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Week 5

L1&2-Intro and Chemistry tools

chemistry The Structured and formal study of matter, how it can change, and how it reacts with other matter.
chemist A specially trained scientist who studies and works with matter.
matter Anything that takes up or occupies space.
biology The study of living things.
biochemistry The study of the matter of living things.
organic chemistry The study of matter that contains a substance called carbon
carbon The main ingredient in fuels and oil. The main ingredient for life and for the parts of our bodies to function.
inorganic chemistry The study of matter that does not contain any carbon
test tube A glass cylinder with an opening at the top. This is used to hold and mix small amounts of chemicals.
Erlenmeyer flask A special flask or container used to collect, hold, and mix chemicals.
beaker Shaped similar to drinking glass, it holds liquids, can be heated, allows for measuring, and has a spout for pouring.
glass tubing Connects the different kinds of glassware together so liquids and gases can go from one container to another.
funnel Allows for the easy collection of liquids poured from a container and then passes some of the liquid through to a container with a smaller top opening.
graduated cylinder A long cylinder similar to a kitchen measuring cup but more accurate. It has marks along its side for measuring the liquid.
pippete A long tube that works like an eyedropper. It is used to pick up small amounts of liquid to move it from one container to another.
interpolate To estimate a measurement.
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