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bill of rights


Bill of Rights Ratified in 1791, these are the first 10 amendments of the US Constitution. The give rights to people to protect them from the federal government (supported by anti-federalists)
Wall of Separation /Establishment Clause This relates to the 1st amendment, freedom of religion. The government may make “no establishment of religion...”The government cannot endorse one religion over another. There is a separation between church and state.
Free exercise clause Also related to the 1st amendment, freedom of religion, the government CANNOT prevent a person from freely practicing their own religion
Due process From the 5th amendment, this is the idea that the government should give all people the same fair and equal treatment (similar to rule of law)
Self- incrimination This is to say something against yourself that makes you look guilty. Your are PROTECTED from doing this in the 5th amendment
Double jeopardy This is when you are tried for the same crime twice. The 5th amendment PROTECTS you from being tried twice for the same crime.
Grand jury From the 5th amendment, this is a jury whose job is to decide wether or not to indict charge of felony
indictment A formal charge of a crime handed down by a grand jury. This is a requirement of the 5th amendment of those who are accused of felonies.
Eminent domain his is a 5th amendment power of the government that allows them to take private property, as long as it is for public use and the person is compensated.
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