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Reg. and Irreg. pres

AR ER and IR verbs in present tense regular/irregular

Cantar To Sing
Vender To Sell
Recibir To Recieve
Caber To Fit, To be roon for
Caer To fall
Conocer To know, To be acquainted with
Aborrecer to hate, to loathe
Agradecer To Thank
Aparecer To Appear
Carecer To lack
Crecer To grow
Desaparecer To disappear
Desconocer To be ignorant of
Establecer to establish
Estremecerse to shudder
Merecer To deserve
Nacer To be born
Obedecer To obey
Ofrecer to offer
Parecer to seem
Permancer to remain
Pertencer To belong
Reconocer To recognize
Dar To give
Hacer To make, to do
Deshacer to undo
Satisfacer to satisfy
Poner to put
Componer to compose
Disponer To dispose
Exponer To expose
Imponer To impose
Oponer(se) To oppse
Proponer To propse
Saber To know
Decir To say
Estar To be
Ir to go
Oir To hear
Ser to be
tener To have
Contener To Contain
Detener To deatain
Entretener To entertain
Mantener To maintain
Obtener To obtain
Sostener To sustain
Created by: kelliiix5