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AS Educacion

Vocabulary for Education

acceder a la universidad to get into university
aprender de memoria to learn by heart
aprobar to pass
coger apuntes to make notes
dar pautas to give guidelines
darse bien/mal to be good/bad at
decir palabrotas to swear, cuss
ejercer una profesión to ply a trade
escolarizar to provide schooling for
estar al día to be up to date
estar chupado to be be a pushover, to be easy
hacer pellas to skive off
imponer to impose
inculcar to instill
presentarse a un examen to take an exam
repasar to revise
salir adelante to succeed
ser analfabeto to be illiterate
ser culto to be cultured
ser de mala educación to be rude
ser mayor de edad to be over 18 (over the age of majority)
suspender to fail
tener malos modales to have bad habits
alumno/a pupil
asignatura, materia subject
aula classroom
beca grant, scholarship
catedrático teacher, lecturer
clases extraescolares extra-curricular classes
colegio interno, internado boarding school
compañero/a de clase classmate
comportamiento behaviour
curso académico academic year
cursar (el segundo del ESO) to study (in the 2nd year of ESO)
educación primaria primary education
educación secundaria secondary education
la ESO (educación secundaria obligatoria) secondary education
formación continúa lifelong learning
formación profesional vocational training
aprendizaje apprenticeship
bachillerato A-Levels (in Spain)
instituto school
librería bookshop
listillo clever-clogs, show-off
nota mark/grade
personal docente teaching staff
pizarra (blanca) (white) board
pupitre desk
redacción, ensayo essay
rendimiento escolar performance, attainment
sabelotodo know-it-all
superdotado gifted (i.e. M.A.T. pupil)
trimestre term
ciclo cycle (equivalent to a key stage)
fomentar to promote
etapa stage
educación bilingüe bilingual education
matricularse to enroll
fracaso escolar failing at school
la selectividad university entry exam
el horario timetable
los deberes homework
consolidar to consolidate
pasar de curso to move up a year
repetir curso to repeat a year
el absentismo truancy
faltar al respeto to be disrespectful
sobrecargado overloaded
inculcar to instill
tener malos modales to have bad manners
tener la cabeza sobre los hombros to have one's head screwed on
tener los pies sobre la tierra to have one's feet on the ground
la experiencia es la madre de la ciencia experience is the father of wisdom
el que mucho abarca, poco aprieto Jack of all trades, master of none
donde fueres, haz lo que vieres When in Rome, do as the Romans do
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