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tkam vocab 3/5/8

assuage make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense
malevolent wishing evil/harm to another/others; showing ill-will
predilection a preference or a preferred way of doing something
taciturn not prone to talking; almost always silent
secede to withdraw formally from an alliance; the act of breaking away
vexation something that causes annoyance or problems
compromise a settlement/difference by mutual concessions; an agreement
cantankerous bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative
amiable having/showing pleasant, good-natured, personal qualities, sociable/friendly
erractic deviating from usual/proper course in conduct/opinion/not predictable
persevere to carry on in spite of difficulties
edification moral improvement/ guidance as in education/ instruction
inquisitive given to research/asking questions/ eager for knowledge/ intellectually curious
aberration 1) act of departing from the right normal, usual course 2) deviation from truth/moral goodness
quell to suppress; put to an end; extinguish
unfathomable not able to completely understand; incomprehensible
changeling a child secretly put in the place of another
invective abusive terms, curses, insults, or cuss words
inconspicuous not noticeable/ prominent
auspicious promising success; opportune; favorable
Created by: Meili21