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A2 El Racismo

Vocabulary for Racism

Racismo Racism
el/la racista racist
xenofobia xenophobia, fear of foreigners
xenófobo xenophobe
miedo fear
desigualdad inequality
intolerancia intolerance
intolerable intolerable
extremista extremist
banda, pandilla, colectivo gang
ataque racista racist attack
atacar to attack
asaltar to mug, assault
delito del odio hate crime
insultos insults
comportamiento behaviour
comportarse to behave
Musulmán muslim
provocar to provoke, to stir up
desatar to unleash
partidario de, hincha de supporter of
estar perjudicado por to be prejudiced
perjudicar to prejudice
perjuicio prejudice
estereotipo stereotype
discriminación discrimination
antirracista anti-racism
luchar en contra de fight against
criticar to criticize
lucha fight
luchar, combatir to fight
insultar to insult
antisemitismo antisemitism
Judío Jewish
amenazar to threaten
de raza mixta mixed race
derechos humanos human rights
seres humanos human beings
condenar to condemn
coexistir to coexist
convivir to cohabit
ostracismo ostracism, exclusion from regular society
alógeno alien, foreign
el nazismo nazi-ism
la extrema derecha the far right (political leaning)
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