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Holidays 2

decribing an event in the past (holidays)

Por desgracia unfortunately
Por un lado… por otro lado… on one hand...on the other hand
El primer día On the first day
El último día On the last day
Al día siguiente On the following day
Tuve / Tuvimos I had/we had
Tuve un accidente I had an accident
Tuve un pinchazo I had a puncture
tuve un retraso there was a delay
tuve una avería I had a breakdown
Tuve / Tuvimos que… I had to/we had to..
Tuve que esperar mucho tiempo I had to wait for a long time
Tuve que ir al hospital/a la comisaría I had to go to hospital
Tuve que llamar a un mecánico I had to call a mecanic
Tuve que ir a la comisaría. I had to go to the police station
Perdí I lost
Perdimos we lost
el equipaje the luguage
la cartera the purse/wallet
la maleta suitcase
las llaves the keys
Cuando llegamos… when we arrived
era muy tarde it was very late
estaba cansado/a I was tired
la recepción ya estaba cerrada the reception was closed
alquilar bicicletas to rent bikes
coger el teleférico to go on the cable car
chocar con clash with
hacer alpinismo to do moutain climbing
volver to go back
el paisaje the scenary
la autopista the motorway
precioso/a precious
Created by: msayarh