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el conde lucanor lo que le sucedió a un mozo que se casó con una mujer de muy mal carácter don Juan Manuel A story that teaches about how you should show who you are at the beginning of a relationship because you cannot change it later. Didático = teacher a moral, known for the change of narrator - 2 people talking, one tells a story to illustrate a point
Romance del rey moro que perdió Alhama a romance about the Muslim King who lost Alhama - speaks bad of muslims. Romances - en medias res - starts with action, dramática, elementos auditivos, visual y tiene repetición, octosílabo
lazarillo de Tormes anónimo about a poor kid Lazarillo during the golden age of Spain. born poor, treated poorly by the church, taught to cheat and steal by the blind man and eventually became part of the problem. Pícaresco story - about a poor kid having to strive to survive
En tanto que de rosa y azucena - Garcilaso de la Vega renacimiento - beauty of a women, blond, white. Carpe diem - seize the day/physical love, rima = consonante, endecasílabo 11 sílabas, soneto . oposición binaria blanco/rojo, frío, calor
soneto CLXVI mientras por competir con tu cabello por Luis de Gángora y Argote carpe diem, siglo de oro, soneto , rima = consonante, endecasílabo 11 sílabas, soneto, physical beauty blond white uses flowers as symbols of the physical beauty and they are jealous of her.
El sur por Jorge Luis Borges El boom a man lives in Buenos Aires like conservative German grandfather but romanticizes his Spanish grandfather who fought the Indians. He gets injured and dreams of going to las pampas and living the Gaucho life. shows 2 parts of Argentina identity
Borges y yo por Jorge Luis Borges el boom a poem to himself comparing his real self with his writer/author self
La siesta del marte por Gabriel García Márquez el boom about a mom and daughter who go to a town where the son was killed..they assume as a ladrón. Shows discrimination against the poor by people + church. Mom is proud and knows her son was not a thief just poor
El ahogado más hermoso del mundo por Gabriel García Márquez el boom about a drown body that shows up on shore who changes a town. the people fantasize about his life and make the town better because of him.. Magic Realism
La noche boca arriba por Julio Cortázar el boom about a man living a parallel life in modern times and aztec time. He gets in a motorcycle accident and while in the hospital has nightmares about running from aztecs..he is eventyally killed. Smells show it is not a dream.
segunda carta de relación por Hernán Cortés Histórico muestra cómo vivían los indíginas, su ciudad, gobierno, custombres, y comida. tema: el encuentro entre dos culturas
visión de los vencidos los presagios según los informantes de Sahagún y se ha perdido el pueblo mexicatl dos poemas escritas por los indíginas que muestran el encuentro con los españoles por la perspectiva de los indíginas. tristes
Miré por los muros de la patria mía por Francisco de Quevedo Poem que muestra un hombre mirando por su alrededor y casa. Todo va de mal y muestra lo que piensa de España y que va a caerse del siglo del oro.
Created by: faith727