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devoted giving someone or something a lot of attention or love
abandon to leave a person or thing and not return
urgent very important and needing help right away
persecute to treat someone in a mean and unfair way, especially because of religious or political beliefs
exterminate to kill all of a particular group of people or animals
execute to kill someone, especially as punishment for something considered a crime
resistance the act of not agreeing with new or ideas or changes
asylum protection that the government gives to someone who escapes from a country for political reasons
optimism the belief that good things will happen/ being positive
pessimism the belief that bad things will happen/ being negative
revolution a time when people change a ruler or government
obligatory something that must be done because of a law or rule
demonstration an event where a lot of people meet to protest or support something in public
predecessor the person who came before
forbidden not allowed
enlighten to explain something to someone so they understand
fanatic someone who has extreme religious or political ideas
massacre the killing of a lot of people
perpetrated did something wrong and illegal
puzzled confused, not clear in understanding something
oppose disagree strongly with an idea or action
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