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ASD L1 CH02 Vocab Begin AR Verbs

affectionate cariñoso/a
apartment apartamento
apartment house casa de apartamentos
around alrededor de
aunt tía
bathroom cuarto de baño; baño
bed cama
bedroom cuarto de dormir; habitación; recámara
behind detrás de
bicycle bicicleta
black hair pelo negro
blond hair pelo rubio
blue eyes ojos azules
brother; sibling hermano
brown eyes ojos castaños
brown hair pelo castaño
building edificio
car carro
cat (female) gata
cat (male) gato
city ciudad
couch sofá
cousin (female) prima
cousin (male) primo
daughter hija
dining room comedor
dog perro
each; every cada
family familia
father padre
floor piso
flower flor
furniture; pieces of furniture muebles
garage garaje
garden; yard jardín
grandchildren nietos
granddaughter nieta
grandfather abuelo
grandmother abuela
grandson nieto
green eyes ojos verdes
he (she) answers contesta
he (she) buys compra
he (she) desires (wants, wishes) desea
he (she) looks for (searches) busca
he (she) needs (you-formal need) necesita
he (she) teaches enseña
house casa
husband marido
husband; spouse esposo
I desire (want, wish) deseo
I listen (to) escucho
I look for (search) busco
I pay attention presto atención
I speak (talk) hablo
I study estudio
I teach enseño
I use (or wear footwear) uso
in front of delante de
kitchen cocina
lamp lámpara
living room sala
member miembro
mother madre
name nombre
nephew sobrino
next to al lado de
niece sobrina
old viejo/a
older mayor
on top of encima de
only child (female) hija única
only child (male) hijo único
other; another otro/a
parents padres
pet mascota
private privado/a
private home casa particular
relatives parientes
room cuarto
siblings; brothers and sisters hermanos
sister hermana
small cat; cute cat (female) gatita
small cat; cute cat (male) gatito
small dog; cute dog (female) perrita
small dog; cute dog (male) perrito
small table; end table mesita
son hijo
stepbrother hermanastro
stepfather padrastro
stepmother madrastra
stepsister hermanastra
table mesa
the outskirts; the suburbs las afueras
the outskirts; the suburbs los suburbios
the Rodriguez family la familia Rodríguez
the Rodriguezes Los Rodríguez
the Smith family la familia Smith
the Smiths los Smith
there is; there are hay
they (or you-all) answer contestan
they (or you-all) buy (purchase) compran
they (or you-all) look at (watch) miran
they (or you-all) study estudian
they (or you-all) swim nadan
they (or you-all) visit visitan
they need necesitan
they take (or have/consume food or drink) toman
to answer contestar
to be _____ years old tener _____ años
to buy comprar
to desire (wish, want) desear
to have to {do something} tener que + {verb infinitive}
to listen (to) escuchar
to look (at), to watch mirar
to look for (search) buscar
to need necesitar
to pay attention prestar atención
to raise levantar
to speak (talk) hablar
to study estudiar
to swim nadar
to take (to have or consume food or drink) tomar
to teach enseñar
to use, to wear (footwear) usar
to visit visitar
tree árbol
twin (female) gemela
twin (male) gemelo
uncle tío
under debajo de
we desire (want, wish) deseamos
we listen (to) escuchamos
we look for (search) buscamos
we need necesitamos
we pay attention prestamos atención
we raise levantamos
we speak (talk) hablamos
we swim nadamos
we take tomamos
we use (or wear footwear) usamos
we visit visitamos
wife; spouse esposa
woman; wife mujer
you (informal, singular) answer contestas
you (informal, singular) raise levantas
you (informal, singular) study estudias
you (informal, singular) teach enseñas
you (singular, informal) use (or wear footwear) usas
you desire (want, wish) deseas
you listen (to) escuchas
you look at (watch) miras
you pay attention prestas atención
you take (or have/consume food or drink) tomas
you visit visitas
you-all buy compráis
you-all look at (watch) miráis
you-all raise levantáis
you-all speak (talk) habláis
you-all swim nadáis
younger menor
Created by: MrPoppele