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AS Artes

Vocabulary for Art, Moorish to Modern

el arte, las artes art
el retrato portrait
el autorretrato self-portrait
la cerámica pottery
el cuadro painting
la escultura sculpture
el mural mural
la naturaleza muerta still life
la obra de arte artwork
la obra maestra masterpiece
el paisaje landscape
Califato de Córdoba Independent Arabic nation formed in Al-Andalus
Al-Andalus Muslim territory in Southern Spain, equivalent to modern Andalucia
Taifas Small warring Islamic kingdoms within Spain
Mezquita de Córdoba the Great Mosque of Cordoba, built in Moorish style, with repeating arches to symbolise God.
Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba the modern Great Mosque, which now contains a catholic Cathedral at its heart, built by the Reyes Catolicos after the Reconquista (the retaking of Spain from the Muslims)
Mudéjar Arabic inhabitants of al-Andalus
Mozárabe Christians living in al-Andalus
Moriscos Moors (Mudejars) who converted to Christianity after 1492
Baños árabes Moorish baths, built around Granada
La Torre Giralda, La Giralda Square tower built by the Almohad dynasty in Seville in the Moorish style in the 1100s.
Torre de Oro Squat military dodecagonal watchtower built in Seville by the Almohad dynasty
Imperio almohade Third dynasty of Arabic rulers of al-Andalus
La Alhambra Moorish palace built in Granada in the 1300s
Imperio Nazari Final dynasty of Arabic rulers of al-Andalus
La Reconquista 1400s -- the retaking of Spain from the Arabic dynasties
El Greco Mannerist painter of the 1500s
Manierismo Mannerist, High Renaissance style emphasising beauty over realism
Renacimiento Renaissance
Diego Velázquez Baroque painter of the 1600s
Barroco Baroque, style of painting favouring ornate, rich detail and contrast
Las Meninas Velázquez painting of Felipe IV's family. Revolutionary as it is painted from the view of Felipe IV, not Velázquez himself.
Francisco de la Goya Neoclassical artist of the 1800s
El Dos y El Tres de Mayo de 1808 Two paintings by Goya documenting the atrocities of the Napoleonic Wars. El Dos de Mayo shows the fighting of the Mamluks, El Tres de Mayo shows the shooting of the prisoners of war.
Las pinturas negras A series of 13 paintings completed by Goya on the walls of his house. Very bleak, dark themes. Perhaps hinting at madness.
Saturno devorando a su hijo Saturn devouring his Child, one of them most famous of the Black Paintings by Goya
Antoní Gaudí (Antonio Gaudí) Catalan Architect
Basilica de la Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. Incomplete, due to be finished in 2026.
La Manzana de la Discordia Collection of modernist buildings in Barcelona designed in four ways by four architechts: Gaudí, Domenech i Montaner, Puig i Cadafalch and Sagnier.
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