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AS Music

Vocabulary for Musica Hispanica

el/la cantante singer
la celebridad celebrity
el/la compositor/a composer
concierto concert
concurso competition
conocido por known for
decenas de miles tens of thousands
estrella star
ídolo idol
letra lyrics
el/la músico/a musician
sacar una canción to bring out a song
triunfar to triumph
el acompañamiento accompaniment
actuar to perform
el cante jondo type of 'deep/low' flamenco
emocionar to excite
el estilo style
el/la guitarrista guitarist
la música folclórica folk music
no tener ni idea de to not have the faintest idea about
el renombre, la fama fame
el sonido sound
el bandoneón large accordion
el gaucho Argentine cowboy
aragonés Aragonese (from the province of Aragon)
cántabro Cantabrian (from Cantabria)
caribeño Caribbean
castellano from Castile (Castilian, also Spanish)
gallego from Galicia
vasco from the Basque Country
andaluz from Andalucia
gitano Gypsy
el género gender
las castañuelas castanets
el trombón trombone
la trompeta trumpet
el arpa harp
el guitarrón acoustic bass guitar (used in Mariachi)
la vihuela 5-stringed guitar
el bajo bass guitar
el acordeón accordion
la flauta flute
la quena Andean wood flute
la zampoña Andean pan pipes
el mariachi Mexican folk music
Juanés famous Colombian singer
Maná famous Mexican rock group
Daddy Yankee famous Puerto Rican reggaton artist
Paco de Lucia famous flamenco guitarist
Shakira famous Colombian pop singer
reggaeton Latin American fusion genre, a blend of hip-hop, electronica and pop latino
salsa A dance and a type of Latino music from Cuba
merengue A dance and a type of Latino music from the Dominican Republic
cumbia A dance and type of Latino music from Colombia
tango A dance and type of Latino music from Argentina
bachata A dance and type of Latino music from the Dominican Republic, very 'racy'
Created by: alg_modlangs