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AS Tradiciones I

Vocabulary for Spanish traditions

las tapas tapas, small food
aperitivo aperitif, light food, finger food
tapear to go for tapas
tapa a lid
tapar to put a lid on something
la costumbre custom
ibérico Iberian (to do with Spain and Portugal)
festejar, celebrar to celebrate
el festival, la fiesta festival, celebration
Las Fallas A festival in Valencia, where people build wooden figures, parade them through the streets and burn them. 15th - 19th March.
madera wood
una Falla the name for the statue or effigy that is burned
Ninot the name for the statue or effigy that is burned
la mascleta the fireworks display every night during Las Fallas
fuegos artificiales fireworks
Fallera the person who participates in Las Fallas
San José Joseph, Patron Saint of Carpenters and the city of Valencia
La Crema the final night of Las Fallas when the statues are burned
El ninot indultat the winning statue, not burned, and displayed in the Museo Fallero
San Fermínes Bullrunning festival in Navarra
San Fermín patron saint of Pamplona
Pamplona town where the San Fermínes takes place
los toros bulls
el encierro the running of the bulls
perseguir to pursue, to chase
manada herd
desenfrenar to unleash
jugarse la suerte to play your luck, to take your chances
amanecer dawn, sunrise
cohete rocket
Gora San Fermín Basque for 'Viva San Fermín'. Shouted by those in attendance.
heridos injured people
corrida de toros, tauromaquía bullfight
la plaza de toros bullring
matador, torero (star) bullfighter
picador bullfighter on horseback, usually with spears
el bandillero bullfighter on the ground, carrying stakes adorned with ribbons or flags
la cuadrilla the group of two picadores and three bandilleros
paseíllo the entry parade
el traje de luces a matador's costume, literally "the suit of lights"
el capote dress cape, used to test the bull's ferocity
querencía parts of the bullring, a 'territory'
tercio de varas the first act of a bull fight, testing the bull's ferocity, movements, habits and weaknesses
la veronica a movement of the capote where the matador passes the cape over the bull's head (the stereotypical 'ole!' movement)
picar to stab (the bull is stabbed by the picadores above the neck to weaken it)
tercio de banderillas the second act, the bandilleros attempt to land their stakes in the neck and shoulder of the bull to weaken it further
bandillera negra stake with a black ribbon, stuck on a weak bull to brand it a disgrace to its breeder
tercio de muerte final act of the bullfight, with the aim of killing the bull
faena performance with the muleta in the final act
muleta red cape
remate killing blow into the spinal cord of the bull
indulto recognition, salvation and freedom for a bull who fought bravely
trofeo trophy
los máximos trofeos awarded to the most valiant of matadores; consists of two ears and a tail
salida en hombros carrying a matador who recieved los máximos trofeos out of the plaza on the shoulders of the crowd
Manolete famous Andalucian bullfighter, killed by goring in 1947
Juan Belmonte famous bullfighter from the 'Golden Age' who was friends with Ernest Hemingway
El Cordobés popular torero from the 1960s who still fights today
Joselito torero from the 'Golden Age', killed aged 25
Cristina Sanchez the first female bullfighter, retired 1999
El Juli popular modern Spanish-born bullfighter in Mexico, highest paid matador in history
La Tomatina tomato-throwing festival in Buñol
Semana Santa Holy Week, Easter celebrations
Carnaval long celebration held around Shrove Tuesday with concerts, fireworks, parades, costumes etc.
disfraz costume
Navidad Christmas
el Olentzero Basque 'Santa Claus' who is a coal miner
carbonero coal miner
el tío de Nadal Catalan Christmas log, beaten by children to give present
el caganer Catalan traditional figurine of a man (or famous person) excreting, usually placed in the nativity scene
la misa del gallo midnight mass
día de los Reyes Magos Epiphany, Twelfth Night, Spanish 'Christmas'
Día de la Constitución Española 6th December, celebrates the transition from dictatorship to democracy
el botellón street parties organised by young people involving binge drinking
el Camino de Santiago pilgrimage from many parts of Europe to Santiago de Compostela
peregrino pilgrim
una peregrinación, el peregrinaje pilgrimage
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