) /'kɪlɒ-
customize 개인의 희망에 맞추다 make or fit according to individual needs or desires, personalize; make according to requirements (also customise)
personalize 개인화하다; 이름을 적다; 인격화 하다; 의인화 하다 make personal; put name on; personify, ascribe personal qualities to a person or thing (also personalise)
overcharge 부당하게 가격을 물리다; 지나치게 전기 충전하다; 지나치게 짐을 싣다; 과장하다 overprice; fill a battery or circuit with an excessive amount of electrical charge; overload, overfill; exaggerate
layoff 일시해고; 휴직기간, 해고기간 act of discharging workers (especially temporarily); period when one is not employed, period of forced inactivity
homeowner N/A N/A
flavor 맛; 맛을 더하는 것, 조미료; 풍취, 멋, 묘미 taste; particular or specific taste; something that adds taste, flavoring; characteristic taste; smell, aroma (also flavuor)
enrollment 등록; 등록자 수, 재적자 수 registration, signing up; amount of people registered
stockholder 주주 one who owns stocks in a company, shareholder
headquarter 본부를 세우다 set up a center of operations; be set up in a center of operations
enroll 명부에 올리다, 병적에 넣다, 기록하다, 싸다, 입학절차를 밟다, 입대 절차를 밟다 register, sign up, join up, enter one's name on a list
paycheck 급료 지불 수표 salary voucher, check that is given as a salary payment
internship 견습기간, 실제적인 경험을 하게 하는 견습과정 period during which a person serves as an intern; specialized training program which gives the trainee hands-on experience (especially in the field of medicine)
appetizer 전채 요리, 주요리 이전에 내는 식욕을 돋구기 위한 간단한 음식 small portion of food which is served before the main meal to stimulate the appetite; hors d'oeuvre, light food served as an appetizer before a meal (also appetiser)
timeline 타임 라인 N/A
sightsee 구경하다 visit tourist sites, travel about and visit attractions
restroom 화장실 N/A
overcrowd 사람을 너무 많이 들이다; 좁은 장소에 사람을 너무 많이 들이다 crowd excessively; flood, overflow, jam
colorful 색채가 풍부한, 화려한 색상의 full of color, multicolored; not predictable, not regular; picturesque; exciting and interesting; characterized by profane words or curses (also colourful)
businessperson N/A N/A
videoconference N/A N/A
traveler 여행자, 방랑자 person or thing traveling, one who makes a journey, voyager
plow 쟁기 farming tool used for cutting into the ground
paralegal N/A N/A
coworker N/A N/A
centimeter 센티미터, 1/100 미터에 달하는 길이의 단위 unit of length equal to one 100th of a meter
rumor 소문을 내다 gossip, spread hearsay, tell a rumor
renter 임대인; 임차인 one who makes regular payments in exchange for uses property in exchange for regular payments; one who allows someone to use property in return for regular payments
overpay 초과 지불하다; 너무 높은 월급을 지불하다 pay too much; give a salary that is too high
misidentify 잘못 신원을 확인하다 identify mistakenly, mistakenly determine identity
housekeep N/A N/A
airfare 항공료 N/A
realtor 부동산업자 real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Real Estate Boards
misplace 잘못 두다; 놓고 잊어버리다 put in the wrong place, place accidentally; lose
fundraise N/A N/A
donut N/A small sweet pastry which is usually fried (also doughnut)
dissatisfy 불만을 느끼게 하다, 불만족스러워 하다 cause discontent, displease
counselor 상담자, 조언하는 사람, 상담해주는 사람 person who advises, person who offers counsel; lawyer, advocate; supervisor
attendee N/A N/A
flextime N/A N/A
ice cream N/A N/A
liter 리터, 용량을 재는 단위 metric unit of capacity
repairperson N/A N/A
vend 팔고 다니다, 매각하다 sell goods in a vending machine; peddle merchandise (especially on the street)
webpage N/A N/A
website N/A N/A
authority 권위, 권능, 직권, 판례 power, control, jurisdiction
goods 상품; 재산; 유동자산;이익; 장점; 덕, 미덕 merchandise; belongings, personal possessions; movable property;benefit, asset; something positive; virtue, decency, honor
conference 협의; 회의; 협의회 discussion; meeting; convention
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