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Dias Roots 61-80 GD

Word roots Group D For Second Test

QuestionAnswerSample Word or Mnemonic SAT Word
geri old
graphy write
gyro spiral
hemi half
horti garden
hyro, hydro water
hygi health
hypno sleep
hypo under
ideo idea idiosyncrasy: N idiosyncratic :ADJ unique personal trait, quirky
im not impasse: obstacle N
inter among or between imprudent: not wise ADJ
intra inside or within
ir not
iso equal
jur swear
kilo thousand
lac, lacto milk
hyper excessive or over
in not incredulous: ADJ incredulity: N :skeptical Tone
grandiose: impressive from inherent grandeur; large and impressive, in size, scope or extent ADJ
hackneyed: repeated too often; over familiar through overuse ADJ
heresy: opinion contrary to popular belief; opinion contrary to accepted religion Noun
hardy: in robust and good health; able to survive under unfavorable conditions ADJ
gargantuan: huge; of a tremendous size, volume, degree ADJ
genial: friendly; cordial; having a pleasant or friendly disposition or manner ADJ
garish: over-bright in color; tastelessly showy ADJ
Created by: TeacherDias