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Warm Ups 7-12

Brenham Eng III Warm Ups 7-12

symposium a meeting for discussing a particular subject; a collection of writings on a subject
foreshadow to indicate or suggest before hand; to give a warning of
scrutinizing to examine closely or critically
evasive avoiding by cleverness; not straightforward; misleading
infer to conclude on the basis of reasoning or observation
lucid easily understood; clear; rational and sane
exacting hard to please; requiring hard work and close attention; demanding
evoke to call forth; bring out; to elicit; to produce a reaction
epithet a word or phrase that describes or characterizes a person or thing; a descriptive name
laudable praiseworthy; commendable
novice an inexperienced person; a beginner
philistine a person who is insensitive or indifferent to the arts or to ideas; lacking in culture; boorish
connotation the suggested or implied, meaning of a word, not its strict literal meaning; an idea or feeling associated with a word
nostaligic having a longing for the past
stipend fixed or regular pay; a salary or allowance
affluent wealthy; abundant; plentiful
reiterated to restate; to repeat
embellish to decorate or adorn; to improve a story by adding details, even false ones
brevity briefness of duration; shortness; the quality of being concise or to the point
imbibes to drink; to drink in or absorb; to take in with the mind and keep
epithet description, name, label, tag, maxim
evasive ambiguous, cunning, deceptive, elusive, unclear, vague
evoke arouse, elicit, raise, summon
exacting burdensome, careful, hard, picky, strict
foreshadow predict, forecast, foretell
infer ascertain, assume, deduce, interpret
laudable admirable, commendable, estimable
lucid evident, obvious, distinct, plain
scrutinizing analyze, contemplate, study, explore, dissect
symposium convention, discussion, forum, seminar
affluent opulent, prosperous, rich, abundant, bountiful
brevity conciseness, curtness, succinctness, impermanence
connotation hint, meaning, nuance, suggestion, undertone
embellish adorn, beautify, enhance, enrich
imbibes absorb, consume, gorge, guzzle, partake
nostalgic homesick, lonesome, sentimental, yearning
novice amateur, apprentice, beginner, learner, rookie
philistine barbarian, base, cheap, crude, foul
reiterated echo, repeat, retell, recapitulate
stipend allowance, award, fee, pay
Created by: juliehinds