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short story by Julieta Pinto

corpusculos flecks
crujir to creak
gozne hinge
cerradura lock
gorjear gurgling
roce touch
pasos steps
gotera leak
teja tile
dar abrigo to give protection
penetrar de nuevo to penetrate again
recorrer to travel
ladrillo brick
pared wall
sacudir to dust
desenterrado unburied
vagido wail
recien nacido newborn
enderezar to straighten up
erguida upright
agotar to exhaust
sillon arm chair
canasta cradle
ajetreo bustle
desarrolarse to be taking place around one
facciones facial features
ensombrecerse to darken
desempenar to play
papel role
ajenar to be unaware
marco setting
ninez childhood
angustioso anguished
crecimiento growing up
etapas stages
borrar to erase
enhebrada threaded
guja needle
tirandome de la falda pulling at my skirt
finca farm
siembra newly sown field
hierbas grass
sacudir to shake
postizo false
desgracia misfortune
sobresaltarse to be startled
sombra shadow
acercarse to get closer
sirvienta servant
criada servant
asombrada amazed
asombrarse to be astonished
malicia wicked
poniente The West
occidente The West
luchar to fight
forcejar to struggle
sostener to support
pedir disculpas to apologize
oscurezca darkness
bombilla light bulb
destenir to fade
alimentos food
sorber to sip
a sus horas on time
regir to govern
cuidar pay attention to
vigilar to keep an eye on
quedarse estancado to remain suspended
unica only
figura body
recostar to recline
acariciar to caress
suavemente gently
reconfortante comforting
contemplar to think about
presa prisoner
verjas de hierro iron grills
jamas ever
invadirse to come over one
dejarse de ser to stop being that
solosa covetous
to attach oneself prenderse
hilo squirt
hilito little thread
aterrarse to become terrified
dejar volar to let fly away
a traves de through
a traves de across
reposer to rest
descansar to rest
confundirse en to merge into
encaje the lace pattern
nino baby
quejarse to cry out
embrazar to hug
susurrar to whisper
escurrirse to run
suspiro sigh
tenue faint
Created by: mmdelatorres