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AS Artes II

Vocabulary for Art, Modern World

Pablo Picasso Famous Cubist painter of the 20th century
Cubismo Cubism
formas geométricas geometric forms
los cubos cubes
periodo azul blue phase, 1901-1904. Picasso uses blue and green hues, paintings are fairly bleak and monochromatic.
periodo rosa pink phase, 1904-1906. Picasso uses pink and orange hues, themes and characters are more whimsical.
La Familia de Saltimbanquis Early Picasso work (1906) considered the masterpiece of his pink phase
el arlequín harlequin
el circo the circus
el payaso clown
el colmo, el gran máximo the peak, the height
Las Señoritas de Avignon Early protocubist (1907) work. Depicts nude women posing, but in geometric form.
desnudo nude
Guernica Large cubist painting (1937) with an anti-war sentiment, created after the German bombardment of Guernica in the Basque Country.
bombardeo bombardment
aereo aerial
Salvador Dalí Surrealist artist of the 20th century
surrealismo style of art popularised by Dalí
La Persistencia de la Memoria Most well-known work by Dalí, featuring melting clocks
Construcción Blanda con Judías Hervidas Bizarre painting (1936) which Dalí painted 6 months before the outbreak of the Civil War. He claimed it was a premonition of events about to happen.
Crucifixión Late (1954) painting by Dalí, showing a Jesus floating on a 3D cross as Mary watches from below. Not considered controversial.
Cristo de San Juan de la Cruz Controversial 1951 painting showing a crucified Jesus floating above the Sea of Galilee. Some consider it a publicity stunt as it is so traditional in form, and religious groups felt Dalí was not an artist who should be painting Christ.
Frida Kahlo Mexican artist, known for self-portraits. Inspired by nature.
Joan Miró (Juan Miró) Catalan surrealist working at the same time as Picasso and Dalí. Admired in Catalonia.
Julio Romero de Torres Famous symbolist painter from Córdoba. Known for portraits and paintings charged with eroticism. His works are part of the Museo Romero de Torres in Córdoba's Plaza del Potro.
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