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Gatsby Vocab Ch1

The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Vocabulary

to make believe; pretend; fake doing something feign
A pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever or amusing way epigram
Behaving or thinking one is superior to others supercilious
The feeling that a person or a think is beneath consideration, worthless or deserving scorn. contempt
pale and giving the impression of illness or exhaustion. wan
Talk or exchange of remarks in a good-humored teasing way bantering
A person who sees or anticipates the worst. pessimist
Distrusting, criticizing, or mocking the motives of others cynical
a recurring element in literature (an idea that is repeated throughout the work) motif
mental struggle arising from opposing demands or impulses internal conflict
comparison that usually uses the words "like" or "as" (wily as a fox) simile
comparison between two things to show how one resembles the other in some way (all the world's a stage) metaphor
extravagant exaggeration (chocolate is the best thing ever) hyperbole
Created by: tcourville