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Gadgets PrT1

To present vocabulary related to using gadgets

To send text messages to friends Text friends
To send someone a message that appears on the recipient's screen as soon as it is transmitted Instant message someone
To send a letter on the Internet Send an email
To give photos to other people on the Internet Share photos
To add new information to your personal site/ web page Write a blog
To talk in a friendly and informal way on the Internet Chat online
To search for maps Look up maps
To copy music/ films, etc from one computer system to another or to a disk Download music/ films, etc
To scan through sites for new information Browse web pages
To use a site for meeting friends, people with the same interests as yours, e,g, Twitter, Facebook, etc Use a social networking site
To use a program that searches for documents / data from the Internet, e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc Use a search engine
Small useful tool or devise Gadget
Embarrassing Awkward
Electronic programme or setting Mode
Place Spot
Confused Puzzled
To feel very excited about sth you are expecting in the future Can't wait
A program or piece of software designed to carry out a specific task Application
Directly and with force Smack-bang
Created by: marinasu