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AS Lenguas

Vocabulary for Language Issues

el castellano Spanish, spoken in Spain
el catalán Catalan, spoken in Catalonia, Valencia, Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Andorra and L'Alguer in Italy.
Cataluña Catalonia
Los Países Catalanes Overarching term for the Catalan-speaking, or Catalan-identifying regions
Euskera, el vasco Basque
Euskal Herria Basque for "The Basque Country"
El País Vasco Regional boundaries vary, but usually "The Basque Country", Navarra, and parts of Southern France are included in this term.
el gallego Galician, spoken in north-west Spain.
Galicia region and province in north-west Spain, above Portugal
Aymara, Aimará Aymara, a native language of Bolivia
Náhuatl A native language of Mexico
Quechua A native language spoken across Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru
Mapuche A native language spoken in Chile and Argentina
Guaraní A native language spoken in Paraguay and Argentina
caló A gypsy language spoken by the Romany in Spain and Portugal
el árabe Arabic, an influence on most Iberian (Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Galician) languages
el latín Latin, an influence on most Iberian languages
lenguas romances Romance Languages (languages that derive from Latin)
el aranés Aranese, spoken in the Val d'Aran region of Catalonia. All education there teaches Spanish, Catalan AND Aranese.
la lengua, el idioma language
la lengua tongue
la lengua materna mother tongue
el lenguaje corporal body language
el lenguaje de gestos sign language
las lenguas amerindias Native American languages (including Mapuche, Quechua etc.)
los fenómenos lingüisticos linguistic phenomena
el spanglish Spanglish
el lenguaje de los jovenes youth language
la pronunciación pronunciation
la ortografia spelling
el dialecto dialect
la jerga coloquial jargon
el argot slang
la procedencia origin
prevenir to come from
las lenguas minoritarias minority languages
fomentar to promote, to encourage
lengua oficial official language
lengua cooficial co-official language
monolingüismo, monolingüe monolingualism, monolingual
bilingüismo, bilingüe bilingualism, bilingual
plurilingüe multilingual
bilingüismo aditivo When you learn to speak a second language and it benefits you (and you speak it as well as your first)
bilingüismo sustractivo When you speak one language for socioeconomic reasons, but it harms your mother tongue (e.g. moving to France, speaking only French, and forgetting "how to English")
codificación codification, setting of rules and standards
estándar standard
corpus what a language is made out of
educación bilingüe bilingual education
estandardización standardisation
inmersión immersion
inmersión a doble via immersion where both languages aren't the first language (e.g. the child of an African immigrant in Spain has to learn Spanish and Catalan in equal amounts.)
lengua agrafa A language spoken and not written (usually a native minority language, e.g. Cornish before the 1970s)
Academia de la Lengua Vasca, Euskaltzaindia The body which standardises the Basque Language
Real Academia Española, la RAE The body which standardises the Spanish Language
Institut d'Estudis Catalans, L'IEC The body which standardises the Catalan Language
Academia Valenciana de la Lengua The body which standardises the Valencian dialect of Catalan
Institut Ramon Llull The body which provides Catalan education and promotes Catalan internationally
Real Academia Gallega The body which standardises the Galician language
ikastolas clandestine schools in the Basque country which taught children Basque during the Franco regime
leyes de normalización Laws passed in the 1980s declaring certain languages co-official in Spain, particularly Catalan
castellanohablante Spanish-speaking
euskerahablante Basque-speaking
catalanohablante Catalan-speaking (catalanoparlant in Catalan)
ELE Spanish for Foreigners (Español como Lengua Extranjera)
Created by: alg_modlangs